3.2" BIG PYRITE CUBE Sharp Crystal Near Perfect Bright BrassyGold Spain for sale

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Location Ampliacion a Victoria Mine, Navajun, La Rioja, Spain
Size 3.2" Tip-to-Tip; 1.9" x 1.9" x 1.8"

This is an amazing specimen of pyrite, crystallized as a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. The edges of the crystal are exceptionally sharp, and the cube is only slightly rhombohedral. The color is the typical bright brassy gold of pyrite, with a shiny metallic luster. There is one small twinned cubic crystal growing out of one edge. All told, this is an outstanding specimen, with extraordinary aesthetics and wonderful, nearly perfect geometric form. Only one corner is damaged (the cubic shape is about as perfect as Mother Nature makes 'em!). The cube measures 3.2" from outside corner-to-corner, and 1.9" on the longest straight side.