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3.9" Sharp Wet-Look Bright Lemon Yellow SULFUR Crystal Towers Bolivia for sale
This fine sulfur specimen from Bolivia is covered with sparkling crystals, set on a thick piece of w..
4.1" 1.9LB Polished Orange Native COPPER NUGGET Bright & Shiny Michigan for sale
This is a copper nugget from Michigan in a bright red-orange "new" copper color. The piece has an in..
24mm 8.4ct Transparent Gem CLEAR PHENAKITE Terminated 6-Sided Crystal for sale
This is a superb, gem phenakite crystal from Myanmar (formerly Burma) with six-sides like a quartz c..
2.4" Sparkling Twinkly Glittery AZURITE Blue Crystals Lining Vug China for sale
Azurite crystals sparkle brightly on this piece, and are colored a saturated azure navy blue. This s..
5.5" 1.1LB BrightShiny Polished RedOrange Native COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
Natural nuggets of copper are sometimes discovered in Michigan's copper mines in the Upper Peninsula..
10" Flamingo Pink Pineapple Cactus ALUM SharpShiny Gemmy Crystals China for sale
Here is a spectacular lab-grown alum crystal from China, in a formation reminiscent of a cactus with..
2.2" Vivid Gum Drop Green Gemmy Clear FLUORITE Crystal Cleavage China for sale
Here is a fine fluorite octahedron from the DeAn Mine. The fluorite has been cleaved along its natur..
5.4" Tan SAND SELENITE Desert Flower Intersecting Crystals Naica Mexico for sale
This specimen of sand selenite features large bladed crystals that have intersected to create a very..
3.1" Very Pale Rose Quartz PINK ICE Heart of the Universe Crystal India for sale
"Pink Ice" rose quartz was mined in the early 2000s from the Parvati Mine in India, until the mine c..
5.9" Slippery Feel Silvery Gray NATIVE GRAPHITE Writes Like a Pencil MA for sale
Here is a superb specimen of graphite, which is colored a silvery gray.  The surface of the spe..
3.5" Hollow Geode BIRDS NEST CHALCEDONY Fluoresces NeonGreen New Mexico for sale
Here is a chalcedony bird's nest, which is actually a geode-shaped structure made up of agate-like b..
2.2" 335ct JuicyTurquoiseGreen CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough Australia for sale
This is a 67 gram polished nugget of chrysoprase from the Old Yerilla Mine in Western Australia. The..
3.7" Rich Fruity Orange Color WULFENITE On Edge Crystals to 1.2"  China for sale
Here is a beautiful cluster of colorful orange red tabular wulfenite crystals, in outstanding condit..
5.2" PICTURE MICA Muscovite Sheet w/Red&Black CrossHatchPatterns Brazil for sale
This is a colorful and intriguing specimen of muscovite, in this case called "picture mica" due to t..
5.8" 3.2LB RedOrange COPPER NUGGET Extra Large Glossy Polished Michigan for sale
Here is an extra-large native copper nugget from Michigan that has been polished all over to bring o..
3.9" Twinkle Sparkle Glittering UVAROVITE Emerald Green Crystals Russia for sale
The surface of this specimen is covered with tiny little crystals of uvarovite garnet measuring up t..
6.5" 1.8LB Metallic Red Orange Polished COPPER NUGGET Gleaming Michigan for sale
In the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pure copper is found in nuggets, like this f..
1.3" Navy Blue BrilliantFlashy Luster AZURITE Crystals Milpillas Mexico for sale
Here is an azurite specimen from the famous Milpillas, Mexico locality, featuring extremely sharp, m..
5.8" Multiple-Layers SELENITE Orange "Dagwood Sandwich" Crystals Poland for sale
The layers of selenite on this specimen resemble a Dagwood sandwich, with 4 stacked tiers of clear c..
4.1" BrightColorful SULFUR STALACTITE Butter Yellow Drip Formation Java for sale
Here is a massive dripping sulfur stalactite, in an interesting, sculptural shape and colored a bril..