3.2" Sparkly Twinkling Saturated Green UVAROVITE GARNET Crystals Russia for sale

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Location Saranovskii Mine, Saranovskaya, Permskaya Oblast', Middle Urals, Urals Region, Russia
Size 3.2" x 2.4" x 0.8"
Suggested Stand Small 2" Peg Stand

The surface of this specimen is covered with tiny little crystals of uvarovite garnet measuring up to 1mm, that are glittering so brightly that they create a dazzling display of flashing, twinkling hot spots of light when the specimen is moved around. The dark gray, nearly black matrix is barely visible beneath the sharp little emerald green uvarovite crystals; up close, the tiny crystals are exceedingly sharp, highly reflective, with a vitreous luster that makes the twinkling lights oh so bright. If you want to be amazed, put it in direct sunlight and move it around… wow!