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2.3" Gemmy Rainbow HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Quartz Crystal NY for sale
This gemmy single Herkimer diamond quartz crystal on a scrap of matrix is sharp and brilliant, and i..
2.7" Glassy Gemmy Blue Green Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Okaruso Namibia for sale
Here is a nice specimen of Okoruso fluorite featuring bluish green cubic crystals to 10 mm on edge. ..
2.5" 8oz Bright Shiny MetallicSilver Polished MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
This specimen is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian co..
2.9" ANHYDRITE Sky Blue Terminated Paint Brush Crystal Cluster Mexico for sale
On this specimen, anhydrite crystals form sharply defined paintbrush terminations which are well dev..
6.1" DRIPPING COPPER Stalactites Bright & Shiny as a New Penny Michigan for sale
Here is a large, elaborate copper formation that shines with a bright metallic luster and is colored..
4.8" Bright Metallic Orange-Red COPPER Dripping Stalactite Formation MI for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen of native copper which has been created by melting it, then pouring the..
3.9" Baseball Size ALMANDINE GARNET Sharp Crystal DarkRed Color Vietnam for sale
This is an extra large garnet crystal that is unusually well-formed and pretty remarkably sharp for ..
4.2" Violet Blue BALL FLUORITE Spherical Crystals Wushan Guangxi China for sale
Blue ball fluorite from China was a big hit in Tucson in 2004, and this specimen is an unusually fin..
8.5" Jet Black Book of Iron-Rich BIOTITE MICA Crystals Bear Lake Canada for sale
This is a specimen of biotite mica that is the iron-rich, dark brownish black cousin of muscovite mi..
2.7" Topazolite Shiny Luster ANDRADITE GARNET Crystals Stanley Butte AZ for sale
Here is a fine cluster of yellow-green andradite garnet crystals to 13 mm covering both sides of the..
4.4" Brilliant Sparkling GOLDEN PYRITE Sharp Pyritohedral Crystals Peru for sale
Here is a flashy, mirror-faced specimen of pyritohedral pyrite crystals in a glowing brassy golden y..
3.4" Radiating GoldenBronze Sprays PYROPHYLLITE Crystals North Carolina for sale
Under the right conditions, pyrophyllite crystallizes in beautiful radiating rosettes of acicular cr..
1.7" MirrorBrite Silver MOLYBDENITE Crystal ELECTRONICS GRADE Australia for sale
Crystals of molybdenite (molybdenum sulfide) are rare, and this one is a great example. The silver c..
2.6" Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget with Copper Algodoite Domeykite Michigan for sale
Mohawkite is a blend of arsenian copper and two other rare minerals: algodoite and domeykite.  ..
3.2" Blue-Green Glassy Gem Cubic FLUORITE Crystals to 1.1 " Rogerley UK for sale
A gemmy fluorite specimen like this piece from the Rogerley Mine is always a treat, and this one is ..
3.3" Jello Blue Sharp Cubic FLUORITE Crystals with Barite Bingham NM for sale
The crystals on this piece of blue fluorite are sharply-formed cubes and the color is a rich royal b..
6.1" Polished Shining Orange-Red and Blue-Green SPLASH COPPER Michigan for sale
Here is a specimen of splash copper, an artistic piece made using native copper from Michigan. The f..
1" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Tabular Terminated Red-Orange Crystal for sale
Here is a sharp, tabular wulfenite crystal that hails from the world famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizon..
1.8" Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Actinolite Inclusions Serifos Greece for sale
This is an aesthetic specimen of green quartz (called prase quartz) from the old classic locality on..
18mm 10.3ct Gem Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Crystal +Internal Sparkles Brazil for sale
This is a fine gem crystal of the prized form of topaz known as imperial topaz, named for the Russia..