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3.2" Sharp Shiny Striated Dark Green VESUVIANITE Crystal Sanford Maine for sale
In 1990 I dug up this crystal at the now closed, classic, Sanford, Maine locality. The crystal is sh..
1.8" Shiny Near Perfect PYRITE CUBE Crystal in3.4" Matrix Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a dazzling specimen-a cubic pyrite crystal set in matrix, that comes from the classic Navaju..
2" HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Twinned Crystal with Rainbows NY for sale
From Hickory Hills Diamond Mine comes this double termianated, twinned Herkimer Diamond that is load..
7.1" Flexible PALYGORSKITE "Mountain Leather" ClothLike Rock Washington for sale
This is hands down the weirdest mineral species I have ever seen.  It is thin, soft and supple,..
2.3" High Contrast Green Botryoidal PREHNITE Ball on Dark EPIDOTE Mali for sale
Here is a beautiful, highly sculptural specimen of prehnite on epidote that features botryoidal preh..
1.1" Lustrous WetLook Jungle Green DIOPTASE Crystals Sharp &Gemmy Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of dioptase from the Congo, featuring sharp crystals and a mirror-bright fla..
3.7" Milky Quartz Shot Through w-MagentaPink TOURMALINE Crystals Brazil for sale
This is a showy specimen of magenta pink rubellite tourmaline in milky quartz from a gem pegmatite i..
3.3" Sharp Terminated ENHYDRO QUARTZ Clear Crystal w-Inclusions China for sale
Here is a good specimen of enhydro quartz, with liquid trapped when the crystal grew in small spaces..
6.3" Dripping Coral-Like Flashy Metallic Red-Orange COPPER Formation MI for sale
Here is a unique and beautiful specimen of bright, shiny native copper. It is a bright metallic oran..
2.2" SCEPETERED AMETHYST Skeletal Crystal RichSaturated Purple Zimbabwe for sale
The color on this sceptered amethyst crystal is as intense a shade of deep violet purple as you'll s..
8.4" Vivid PurpleGreenYellowClear Polished RAINBOW FLUORITE Slice China for sale
The phantom layers in this polished slice of fluorite from China are sharply defined and clearly del..
1.8" CONFETTI QUARTZ with BrightRed Lepidocrosite Inclusions Madagascar for sale
Inside this gem clear quartz crystal is a phantom layer of bright, shiny metallic red flecks of lepi..
3.6" 13oz COPPER NUGGET Polished Brilliant Metallic Red-Orange Michigan for sale
Here is a 12-ounce copper nugget which is very shiny and brightly lustrous. The color is the rich me..
3.4" Golden Orange Gemmy CALCITE Terminated Crystal Elmwood Tennessee for sale
Here is an attractive, gemmy specimen from the Elmwood Mine, which is now closed to collecting. This..
3.6" SeeThru FADEN QUARTZ Dbl Terminated Crystals w-White Line Pakistan for sale
There is a prominent white line down the middle of this thin quartz crystal, which is formed in the ..
3.9" Gemmy Golden CALCITE Sharply Terminated Dogtooth Crystal Missouri for sale
The soft, glowing pastel yellow color of this terminated calcite crystal is lovely, and is character..
3" Gemmy Vivid GumDrop Green FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Crystal Cleavage China for sale
Fluorite has natural cleavage planes that are at right angles to each other, so it can be formed int..
3.1" Sharp Glass Faced Smoky Edge ELESTIAL JACARE QUARTZ Crystal Brazil for sale
Jacare quartz (also known as alligator quartz) has always been a favorite of mine, because of the wa..
6.3" Water Clear Gem LASER LEMURIAN QUARTZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a Lemurian Seed quartz crystal that is very sharply formed, with a gorgeous termination that..
11.4" Clear WINDOW PANE SELENITE Natural Transparent Crystal Slab Utah for sale
In southern Utah, at a locality called the White Ice Mine, miners unearth large, thin sheets of clea..