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3.1" Mirror Bright CUBIC PYRITE 4 Sharp Crystals to 2.7" Navajun Spain for sale
The amazing cubic pyrite crystals from Spain are considered to be the best in the world, and this is..
17mm 1.7ct Sapphire Blue JEREMEVITE Terminated Crystal NoDamage Namibia for sale
Here is a very rare .7" jeremejevite crystal in a light sapphire blue color. This crystal is transpa..
5.3" Metallic Brown HUEBNERITE Crystals with Sparkly Sharp QUARTZ Peru for sale
The shiny, metallic, reddish brown huebnerite crystals on this specimen are fat and prismatic, and h..
4.2" SeeThru Light Green FLUORITE Lustrous Cubic Crystals to 1.8" China for sale
Here is a superb fluorite specimen that  features a group of completely transparent, clear as g..
6mm Rare Shiny Sharp Dark Blue BOLEITE Crystal on 2.8" Matrix Baja MEX for sale
The dark, indigo blue of this exceptionally sharp boleite crystal is really remarkable. The crystal ..
1.2" Glossy DarkBlue AZURITE CRYSTAL Sharp Terminated Milpillas Mexico for sale
Here is a perfectly elegant specimen of azurite from the Milpillas Mine in Mexico, featuring a sharp..
4.7" Terminated PastelBlue ANHYDRITE Paint Brush Crystal Cluster Mexico for sale
This is a specimen of anhydrite with crystals that are formed as sharply defined paintbrush terminat..
1.4" HOURGLASS AMETHYST Violet Purple Crystal Double Terminated Morocco for sale
Here is a double-terminated quartz crystal that has an amethyst phantom in both ends, starting at th..
2.9" PYROMORPHITE Sharp Sparkling Brilliant Neon Green Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a colorful, high contrast specimen featuring fine, colorful pyromorphite crystals on a high-..
1.7" HERKIMER DIAMOND CLUSTER 13 Gem Quartz Crystals Ace of Diamonds NY for sale
Here is a superb, highly sculptural cluster of Herkimer Diamonds from the Ace of Diamonds Mine in Mi..
5.3" Clear Curved .2" Thick TABULAR QUARTZ Bright Shiny Crystal Brazil for sale
Tabular quartz crystals, sometimes referred to as "tabbies", have two wide, flat sides. Sometimes th..
6.2" Fascinating DRIP COPPER ShinyOrange Branching Coral Shape Michigan for sale
This drippy piece of copper is highly aesthetic and visually amazing. The color is a brilliant orang..
2.8" Hoppered BISMUTH Crystals Shiny Metallic BlueMagentaSilver England for sale
Here is a superb specimen of bismuth, lab grown to create large, sharp, perfect crystals.  The ..
14mm Mint Green Gemmy EMERALD CRYSTAL Cluster on 1.8" Matrix Colombia for sale
The 100% natural, untreated emerald crystals on this specimen are colored a gorgeous saturated shade..
3.7" Brite CanaryYellow Native SULFUR Sharp Gem Crystals to .8" Bolivia for sale
The sharp, bright yellow crystals on this great sulfur specimen from Bolivia are set on a thick, stu..
2.5" Baby Blue SHATTUCKITE Radiating Smooth Botryoidal Crystals Namibia for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of turquoise blue shattuckite from the 2015 find in Namibia. The shattuc..
3.5" Silky Shiny Well Formed DATOLITE Crystals No Damage Bor Pit Russia for sale
This is a classic Dal'negorsk datolite cluster with sharp, well-terminated, partially gemmy crystals..
5.5" Spiky Dogtooth DarkCHOCOLATE CALCITE Scalenohedral Crystals Mexico for sale
This is a lovely specimen of chocolate calcite from Mexico, featuring sharply terminated scalenohedr..
1.7" Shiny Metallic Mirror Octahedral CUPRITE Group of Crystals Siberia for sale
The crystals on this specimen of cuprite are razor sharp, almost geometrically perfect, sharp octahe..
2.1" Metallic Silver CARROLITE Crystals in Calcite Kambove Mine Congo for sale
Here is a carrollite specimen that features two good crystals with a brilliant metallic luster in a ..