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Wholesale Flat 7 pieces Shiny Metal Silver CARROLITE Crystals Congo @$9 for sale
These 7 carrollite specimens feature sharp crystals set in white calcite, with a brilliant metallic ..
Wholesale Flat 10pieces Sharp SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystals Tanzania @$30 for sale
Here is a flat of 10 bright, juicy orange colored spessartine garnets, fine examples from the find i..
Wholesale Flat 14pieces Gemmy PETALITE Crystal Sections Afghanistan@$8  for sale
Here is a wholesale lot of 14 gemmy specimens to 1.7" of the lithium mineral petalite. The specimens..
Wholesale Flat 12pieces Hoppered BlueMetal BISMUTH Crystals England@$12 for sale
Bismuth crystallizes in amazing hoppered shapes when it grows on a cooling melt.  The edges of ..
Wholesale Flat 12 pieces IMPERIAL TOPAZ Crystals to 9.2ct Brazil @$20 for sale
Here are 12 beautifully formed crystal of imperial topaz, all very gemmy and sharply terminated.&nbs..
Wholesale Flat 10pieces Real Uncut DIAMOND CRYSTALS to1.3ct Congo @$50  for sale
Here are 10 genuine, natural, uncut diamond crystals from the Congo, shaped as modified cubes, octah..
1" Very Sharp Dark Brown STAUROLITE Crystal FAIRY CROSS Taos New Mexico for sale
When staurolite forms twins at a 90 degree angle in a cross formation, they are called "fairy crosse..
4.3" Lightning Strike Fused Sand FULGURITE Brownish Tan Tube Morocco for sale
Here is an intriguing specimen of lechatelierite, the scientific name for fulgurite-the name for gla..
3.9" Violet Phantoms MUZQUIZ FLUORITE Lusterous Cubic Crystals Mexico for sale
The crystals in this sharp cluster of fluorite are brightly lustrous, and areclear inside with phant..
2.2" Robin Egg Blue AMAZONITE Terminated Crystal Thunder Alley Colorado for sale
Here is a specimen that is colored a lovely, vibrant turquoise-blue. It is a sharp, complete crystal..
4.7" 2LB Shiny Polished Metallic Orange Native COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
Sometimes pure native copper is found as nuggets in the copper mines in upper Michigan, and this is ..
4.2" Cluster of 3 Cubic Crystals to 3.2" of Brassy Golden PYRITE Spain for sale
This specimen is a group of 3 amazingly bright, extraordinarily sharp, interlocking pyrite cubes tha..
2.7" Naturally Magnetic LODESTONE MAGNETITE Metallic Gray +Filings Utah for sale
This is a naturally magnetic specimen of magnetite, also known as lodestone because of its magnetism..
1" 20ct IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Shiny Vivid Orange Gem Crystal Brazil for sale
This imperial topaz crystal has an unusually rich golden orange color, with scintillating fire insid..
4.3" Extreme RoyalBlue FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals Bingham New Mexico for sale
The crystals on this specimen of blue fluorite are a deeply saturated indigo blue, as richly colored..
2.7" Wet-Look Vivid Emerald Green DIOPTASE Crystals to 10mm Kazakhstan for sale
There are loads of sharp, well-formed gemmy prismatic crystals to 10mm perched atop the light colore..
6" Snow White STARBURST ARAGONITE Fine Spiky Branching Crystals Mexico for sale
These snow-white growths of starburst aragonite look like exotic flowers, as they grow upward and ou..
2" Silvery Metallic MOLYBDENITE CRYSTAL Mirror Bright Luster Australia for sale
Here is a rare crystal of shiny metallic molybdenite, in a great large size. The flashy surfaces of ..
4.9" Dark Robust Green ACTINOLITE Crystals in Talc MA Talc Mine Rowe MA for sale
This is a specimen of the silicate mineral actinolite from Rowe, Massachusetts. Its earthy gray-gree..
2" 73g Metallic NICKEL-IRON METEORITE Shrapnel Sikhote Alin Russia 1947 for sale
Here is a great specimen, a 2.6 ounce piece of the Sikhote Alin meteorite with the characteristic or..