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3.9" Milky White WELOGANITE Round Crystals on Matrix Francon Q Montreal for sale
This is a matrix specimen of weloganite from the long-closed Francon Quarry, St. Michel, Isle Montre..
4" RichGoldenHoney YELLOW ICELAND SPAR GemClear Crystal Cleavage Mexico for sale
This rhombohedral crystal cleavage of Iceland spar is an unusually colorful honey-like golden yellow..
2.7" CrimsonRed ARKANITE Flashy Sharp Wet-Look Pristine Crystals Poland for sale
This is a vividly colorful specimen of arkanite. It is a lab-grown crystal cluster with no damage an..
3" TOPAZOLITE v. ANDRADITE Sharp MetallicGold Crystals Stanley Butte AZ for sale
Here is a superb specimen of  andradite garnet crystals, that is colored metallic gold with an ..
2.8" Heart-Shaped Gemmy Orange CREEDITE Sparkly Crystal Spheres Mexico for sale
This is a fine, intricately spiked specimen of creedite, featuring prickly mounds of bladed orange a..
3.9" RED CAP AMETHYST Pristine Shiny Blood Red Crystals Thunder Bay ONT for sale
Here is a specimen of red cap amethyst that is a lovely example of this formation, which features re..
4.4" Sharp CHALCANTHITE Crystals to 1.3" Intense Neon Blue Color Poland for sale
Here is a lab grown specimen of sharp, well-formed chalcanthite crystals in an eye-stopping, flashy,..
4.6" Cubic PYRITE 4 Sharp Crystals to 2.8" in Interlocked Cluster Spain for sale
This specimen is a group of 4 amazingly bright, extraordinarily sharp interlocking pyrite cubes that..
2.4" Bright Twinkling RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Sharp Crystals South Africa for sale
Here is is a fine group of terminated spirit quartz crystals that have been infused with gold in the..
3.8" Magenta-Purple FLUORITE Cubic Crystals to 3.1" Minerva #1 Illinois for sale
The Minerva #1 Mine was a classic source for well-crystallized specimens of fluorite, and this one i..
4.5" ROSASITE CRYSTALS Spiky Turquoise Blue on Limonite Ojuela Mexico for sale
This is a colorful specimen of crystallized rosasite, which is uncommon as it is typically found as ..
2.7" ROYAL AURA QUARTZ Flashy Iridescent Purple-Blue Crystals Arkansas for sale
Here is a brilliantly colorful quartz crystal that is mirror bright, and flashes with gorgeous iride..
4.5" White STILBITE w-Mounds of Rich Green DISCO BALL APOPHYLLITE India for sale
Here is a beautifully crystallized specimen of apophyllite, set on crystals of white stilbite with a..
2.7" PURPLE ALUM Fruity GrapePurple WetLook 2" Crystal on Matrix Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the octahedral alum crystal on this piece that is 2" from tip to tip and 1.5" ..
2.8" Bright Metallic Silver ARSENOPYRITE Sharp Stepped Crystals China for sale
You will enjoy the bright metallic luster of the arsenopyrite crystals on this specimen that really ..
4.6" Brassy Gold PYRITE 3 XSharp Cubic Crystals to 2.3" on Matrix Spain for sale
This is an astonishing specimen of cubic pyrite featuring 3 crystals (one a single cube and the othe..
3.7" Sharp Candy Corn Orange WINDOWPANE WULFENITE Crystals Rowley M AZ for sale
Here is an attractive specimen of bright orange wulfenite, with sharp individual tabular crystals tu..
3.9" Natural Gem SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal Group "Adularia Mont Blanc France for sale
Smoky quartz crystal specimens from Mont Blanc are like the Holy Grail for collectors of this wonder..
5.1" Gemmy Pink CALCITE Bright Shiny Sharp Wedge Shape Crystals China for sale
This is a lovely specimen of gemmy calcite in a delicate shade of light pink, from the Spring 2017 f..
3.4" Brassy Golden PYRITE CUBE Shiny Crystal w-Penetrating Twin Spain for sale
There are two crystals in this twinned pair, measuring a huge-for-the-species and -locality 3.4" fro..