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3.3" Gem Clear SCOLECITE SharpShiny Radiating Terminated Crystals India for sale
The scolecite crystals on this dramatic specimen are clear right up to the tips. The long, slender, ..
3.9" Clear Light Yellow SELENITE Terminated Porcupine Crystals Rudya Poland
Here is a specimen of bladed selenite in a beautiful shade of very light golden yellow, almost clear..
2.7" Butterscotch Yellow Translucent WULFENITE Crystals Glove Mine AZ for sale
The butterscotch golden yellow crystals on this specimen from the Glove Mine in Arizona are enormous..
4.4" Sparkling Rich Deep Dark Green ATACAMITE Crystals on Matrix Chile for sale
Here is a very beautiful atacamite specimen featuring sparkling crystals in a rich, dark, crayon gre..
2.7" Pastel Pink DANBURITE Crystal Gemmy Chisel-Tip Termination Mexico for sale
The soft pink color of this sharp, twinned danburite crystal is very attractive, especially as the c..
3.8" ELESTIAL AMETHYST Colorful Lavender Purple Jacare Crystal Kenya for sale
In 2009 there was a spectacular find of amethyst in Kenya, featuring large elestial crystals with ri..
3" Saturated Blueberry Blue AZURITE SUNS on White Marl Matrix Australia for sale
This is a superb specimen, one of the amazing azurite suns from Australia. This piece features a lar..
4.7" Radiating Green TOURMALINE Crystals Strickland Quarry Connecticut for sale
Here is a specimen of dark green tourmaline from the Strickland Quarry in a matrix of smoky quartz a..
Wholesale Flat 3 Pieces Arborescent COPPER Crystals @$15 Kazakhstan for sale
Here are three fine specimens of crystallized native copper, featuring spinel-law twins which grew i..
Wholesale Flat 7 Large Pieces Magnetic MAGNETITE LODESTONE @$13 Utah for sales
Here is a wholesale flat with 8 hand-size chunks of magnetite–a naturally magnetic iron mineral.&nbs..
Wholesale Flat CUBIC PYRITE 12 ShinyMetallic Golden Crystals @$15 Spain for sale
Here is a flat of 12 cubic pyrite crystals from Spain. These come from a site that is renowned for t..
Wholesale Flat Glove Mine Gold WULFENITE Crystals 12 Pieces @$8 Arizona for sale
Here is a flat of 12 specimens of wulfenite from the Glove Mine, ranging from cabinet to 3 thumbnail..
Wholesale Flat 7 Pieces QUARTZ PSEUDO CALCITE Crystals @ $11 Bulgaria for sale
Here is a flat of 7 superb specimens that are encrustation pseudomorphs of quartz over calcite. The ..
Wholesale Flat 13 Pieces SCEPTERED QUARTZ @$5 William Wise Mine NH for sale
I collected this flat of sceptered quartz crystals at the Wise Mine in 1989, from a quartz vein that..
4.1" Rich Chocolate Brown Dogtooth CALCITE PricklySharp Crystals Mexico for sale
This "hedgehog" is composed of scalenohedral calcite crystals, with chocolate brown inclusions. ..
4.9" GREEN PERIDOT Crystals in Basalt San Carlos Reservation Arizona for sale
Here is a striking specimen of gemmy light and dark green peridot, a variety of forsterite. The peri..
1.4" STAR QUARTZ Crystal with Black Hollandite Stars Inside Madagascar for sale
Here is a  single quartz crystal that features inclusions of hollandite stars inside the faces...
2.7" Shiny CanaryYellow Native SULFUR Sharp Gem Crystals to .9" Bolivia for sale
This is a great example of native sulfur, a specimen which is completely covered with gemmy, canary ..
3.2" BlueGreen FLUORITE PenetratingTwins Cubic Crystals Okaruso Namibia for sale
This specimen of Okaruso fluorite has sharp, gem-quality, transparent crystals in a rich blue-green ..
4.3" ALMANDINE GARNETS to 1.1" in MicaSchist Smooth DarkRed Crystals CT for sale
The garnets on this specimen of almandine are sharp and smooth, especially for crystals this size. T..