2.6" Sharp Sea Green EMERALD Crystals in Black Limestone Matrix Brazil for sale

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Location Carnaíba mining district, Pindobacu, Bahia, Brazil
Size 2.6" x 2.5" x 2.1"
Suggested Stand Small 2" Peg Stand

Here is a specimen with several sharply formed emerald crystals to 1.3" that are nicely exposed on the surface of a gray limestone matrix. This specimen comes from the Carnaiba emerald mine in Bahia, Brazil, which has been producing fine emeralds like this since 1963. The color of the emeralds, which is caused by the chromophore vanadium, is a slightly dusky green, and the crystal stand out well in contrast to the gray limestone matrix. This is a well crystallized, small cabinet-sized example from the world's largest known emerald deposit.