Product: 2.1" Red RHODOCHROSITE Crystal +FLUORITE Crystal onQuartz Sweet Home CO for sale



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2.1" Red RHODOCHROSITE with Purple Phantom FLUORITE Crystal on Quartz - Sweet Home Mine, CO
for sale


2.1" x 1.6" x 1.0"

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Since the mine closed in October, 2004, rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine has become the darling of investors. Always popular with collectors because of its bright red color, in recent years the prices have skyrocketed to the point that you probably can't afford to buy one if you have to ask the price. That makes this gem of a specimen a really sweet find, because it was priced low enough that I can sell it at a fairly sensible (well, almost) price. It has several sharp, rhombohedral rhodochrosite crystals, which have grown together as twins, with brilliant, glassy luster, and the slightly uneven growth planes that indicate that they are not cleavages. The color is a rosy pinkish red - not cherry red, but saturated enough to make the rhodochrosite really stand out. These crystals are perched on a bed of thin, terminated porcupine quartz crystals with minor tetrahedrite. There is also a sharp, clear cubic crystal of purple phantom fluorite to add to the assemblage. If you don't already have one of these classics, you probably want to act soon, as the price rises have accelerated, not slowed down, in the last few years.

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2.1" small cabinet size

Lovely shades of luminous pinkish red


Nice combinatiuon piece with fluorite, quartz and tetrahedrite


Choice specimen from a classic American mine


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Information about crystals/mineral specimens from this location

Here's a large matrix specimen of RHODOCHROSITE that came out of the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado in the 1990's. I acquired this specimen at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show. In October 2004 the Sweet Home Mine was closed, and the portal filled with tons of cement. Mine owner Brian Lees explained to me that the mineralized zone was totally mined out, and since there were no areas left to explore, the decision to close was sad but clear. Since then, the prices have skyrocketed to the point that if you see one at a show and there's no price marked, you probably can't afford to buy it. If you don't already have one of these classics, you probably want to act soon, as the price rises have accelerated, not slowed down, in the last few years.

Facts about gems, rocks and minerals

Rhodochrosite (whose name means rose-colored) is a very attractive mineral with an absolutely one-of-a-kind, beautiful color. Although it can be an ore of manganese, it is its ornamental and display specimen qualities that make it a very popular mineral. The color of a single crystal can just astound the observer with its vivid pink-rose color that seems to be transmitted out of the crystal as if lit from within.

Individual crystals are found in well shaped rhombohedrons and more rarely scalahedrons. In a massive form its pink and white bands are extremely attractive and are often used in semi-precious jewelry. Rhodochrosite is often carved into figurines and tubular stalactitic forms are sliced into circles with concentric bands that are truly unique in the mineral kingdom. Fine crystals are sometimes cut into gemstones, but rhodochrosite's softness and brittleness limit it as a gemstone for everyday use.

Identification of rhodochrosite is fairly easy despite a few similarly colored minerals such as rhodonite. Rhodonite is harder and has different cleavage; but perhaps the best distinguishing factor is its lack of reaction to acids. Rhodochrosite will easily with show some reaction to cold acids which demonstrates its carbonate chemistry. Basically, any rose-pink carbonate is considered rhodochrosite; however some calcites with a small amount of manganese impurities can be pink in color. The manganese replaces some of the calciums in calcite but a complete series between calcite and rhodochrosite is not established. Differentiating pink calcite from rhodochrosite may require a fluorescence test as rhodochrosite is distinctly non-fluorescent and manganese is a fluorescent activator in calcite.

There are many localities for rhodochrosite that are of great reknown. Beyond a doubt, the best locality for rhodochrosite is the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado. It is unmatched for its superb rhodochrosite crystals that exhibit the best features of the species; a fine bright rose color and sharp well formed crystals. Some specimens from here are quite large and of world class distinction.

Information about crystal, gem and mineral metaphysics and healing

People interested in metaphysics and crystal healing tell us that rhodochrosite is the stone of love and balance, providing balance and love on all levels for all bodies. It contains a pulsing electric energy which emits the strongest power in the universe - the power of love. It assists the user in creating new worlds of love and dreams.

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