1.5" Translucent PINK FLUORITE Crystal Well Formed Octahedron Mongolia for sale

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Location Inner Mongolia, China
Size 1.5" x 1.3" x 1.1"
Suggested Stand A display square comes free with this specimen

This is a sharp PINK FLUORITE specimen from the Huanggang Mine in Hexigten Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China. This is another terrific specimen I acquired out at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show.

The Huanggang deposit is from 1.2 to 2.5 km wide and almost 20 km long. It is worked by seven mines. Miens 1 to 4 are in the western area, and exploit iron-rich skarn ore deposits. Mines 5 to 7 work the the eastern part of the deposit, which is a 6 km long band of karn lenses, which are rich in tin. Since 2010, these mines have produced exceptional specimens of ilvaite, andradite, arsenopyrite, fluorite, hedenbergite, löllingite, and more.