1.0" Hairy Neon Blue CYANOTRICHITE Crystals Mined in Grand Canyon 1970s for sale

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Location Grand View Mine, Cape Royal, Horseshoe Mesa, Grand Canyon National Park, Grandview District, Coconino Co., Arizona, USA
Size 1.0" x 0.9" x 0.7"
Suggested Stand A thumbnail box comes free with this specimen.

This specimen of cyanotrichite was collected in the 1970s from the long-closed classic Grandview Mine, which is down inside what is now the Grand Canyon National Park. The cyanotrichite is formed as acicular, hair-like crystal tufts in an electric, bright blue color. The individual crystals in the radiating aggregates or "sprays" reach about 2 mm. The coverage is very good, with crystals lining shallow vugs on the front of the specimen. This is a terrific thumbnail, and the crystals look especially stunning under a loupe or microscope.