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3.5" Sharp Pastel Pink DANBURITE Crystal Clear Gem Termination Mexico for sale
The gentle pastel pink color of this sharp gemmy danburite crystal is very attractive, especially as..
3.1" Pink RHODONITE Gem Rough Massachusetts State Gem Stone Betts Mine for sale
Here is a specimen of rhodonite from the classic Betts Manganese Mine locality in western Massachuse..
3.7" Sharp Colorful GREEN EMERALD CRYSTALS in Dark Matrix Bahia Brazil for sale
This is a fine specimen of opaque green emerald from the world's largest known emerald deposit, in B..
2.7" CinnamonRed Lustrous GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals +Epidote California for sale
This specimen of grossular garnet features mirror-bright crystals in a beautiful chocolatey cinnamon..
3" Passionate Purple PURPURITE World Class Color andSatin Sheen Namibia for sale
Here is a chunk of solid, unaltered purpurite in a really rich royal purple color.  Purpurite i..
2.8" MOHAWKITE NUGGET Metallic Bright w-Copper Algodoite & Domeykite MI for sale
Mohawkite is a blend of native copper and two other rare minerals: algodoite and domeykite.  Th..
7.3" CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Shaggy Long Fiber Light Green Crystals Vermont for sale
This is a large, superb specimen of chrysotile, one of the most important varieties of asbestos, fro..
4.8" Rare Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals in Mica Schist Matrix New Hampshire for sale
Sillimanite is an unusual alumino-silicate mineral that is uncommon on the mineral market. This spec..
4.3" Brite Yellow Natural SULFUR STALACTITE Blue Fire Volcano Indonesia for sale
Here is a sulfur stalactite from the Kawah-Ijen volcano on the island of Java.  This volcano is..
3.5" Rich Colorful TANGERINE QUARTZ Crystals Sharp Terminations Brazil for sale
Here is a group of sharp, terminated tangerine quartz crystals with a lovely orange color and good t..
1.6" 28g Juicy Turquoise Green CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough Australia for sale
This chrysoprase nugget is gem rough quality, and is colored an especially vivid turquoise blue with..
3" Shiny Polished Gemmy Blue Green FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Crystal China for sale
Here is a colorful polished fluorite octahedron from China. The colors really stand out: mainly gras..
1.1" Gemmy Yellow-Green BRAZILIANITE Flashing Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a bright, gemmy crystal of yellow-green brazilianite with clean, well defined crystal faces...
3.6" Sharp Clear SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal Moat Mtn NH ex-Ernie Schlichter for sale
This is a beautiful specimen of gemmy smoky quartz on microcline from Moat Mountain in New Hampshire..
1.9" ORANGE KYANITE Terminated Crystal Richly Saturated Color Tanzania for sale
Here is a colorful, dark red-orange ferroan kyanite crystal from the 2014 find in Tanzania. This kya..
4" Hot Shocking Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sharp Shiny Gem Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a cobaltoan calcite specimen in an intensely colorful, screaming cotton-candy pink. Crystals..
3.8" Vivid Electric Turquoise Blue AQUA AURA QUARTZ Gemmy Crystals Peru for sale
This colorful aqua aura quartz crystal is sharp and clear, with brilliant luster and excellent quart..
5.9" Gem Clear ICELAND SPAR Calcite Crystal Dbl Refracting Rhomb Mexico for sale
Here is a large, gemmy, clear, cleaved rhombohedron of Iceland spar (calcite) from Mexico.  It ..
4.4" ShinyMetallic BrassGolden Pyritohedral GOLDEN PYRITE Crystals Peru for sale
The pyritohedral crystals on this Peruvian pyrite specimen are very sharp, with brilliant metallic l..
3.4" Green with Blue Phantoms FLUORITE Gemmy Crystals Okaruso Namibia for sale
Here is a fine specimen of Okoruso fluorite featuring sharp, lustrous cubic crystals to 1". The piec..