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6.2" 206ct YellowGold COPAL AMBER Drippy Stalactite withBUGS Madagascar for sale
Here is a raw chunk of amber from Cap d'Ambre in Madagascar. The piece is colored a bright golden ye..
3.4" FLUORAPATITE ReHealed Green Brown Crystal Otter Lake Quebec Canada for sale
The termination on this brownish green apatite crystal from the Otter Mine in Quebec is sensationall..
4.4" ALUM Grass Green Octahedral Crystals to1.5" on Black Matrix Poland for sale
This specimen is a lab grown example of alum, in a vivid lime green color that is very eye catching...
1.8" SharpGlassy Terminated ROSE QUARTZ LightPink Gemmy CRYSTALS Brazil for sale
Here is a delightful specimen of light rosy pink, gemmy, terminated rose quartz crystals, formed in ..
1.5" 64ct Gem MOONSTONE ElectricBlue Iridescent Teardrop Cabochon India for sale
You will be delighted by the flashing neon-bright turquoise-like colors of this gorgeous 64.1 carat,..
2.9" Sharp Clear Shiny MAGNESITE Rhombohedral Crystals to 1.7" Brazil for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of magnesite from Brazil. The magnesite crystals are formed as excep..
4" Rich Vibrant Red Needle Crystals of CROCOITE on Matrix Adelaide Mine for sale
On this very showy specimen the crocoite crystals are colored a flamboyant neon red-orange that is i..
2.2" Sizzling Shocking Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE SharpShiny Crystals Congo for sale
This is a showy specimen of cobaltoan calcite comes from the Congo, and it is truly a piece of eye c..
4" Large Single Sharp Gemmy PURPLE AMETHYST Crystal Terminated Bolivia for sale
This is a large single crystal of amethyst from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia. Its color is excellent: a..
2.6" Sharp Yellow WULFENITE Crystals w-Green MIMETITE on Matrix Mexico for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen featuring lustrous wulfenite crystals on dark green mimetite over limon..
2.8" SMOKY QUARTZ Crystals w-Tangerine Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET China for sale
On this specimen, there is a smoky quartz crystal that is dotted with jewel-like, gemmy, brilliantly..
2.6" STAR MUSCOVITE Sharp Silver 5-Point StarShape Mica Crystals Brazil for sale
The muscovite mica stars on this specimen have a bright, pearly luster and are colored a rich, lustr..
3.8" Bright Yellow Botryoidal BRUCITE Shiny Colorful Crystals Pakistan for sale
One of the latest new finds to hit the mineral market in 2018 is the stunning new brucite from Pakis..
3.2" Cubic PYRITE Metallic Flashing Striated Brassy Gold Crystals Peru for sale
Pyrite specimens are not uncommon, but top-notch pieces like this one are surprisingly rare. You'll ..
2.8" Beautiful Polished Slice from a Purple AMETHYST STALACTITE Uruguay for sale
This is a colorful gem slice of an amethyst stalactite from Uruguay, which has been cut and polished..
3.2" Jackstraw Flame OrangeRed CROCOITE Crystals Adelaide Mine Tasmania for sale
Here is a brilliant, neon red-orange specimen of crocoite from the world famous Red River Pocket at ..
2.7" 9oz New Penny Red-Orange COPPER NUGGET Polished All Sides Michigan for sale
This colorful 8.9-ounce copper nugget from Michigan has been polished all over to bring out the rich..
4" Eye Catching Sparkly Magenta-Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is an eye-catching specimen of cobaltoan calcite in an astounding, deep magenta pink color that..
7" Glass-Like Gemmy FLUORITE Twin Blue-Green Crystals Rogerley Mine UK for sale
This specimen, which came from the 2015 season when we visited the mine, features sharp, gemmy, see-..
5.6" 2.6LB Bright Shiny Red Orange FLOAT COPPER Vein Filling Michigan for sale
Float copper from veins in Michigan's Upper Peninsula mines produce bright, "shiny as a penny" red o..