Product: 4.6" Dark Green EPIDOTE VSharp "Hexagonal" Tabular Crystals-Pakistan for sale



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This specimen is one of the best cabinet-sized pieces from the May, 2011 unearthing of tabular EPIDOTE crystals from a hot new locality near Quetta, in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Most epidote crystals are prismatic, but the ones from this spot (most likely a skarn deposit) appear to be octahedral and hexagonal (they aren't). The crystals are not like any I've ever seen: they look like flattened hexagonal plates, in a rich, earthy, deep, almost-black green color. Interestingly, the darkest, blackest crystals tend to be magnetic. Quetta is supposedly the town nearest the mine, but nobody is saying precisely where the mine is (though this will almost certainly come out later). The unusual tabular shape of the hexagonal crystals results from the very short short C-axis, giving the crystals the look of flat hexagons similar to a thin beryl crystal. Surprisingly, the large flat faces aren't terminations; they're the sides of the crystals, while the termninations, which are lying sideways and perpendicular to the C-axis, are almost unnoticable. I found this specimen at the East Coast Show this year at a wholesale dealer who had just received a box of these new epidotes.
Here's a specimen of "hexagonal" and "octahedral" epidote crystalsfrom a new find in the mountains of Pakistan
Well-shaped crystals with well-definedpoints and edges
Extra-large 4.6" size
Great example from the new find of pseuod-hexagonal epidote crystals
4.6" x 3.4" x 3.1"
2.4 lbs.