6.2" Butter Yellow FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals ex-U of AZ Collection for sale

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Location Victory Mine, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Size 6.2" x 6.1" x 2.1"
Suggested Stand A suitable display stand comes free with this specimen.

Here is an old classic from the Victory Mine in the Cave-In-Rock District in southern Illinois.  It is a very well crystallized, highly lustrous specimen of fluorite in cubic crystals to 2.6".  The color is a rich, slightly golden yellow, which shows very nicely in the sharp, clear crystals which have transparent faces and considerable gem clear insides.  When backlit, the translucent yellow color is quite beautiful.  The crystals are highly detailed penetrating twins, some with negative skeletal faces, and others with raised faces with cubic growth hillocks.  This specimen, which is quite literally a museum quality piece, was donated to the University of Arizona mineral museum by Martin Schwerin. We acquired it when it was de-acquisitioned in early 2014.  There is one damaged area which is missing about 3.8" on the corner, and another that is about 1/8".  You will have to look closely to see this, as they are not in the middle of the display face.