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2.8" Pristine Sparkly Gem Clear Rhombohedral MAGNESITE Crystals Brazil for sale
Here is a superb specimen of magnesite from Brazil which features rhombohedral crystals in an almost..
2.3" Sharp Double Terminated ENHYDRO BUBBLE QUARTZ Clear Crystal China for sale
This fine enhydro quartz crystal has 3 liquid-filled pockets, each with air bubbles that move in the..
.8" Wet-Look DarkGreen Gem DIOPTASE Crystals to 10mm Terminated Namibia for sale
The Tantara Mine is one of several localities that is known for its richly colored deep green diopta..
6.2" 1.7LB Iridescent PEACOCK BLUE LABRADORITE Amazing Flash Madagascar for sale
Here is a lovely freeform sculptural specimen of polished labradorite with brilliant flashes of neon..
2.9" Spiraling Shining Golden PYRITE FOSSIL AMMONITES on Matrix Germany for sale
Here are a couple of fossilized shells which have been pyritized;  that is, they have been turn..
3.9" Twin TurquoiseBlue AQUA AURA QUARTZ Gold Infused Crystals Arkansas for sale
The neon electric blue color of this specimen of aqua aura quartz is even more impressive in person ..
7.1" Sea Fan-Like PSILOMELANE Branching DENDRITES on Limestone Germany for sale
The dendritic markings on this thin slab of limestone look like a fossil of a delicately branching s..
9.1" Cloth-Like PALYGORSKITE Mountain Leather Foldable Rock Washington for sale
It's rare that you can fold up a mineral specimen, but palygorskite is flexible enough that it folds..
3.6" 119g METEORITE Nickel-Iron Nandan China from Witnessed Fall in1516 for sale
Here is a meteorite that was part of the meteorite that was witnessed falling in 1516 in what is now..
4.2" RAINBOW FLUORITE Blue-Green-Purple-Violet Polished Crystal China for sale
The intensity of the rainbow colors In this polished fluorite crystal are amazing. Starting at one e..
3.9" Jet Black Glassy OBSIDIAN +Fayalite+Cristobalite inVugs California for sale
Here is a fine  piece of sharp, translucent obsidian from California, featuring very shiny midn..
2" Shiny Wet-Look Red RUTILE Crystals w-MetallicSilver ILMENITE Vermont for sale
Here is a fine specimen of striated reddish brown rutile crystals and silverigray ilmenite set in gr..
Wholesale Flat Dumbbell Shape TEKTITES 22 pieces @ $7 Maoming China for sale
The tektites in this flat are from the area in China which is strewn with these meteorite-related pi..
Wholesale Flat Crimson Red ARKANITE Crystals Lab Grown 10 pieces @$18 for sale
Arkanite is potassium sulfate, K2SO4.  Here are 10 lab-grown crystal specimens that are translu..
Wholesale Flat Radiating Acicular White ARTINITE Crystals 10 pieces @$6 for sale
This is a flat of 10 pieces of snow-white artinite from one of its best-known localities in Californ..
Wholesale Flat Sharp Terminated Pink DANBURITE Crystals 10 pieces @$17 for sale
Here are 10 specimens of danburite featuring gem-tipped, sharply terminated crystals in a see-throug..
1.9" Vivid Red PROUSTITE Bright Sharp Shiny Crystals on Matrix Morocco for sale
There are several groups of crystals on this specimen of proustite from the Bou Azer district in Mor..
3" 72g Metallic Nickel-Iron METEORITE "SHRAPNEL" Sikhote Alin Russia for sale
Shrapnel from the explosion of the Sikhote Alin meteorite was recovered after the witnessed fall in ..
9.3" Blue-Green and Polished Shiny Orange-Red SPLASH COPPER Michigan for sale
Splash copper is an artistic piece made using native copper from Michigan. The first step is to melt..
2.3" 36ct Shiny Deep Orange Gem ZINCITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Poland for sale
Zincite crystals like this are scarce, and I was happy to find it. The crystal is transparent and ge..