Product: 2.3" Lustrous Metallic BROOKITE Crystals on Smoky Quartz Magnet Cove AR for sale



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Here's a superb specimen of BROOKITE on SMOKY QUARTZ . The piece comes from the Rutherford Deposit on Moses Hill, Magnet Cove, Arkansas. Brookites from this classic locality I acquired this fine piece at the Denver Gem, Rock & Mineral Show. After decades of being a prime spot for rockhounding for brookite, perovskite, most of the older well known classic localities are now closed to collectors. Today, there is only one spot that is reportedly still open to collectors that occasionally produces brookite crystals.
This specimen features 5 highly lustrous, sharp octahedral and orthorhombic pyramidal crystals of brookite to .4", perched on the sides of a smoky quartz crystal. The brookites are a lustrous metallic black color, and very sharp for the locality. The smoky quartz is an opaque, dull gray, roughly terminated quartz crystal with little points sticking out here and there. There is no damage to the brookite crystals themseelves, though the quart is a bit rough. This is a very choice floater specimen, typical of this famous locality.
Extra-sharp brookite crystals on smoky quartz
Great 2.3" small cabinet sized specimen
Prismatic brookite crystals
2.3" x 0.8" x 0.5"
Very Good
0.6999 lbs.