1.3oz HERKIMER DIAMONDS 40 Gem Clear Double Terminated Crystals to 1"NY for sale

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Location Hickory Hill Diggings, Fonda, Montgomerey Co., New York, USA
Size Up to 1"

Here is a parcel of 40 double terminated Herkimer diamond quartz crystals with a total weight of 1.28 ounces. They are sharp and gemmy, and the crystals are delightfully water clear. The planes of the crystals are shiny and highly reflective and smooth, coming together to form sharp edges and points. This is a very good collection of gem clear crystals from this locality. There are some good-sized crystals in this lot, as well as small ones, with the largest measuring 1" from tip to tip. I collected these myself at Hickory HIll in the early 1990s.