1" 85ct Gemmy RedOrange SPESSARTINE GARNET Sharp Shiny Crystal Tanzania for sale

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Location Nani Hill, Loliondo, Ngorongoro district, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Size 1.0" x 0.8" x 0.8"
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This sharp crystal of spessartine garnet practically glows with a captivating, translucent fruity red-orange color, with some nice, gemmy, transparent areas. It is a dodecahedral garnet crystal from the historic 2008 find in Tanzania, with flat, smooth crystal faces that form very sharp joins, points and edges. For its size, the sharpness of this crystal is good. Its luster is also very good, and with its superb color, excellent sharpness and great aesthetics, this is representative of some of the best crystals from the locality.