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2.4" Vivid VeraCruz AMETHYST Lavender Purple Crystal Spray No Damage Mexico sale
This is a lovely specimen of gemmy purple amethyst crystals from the classic Veracruz, Mexico locali..
1.6" 209ct Cranberry Red Barrel Shape RUBY Crystal with RECORD KEEPERS for sale
This is a sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. The hexagonal crystal is terminated ..
2.4" STAUROLITE "FAIRY CROSS" in Schist Perfect 90 Degree Twin Russia for sale
Staurolite crystals that form 90º twins are rare, and large ones even rarer. This choice specimen fe..
2.3" Rhodo Red PRUSKITE Shiny Sharp Transparent Crystals to 1" Poland for sale
The word "showy" doesn't begin to capture the visual impact of this amazing specimen of pruskite, a ..
3.7" Vibrant Saturated Raspberry Sherbet Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE DRCongo for sale
This showy specimen of cobaltoan calcite comes from the Congo, and the color is truly aesthetically ..
4.2" Jackstraw Hot Red CROCOITE Fine Acicular Crystals in Vugs Tasmania for sale
This specimen of crocoite comes from the now-famous Red River Find at the Adelaide Mine. The crystal..
3.2" Sharp Shiny FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Polished Translucent Gemmy Sea Green China
The transparent, polished surface on this fluorite octahedron lets you look inside to see the gemmy ..
5.2" FADEN QUARTZ w-White Lines Double Terminated Gem Crystals Pakistan for sale
Here is a superb, large cluster of faden quartz crystals with sharply defined white lines running up..
3.6" Magenta PINK TOURMALINE Shiny Crystals in Feldspar+Quartz Brazil for sale
The contrast between the bright pink gemmy tourmaline and the milky quartz and bluish microcline fel..
5.6" Colorful Dark Forest Green MALACHITE Balls+STALACTITES to 2" Congo for sale
Here is a beautiful and aesthetic cluster of dozens of malachite hemispheres and stalactites which c..
2.7" Sharp Transparent WaterClear Bladed BARITE Crystals No Damage Peru for sale
This is a fine cluster of see-through clear barite crystals with a very slight smokiness on brown ca..
5.6" WaterClear TABULAR QUARTZ Terminated Crystal Just .2" Thick Brazil for sale
This is a clear tabular quartz crystal from Brazil.  It is about .22" thick at its thickest, an..
4" Lavender GRAPE AGATE Chalcedony ShinyBall Crystals Floater Indonesia for sale
This is a great specimen of the new-to-the-market in 2017, natural, bubbly lavender botryoidal chalc..
3.4" HERKIMER DIAMOND Golden Healer Quartz Rainbows Skeletal Crystal NY for sale
This outstanding Herkimer diamond (quartz) crystal features a large, sharply formed twinned quartz c..
3.2" Clear with Purple Zoning GEM FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals Okaruso for sale
Here is a fine example of zoned fluorite from Namibia.  The fluorite is crystallized in very sh..
3.4" 10-Ounce Polished COPPER NUGGET Gleaming Shiny Red Orange Michigan for sale
This is a copper nugget from Michigan that is a bright-as-a-new-penny red-orange copper color. The p..
4.4" Lively Turquoise Blue ARAGONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals China for sale
Here is a bright and colorful specimen of turquoise blue aragonite that comes from China's Yunnan Pr..
5" ADAMITE Sparkly Shiny Vivid Yellow Crystals Fluoresces Green Mexico for sale
The yellow (with a touch of green) adamite crystals on this fine specimen sparkle and glisten in the..
6mm Rare Shiny Sharp Dark Blue BOLEITE Crystal on 2.4" Matrix Baja MEX for sale
The dark, indigo blue of this exceptionally sharp boleite crystal is really remarkable. The crystal ..
2.6" Purple FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals w-CALCITE Denton M Illinois for sale
This specimen of fluorite comes from the Denton Mine in Southern Illinois, which has been closed sin..