1.1" 6.3ct Golden AMBER Fossil Gemstone w-Mosquitos Dominican Republic for sale

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Location La Cumbre mine, Cordillera Septentrional, Santiago Province, Dominican Republic
Size 1.1" x 0.5" x 0.3"
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I took my family to the DR in 1988 for a vacation, and my sons and I took a side trip to the La Cumbre Mine to see where amber is found and how it is mined.  The adits are horizontal tunnels that were burrowed into a crumbling, steep hillside, with no timbering (yikes!).  I bought this piece from the man who owns the local store, a tiny wooden shack with a tin roof.  It is a beautifully polished piece of real amber, with a mosquito and other insects trapped inside fossilized tree sap (if this sounds like a familiar scenario, you must have seen Jurassic Park).