Product: 4.1" Golden Healer HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Sharp 2 Crystal Cluster NY for sale



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Here's an excellent specimen of HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ that includes GOLDEN HEALER crystals. It came out of the famed Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, New York - a mine that consistently produces the finest Herkimer diamond (quartz) crystal clusters available on the market today. This is another fine specimen which I picked out while at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show, buying it direct from the mine owner. He uses heavy equipment, from excavators to a backhoe with a hydraulic rock breaker attachment, to mine at the Ace.
This breathtaking cluster features crystals that are sharply double terminated, and are loaded with rainbows! Both of the crystals are infused with a pale golden color (one stronger than the other), qualifying them as "Golden Healers". Golden healers are recognized by a complete or partial golden yellow to yellow-brown color which permeates the crystals. The planes of the crystals are brightly reflective and extremely smooth, and come together to form very sharp edges and points. The complex, multi-faced crystals feature highly reflective, glass-smooth planes forming razor sharp edges and points. Both crystals are double terminated, and the adamantine luster is as brilliant as a diamond. The overall quality and aesthetics of this piece are exceptional, and it is a remarkably dramatic and unique specimen.
Excellent 4.1" large cabinet sized specimen
Outstanding damage-free specimen
Very bright and transparent, so it appears to glow from within
4.1" x 3.3" x 1.8"
2.0 lbs.