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5.9" Water Clear Terminated Gem QUARTZ Dozens of Crystals to 1.8" ARK for sale
This cluster of quartz crystals from the Coleman Mine in Arkansas is large and attractively three-di..
5.7" Rare Light Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals to.9" in Schist New Hampshire for sale
This is a piece of grayish brown mica schist that is peppered with light blue sillimanite crystals t..
3" SHATTUCKITE Bright Turquoise SmoothTop Radiating Crystal Balls Congo for sale
The shattuckite in this outstanding specimen consists of spherical forms made up of chatoyant radiat..
7.1" Rare Asbestos Variety ANTHOPHYLLITE Blue-Gray Fibers Massachusetts for sale
Anthophyllite is a rare member of the asbestos family, an amphibole mineral. In this specimen, it oc..
6.4" Long Dangling White CALCITE STALACTITE w-Sparkling Crystals India for sale
Here is a white calcite stalactite from India, recovered from a cavern-like vug in the basalt where ..
2.9" Bright Royal Blue AZURITE Nodule w/Swirls of Bladed Crystals Congo for sale
Royal blue is the color of the azurite on this crystallized nodule from the D.R.Congo. In a few plac..
4.5" 11oz New Penny Red-Orange COPPER NUGGET Tumble Polished Michigan for sale
Pure native copper is sometimes found as nuggets in the mines in upper Michigan, and this is a great..
2.7" 250g Colorful Natural Yellow POLISHED CITRINE CRYSTAL Brazil for sale
Here is a lovely crystal of gemmy citrine quartz, which has been polished to perfection to show off ..
2.3" FULGURITE Hollow Glass Tube from Lightning Strike in Sand Florida for sale
You can see the hollow space inside this tubular fulgurite at both ends. This mineral, with the scie..
7.6mm 1.8ct Sharp RedViolet RED BERYL Terminated Gem Bixbite Crystal UT for sale
This colorful red beryl crystal is nicely formed, with sharp edges, smooth crystal faces, and a flat..
5.2" 12oz Brilliant Shiny RedOrange VEIN COPPER Caledonia Mine Michigan for sale
Here is a large specimen of copper from Northern Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula that is a very shiny ..
4.1" BrightFlashy COBALTOAN CALCITE Crystals on Matrix Hot Pink Morocco for sale
This is a very colorful cabinet specimen of cobaltoan calcite that is  covered with fine crysta..
2.3" CAVANSITE Radiating Neon Electric Blue Crystals on Stilbite India for sale
On this specimen, peacock blue crystal clusters and sprays of cavansite are perched lightly on sharp..
2.4" PYRITE Sharp Brassy Golden Yellow Pyritohedral Crystal Tanzania for sale
Pyrite from this mine is extremely rare, and seldom seen. Merelani Hills is renowned for the world's..
4.8" PINK CALCITE Sharp Shiny Wedge Shape Tabular Crystals Hunan China for sale
This fine specimen features sharp calcite crystals to 1" that are colored a lovely baby pink. The cr..
3.3" Shiny Golden CALCITE Crystals Inside a Hollow FOSSIL CLAM Florida for sale
Ruck's Pit in Florida became famous overnight in 2009 when fossil clams were discovered there that w..
4.3" Black & Gold Striped PYRITE Crystals BALL CONCRETION Sphere China for sale
This lovely concretion is an oval-shaped ball with parallel bands of sparkly pyrite crystals set in ..
2.6" Earthy Greenish Brown APATITE Crystal on Matrix Sharp+Shiny Quebec for sale
The termination on this brownish green 2" apatite crystal from the Otter Mine in Quebec is nice and ..
3.9" Multi-Crystal Baby Blue ANHYDRITE Paintbrush Terminations Mexico for sale
Here is an attractive specimen of anhydrite ("angelite") with sharp, shiny, intergrown crystals.&nbs..
5.1" Botryoidal Turquoise CHRYSOCOLLA w-MALACHITE & HETEROGENITE Congo for sale
This specimen features a sea of bright turquoise botryoidal bubbles of chrysocolla, around a vug of ..