3.5" Pale Yellow LEGRANDITE Radiating Fan Crystals on Matrix 1970s MEX for sale

3.5" Pale Yellow LEGRANDITE Radiating Fan Crystals on Matrix 1970s MEX for sale

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Location Durango, Mexico
Size 3.5" x 2.7" x 1.4
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Here is an outstanding specimen of the very rare arsenate mineral legrandite, featuring several large vugs in a sturdy reddish-brown gossan matrix that are filled with long, gorgeous, legrandite crystals. The elongated legrandite crystals are well formed and prismatic, and partly gemmy in spots. The color is a dark golden yellow, and long thin crystals have fair to good luster. The elongated crystals grow in divergent clusters and sprays on top of and sticking out from the matrix, reaching 2 cm in length, which is quite large for this species. The main vug, on top of the specimen, has a large spray that makes up a 190ẃ sunburst, with a smaller cluster featuring terminated crystals overgrowing one end of the semicircle. There is another pocket on the side that has several beautiful sprays, the best of which stands almost straight up, with more lustrous, sharply terminated crystals. Legrandite specimens from the fabled world's best 1970s find at Mina Ojuela are so hard to come by these days that you have to appreciate any specimen you can get; and, they only get more rare (and more expensive) with time. This specimen gives you a lot of legrandite for the price, especially with such large, sharp crystals on a very rich and very fine for the locality matrix specimen.

Here's an excellent specimen of LEGRANDITE from Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico. Legrandite is highly valued by mineral collectors for its shiny lemon yellow color - not to mention its scarcity. Well crystallized legrandite is a Holy Grail species for most collectors. Seldom are specimens available, especially since legrandite is a relatively rare mineral, and is found in only a few localities. The best came from Mina Ojuela back in the 1970s, and no significant finds have been made since, making this mineral's rarity even rarer. This is another new treasure which I dug up at the East Coast Gem, Rock & Mineral Show.