4" Dodecahedral Red Raspberry GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals to .8" Mexico for sale

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Location Coahuila, Mexico
Size 4.0" x 3.7" x 1.9"
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Here's a very attractive specimen of colorful pinkish-red GROSSULAR GARNET. This piece comes from a site in Sierra De Cruces in Coahuila, Mexico. I picked this piece out from my friend Benny Fenn's display at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show this year.

Here's the story behind these wonderful raspberry garnet specimens: In 1994 Benny Fenn picked up Miguel Romero (the great Mexican collector, now deceased) in Chihuahua City and drove him to Lake Jaco, Coahuila, where Miguel showed Benny the skarn deposit with the well-known grossulars and vesuvianites. Benny credits this tutorial from Miguel for the discovery of the raspberry garnet deposit. Sometime after Miguel's visit, Benny and Benny Jr. began cruising the area, looking for more skarns. About a year after Miguel's visit they encountered a rancher who had found some raspberry garnet, and they persuaded him to take them to the location. Benny decided the showings were promising, so he contracted with the rancher and his family to locate a claim (as in the United States, in Mexico surface ownership does not imply subsurface title) and to mine the deposit for Benny. Benny supplied the equipment and taught them how to use the Cobra drill, feather wedges, and other tools. There were about 400 kilos in the first batch, 100 kilos of which were of good quality. Current production is about 400 kilos per month, and demand exceeds supply. Of course, these unique garnets generated "lots of greed." Competitors hustled down to the fortunate rancher, offering him more money, but he stayed loyal to Benny. The rancher was able to survive a recent dreadful drought by buying feed for his stock with the money derived from this heaven-sent windfall, and the rancher loves Benny for this.