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2" AZURITE SUN Twin Discs Vibrant Royal Blue on White Matrix Australia for sale
This is a colorful specimen with 2 flattened twin discs of azurite that formed between layers of whi..
5.1" Pastel Minty Green Foliated TALC World's Softest Mineral Vermont for sale
Here is a specimen of talc, which is the softest mineral on the Mohs Hardness Scale, at 1. It is sof..
3.0" Sparkly Twinkly RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Terminated Crystal So.Africa for sale
The sparkling, twinkling surface of this rainbow aura spirit quartz crystal is mesmerizing. As it tu..
2.8" Orange-Red-Green Iridescent GEM AMMOLITE (Ammonite) Fossil Canada for sale
This is a colorful specimen of ammolite from Alberta, Canada, which is the only locality in the worl..
2.9" Sharp Blue-Green FLUORITE Glassy Cubic Crystals Okaruso Namibia for sale
This specimen of Okaruso fluorite has sharp, gem-quality, transparent crystals in a rich blue-green ..
3.8" Natural CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE White Flower on Black Limestone China for sale
This is a specimen of natural chrysanthemum stone, a popular mineral formation with many collectors,..
3.4" BISMUTH Fine Bright Rainbow Kaleidoscope Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
Here is a lab-grown specimen of pure bismuth that is incredibly beautiful. It is made up of shiny me..
2.7" Colorful Sparkly Dark Green FUCHSITE Crystals Chromium Mica Brazil for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of sparkling, pearlescent fuchsite crystals on quartz. The fuchsite is col..
1.6" Rich RoyalBlue LINARITE CRYSTALS on Matrix Grand Reef Mine Arizona for sale
The royal blue color of the sharp, shiny, linarite crystals on this specimen is really striking.&nbs..
2.9" 485ct Double Terminated Pale Pink KUNZITE Spodumene Crystal Afghan for sale
This double terminated gemmy spodumene crystal from Afghanistan is a light pink color. The gemmy cry..
3.6" Golden Tipped MintGreen SELENITE Terminated Porcupine Crystals Rudya Poland
The spiky selenite crystals on this specimen are arrayed like a porcupine's quills, sticking straigh..
1.8" Magenta Violet KAMMERERITE Crystals to 5mm Sharp & Sparkly Turkey for sale
The richly saturated purple-red color of chromian kammererite (a variety of clinochlore) is unmatche..
3" Hoppered Ice Blue Crystals PLUMBOGUMMITE Pseudo PYROMORPHITE China for sale
On this hand-size specimen, lovely sky-blue plumbogummite has fully or partly replaced (pseudomorphe..
2.2" Sparkling Marmalade Orange SPESSARTINE GARNETS Gem Crystals China for sale
This sparkling, brightly colorful specimen features gemmy orange spessartine garnets that are perche..
3.9" 3.9LB RedBrown ALMANDINE GARNET 12SideDodecahedral Crystal Vietnam for sale
Here is an unusually large and heavy (almost 4 pounds) single garnet crystal that is remarkably well..
6.5" CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Shaggy Long Fiber Light Green Crystals Vermont for sale
This is a large, superb specimen of chrysotile, one of the most important varieties of asbestos, fro..
2.3" Shiny Rhodo Red PRUSKITE Sharp Transparent Crystals to 1.4" Poland for sale
The word "showy" doesn't begin to capture the visual impact of this amazing specimen of pruskite, a ..
1.6" 91ct Rare See Thru Gem Clear PETALITE Crystal Section Afghanistan for sale
Here is a nice specimen of the rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a nice section of a c..
1.9" Metallic Silver CARROLITE Brilliant Crystals to 10mm Kambove Congo for sale
This carrollite specimen features several good crystals set in white calcite, with a metallic luster..
3.7" Bright White CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE Flower in Black Limestone China for sale
Chrysanthemum stone is a popular mineral formation with Chinese collectors, who value it for its res..