1.9" StunningShinyBlue AZURITE Crystals Overcoating Malachite Milpillas for sale

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Location Sonora, Mexico
Size 1.9" x 1.4" x 0.9"
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This is an excellent specimen of AZURITE from the Milpillas Mine, near the town of Milpillas, in the Cananea District, Sonora, Mexico. The rich, navy blue color is typical of the top notch specimens that come from this locality. Milpillas is a new copper mine which opened in early 2007. It produced a few hundred good specimens in late 2007, and they were displayed at the 2008 Tucson Show, selling for ridiculously high prices.

When they opened the mine in 2006, Industrias Peñoles reported that the expected life was 11 years. However, the oxidized zone was exhausted in early 2012, thus ending the run of collector quality specimens. In addition, it bears mentioning that all specimens had to be smuggled out of the mine. To sum this situation up, mineralogist Peter Megaw said that, "In 10 years these will be hard to find classics... so load up now while you can!" Thomas Moore added that "…collectors thus are advised to choose their Milpillas "keepers" without too much dithering."

Many of the best azurite specimens from the locality show a distinctive electric blue color which stems from an interesting paragenesis. These specimens first grew as azurite which was pseudomorphously replaced by malachite and then covered by a later growth layer of azurite. It appears that light reflects off the malachite underlayer and back through the outer azurite layer to create the distinctive color.