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3.8" Multiple GREEN PHANTOM QUARTZ SharpShiny Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This is a sharp, dramatic crystal of green phantom quartz. I count a dozen or so distinct phantoms i..
4.3" Rich Extra Blue FLUORITE Sharp Lustrous Cubic Crystals Bingham NM for sale
Here is a superb specimen of blue fluorite from new diggings in 2017 at the Blanchard fluorite mine ..
5.1" Light Blue Botryoidal CHALCEDONY PSEUDO after Fossil Coral Georgia for sale
The inside of this specimen of agatized coral is lined with light blueish-white botryoidal bubbles, ..
4.1" Iridescent Golden ANDRADITE GARNET Crystals Godtok Claim Arizona for sale
I found this andradite specimen at the Tucson Show at the booth of an Arizona collector who dug it h..
3.5" Dazzling Emerald Green UVAROVITE Sparkly Twinkling Crystals Russia for sale
The scintillating sparkle of uvarovite is unparalleled in the mineral world, and the rich green colo..
6.2" Golden Yellow FLUORITE Translucent Crystals Stunning Backlit China for sale
This is a thick crust of clear yellow fluorite that is covered with tightly intergrown, blocky cubic..
2.3" Scarlet Red Needle Crystals of Cuprite var. CHALCOTRICHITE Arizona for sale
Chalcotrichite is a rare variety of cuprite which forms as sparkling magenta red crystals, which on ..
4.1" White +Hoppered Tips SCEPTER QUARTZ Multi-Crystal Cluster Brazil for sale
Brazil is famous for its milky quartz scepters with fat hoppered heads, which are almost always foun..
2.1" Gemmy Cardinal Red RELAGAR Shiny Terminated Floater Crystal Peru for sale
In 2017 the Paloma Mine yielded up some superb single crystals of realgar. This is one of the finer ..
1.8" Terminated Twin AMAZONITE Crystals Vivid Turquoise Blue Colorado for sale
This specimen is a lovely, vibrant turquoise-blue, twin crystal of amazonite from the Thunder Alley ..
3.9" Purple-Violet Over Clear FLUORITE Cubic CityScape Crystals Mexico for sale
From Mexico's El Tule mine comes this highly characteristic specimen of purple fluorite. The surface..
3.3" TABULAR QUARTZ Flat 2Sided Crystal +Dozens of Small Tabbies Brazil for sale
This is a pair of intergrown, double-terminated, water-clear tabular quartz crystals (also known as ..
.6" Sharp Gemmy PURPLE APATITE Colorful Shiny Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This terminated apatite crystal from the 2017 find in Brazil is colored a rich purple, and the gemmy..
8.1" Tall Blood RED QUARTZ Crystal +Hematite Crystal Inclusions Morocco for sale
Here is a long, flattened tabular red quartz crystal from a new find in Morocco in 2017. The crystal..
4" Buttery Yellow SULFUR Sharp Gemmy Stand Up Crystals to .6" Bolivia for sale
On this fine sulfur specimen from Bolivia the white matrix is covered with sparkling gemmy sufur cry..
3.1" Polished Gold+Blue LABRADORITE High Flash Iridescence Madagascar for sale
Here is a lovely hand-sized nugget of polished labradorite with brilliant flashes of golden yellow a..
3.7" Orchid Lavender BALL LEPIDOLITE Lustrous Crystal Spheres Brazil for sale
When mica forms as hemispheres, it is called ball mica. When the mica is purple it is called lepidol..
5.6" Metallic Bright Silver STIBNITE Terminated Crystals to 3.7" China for sale
Here is an eye-catching stibnite specimen with sharp silver stibnite crystals.  The crystals ar..
4.5" Bright Colorful GrassGreen PYROMORPHITE Crystals on Matrix Germany for sale
The color of the pyromorphite on this specimen is really dazzling: it is a vivid grassy green that i..
3.9" Lustrous Jet Black Schorl TOURMALINE Terminated Crystal Madagascar for sale
The crystal faces on this large single crystal of black tourmaline (schorl) are sharp and bright and..