14" Museum Red-Pink-Clear NATROLITE Sharp Terminated Crystals Argentina for sale

14" Museum Red-Pink-Clear NATROLITE Sharp Terminated Crystals Argentina for sale

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Location San Juan, Argentina
Size 14" x 10.5" x 3.5"
Suggested Stand A suitable display stand comes free with this specimen

This is the finest quality and the largest specimen of natrolite I have ever seen from this world-class locality in Argentina - truly a museum quality piece. The center of the specimen features an undamaged pocket of matchstick thick crystals, ranging in color from reddish to pinkish red. Around the pocket are more undamaged radiating sprays of paler pink to white crystals. Virtually every crystal on the piece is terminated, and there is no evidence of damage. The red color is the result of small quantities of iron in the hydrothermal mix when the larger crystals grew in the large opening. The crystals in the vug are gemmy, and become clearer closer to the tips. We have a special container which we will use to ship this specimen safely (surprisingly, it's not as delicate as it looks).

Specimens of NATROLITE - a unique mineral that forms as elongated, needle-like crystals - are highly aesthetic and amazingly intricate. Our Argentinean friend Eduardo Jawerbaum collected fine specimens of natrolite in 2005 from a now-famous locality in San Augustin del Valle Fertil, San Juan Province, Argentina. The finest specimens from this discovery are tinted a subtle shade of pink by hematite inclusions. Because they were expertly collected with extraordinary care, very few of the specimens show any noticeable damage. This is another new find from the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show.