4.9" Pink Gem MORGANITE Crystals onAlbite White Queen Mine 1990 Pala CA for sale

4.9" Pink Gem MORGANITE Crystals onAlbite White Queen Mine 1990 Pala CA for sale

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Location California, USA
Size 4.9" x 2.6" x 1.9"
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This exquisite and historic specimen of 3 morganite crystals on a cleavelandite matrix is an outstanding specimen. The color is terrific - a lovely rich magenta pink - and the crystals are well terminated and almost completely gem grade. This means you can look down inside all of the crystals and see perfectly the contact at the bottom where it meets the cleavelandite. The terminations are extremely smooth, and they meet the sides of the crystals to form razor sharp edges. There is minimal damage to the piece, which looks very pristine (one of the crystals is incomplete, and another has a small ding on the top edge). Neither of these detracts from the overall impression of the specimen, which is a highly aesthetic and very rare example of the fine morganite from this famous mine.

Here's a wonderful specimen of pink MORGANITE (BERYL) with ALBITE, var. CLEAVELANDITE. This piece was collected at the White Queen Mine, one of the well-known gem pegmatites near Pala, CA. It came out of an old collection, which was put together by Stan Korfmacher, a well-known doctor from Redlands, CA, who died in 2010. We picked it up out at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show.

This one-of-a-kind piece came to light in 1990, when the White Queen Mine owners developed a new adit in which they found a large pocket that produced about 200 specimens of peach to salmon colored morganite. Specimens from this pocket are widely regarded as the finest produced from the mine. Soon thereafter, in 1992, the claim was returned to the Pala Tribe, who were determined to be the rightful owners of the property. The mine has been closed ever since.