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3.0" Sharp Terminated WELOGANITE Crystals on Matrix Francon Q Montreal for sale
The weloganite crystals on this specimen from the type locality in Quebec are grayish-yellow in colo..
.9" Nearly Perfect FAIRY CROSS STAUROLITE Twin Crystals Taos New Mexico for sale
Crystals of staurolite sometimes form as twins in a unique 90 degree cross formation that is called ..
1.1" 45.7ct See-Thru Gem-Tip Turquoise-Blue AQUAMARINE Crystals Namibia for sale
Here is a lovely turquoise blue twinned crystal of aquamarine with large gemmy areas near the tops. ..
2.9" Shiny JetBlack SCHORL TOURMALINE Crystal Cluster +Feldspar Namibia for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of black schorl tourmaline with microcline feldspar from Namibia.&nb..
2.6" Terminated Sharp Moss Green APATITE Crystal +Orange Calcite Quebec for sale
Here is a colorful, green-brown apatite crystal embedded in orange calcite. The crystal is sharp and..
2.9" Clear-Lavender Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Frazier's Hush Mine England for sale
Here is a remarkable old-timer that features gemmy, very pale lavender (nearly clear) cubes of the h..
4.2" White GYROLITE Crystal Balls On Light Green PREHNITE Fingers India for sale
Here is a specimen of gyrolite over prehnite, from India. The gyrolite has grown in radial spherical..
6.5" Lavender-Purple FLUORITE Crystals w-Galena Blackdene Mine England for sale
Lavender to pale purple, lustrous, transparent cubic crystals of fluorite to 5 mm on edge nearly cov..
2.8" Brite Metallic Blue-Yellow-Magenta BISMUTH Hopper Crystals England for sale
This specimen of lab-grown bismuth features large crystals in brilliant, heavily saturated colors-vi..
3.2" 9.4oz Shiny Red Orange Gleaming COPPER NUGGET Polished Michigan for sale
Here is a copper nugget from Michigan in a bright-as-a-new-penny red-orange copper color. The piece ..
3.7" Gem Rough CARNELIAN Smooth Polished Red-Orange Nugget Madagascar for sale
Carnelian is typically only available as beads and cabachons, so when I found this large, polished n..
6.9" ANTHOPHYLLITE Long Fibers Rare Variety of Asbestos  Massachusetts for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anthophyllite, featuring long blue-gray fibers that are locked soli..
4.4" Brilliant Turquoise Blue AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Crystals Peru for sale
This group of twinned, glossy crystals of aqua aura quartz is nearly transparent, with brilliant lus..
1.6" MetallicSilver CUPRITE Sharp Lustrous Crystals to 1.4" Rubtsovskoe M Russia
The metallic silvery gray color (with just a hint of red) of this cluster of cuprite crystals is ver..
2.5" Sharp Double Terminated Brite Red CROCOITE Square Crystal Tasmania for sale
Here is a brilliant, neon red-orange crystal of crocoite from the world famous 2010 Pocket at the Ad..
3.8" Sharp Grass Green Gem Clear SELENITE CRYSTALS Lubin Mine Poland for sale
I love the eye-catching color intensity of the selenite crystals on this specimen from the Lubin Min..
4.1" Green-Yellow DATOLITE Crystals Sharp Gemmy Lustrous Charcas Mexico for sale
Datolite from recent finds at Charcas has remarkable crystallography, and this is a great example, f..
4.3" Stellar Beam Orange CALCITE Double-Terminated Crystals Elmwood TN for sale
Here is a highly aesthetic, double-terminated, transparent calcite crystal in a vivid orange color f..
1.2" SPESSARTINE GARNET Gemmy Fruity Orange Crystal Nani Hill Tanzania for sale
Spessartine garnet is a neosilicate, a manganese-aluminum garnet in a solid solution series with alm..
3.9" Lustrous Pink-Orange CHABAZITE-CA Crystals to 1" w-Calcite Morocco for sale
The color of this chabazite is an out-of-the-ordinary pinkish orange, and the crystals are up to 1" ..