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Wholesale Flat 9 pieces Hilton M Yellow FLUORITE CRYSTALS England @$20 for sale
Here are 9 lovely specimens of cubic fluorite from the Hilton Mine in Cumbria, England. The fluorite..
Wholesale Flat 10 Crystals "PINK ICE" ROSE QUARTZ Crystals India @$20 for sale
Here are 10 crystals of a variety of reddish-pink rose quartz that is often called "pink ice" and al..
5.8" Pale Green Foliated TALC World's Softest Mineral at Mohs 1 Vermont for sale
Talc is a 1 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it the world's softest mineral, and it can be scratch..
2.3" BOULDER OPAL Hot Flashes of Electric Green +Blue+Violet Australia for sale
This is a lovely esample of boulder opal, a beautiful specimen from probably the world's best known ..
17mm 1.9ct Clear Gemmy JEREMEJEVITE Sharply Terminated Crystal Namibia for sale
Here is a lustrous, large-for-the-species crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jeremejevite is a ra..
4.7" ShinyOrange DRIP COPPER Fascinating Branching Coral Shape Michigan for sale
This specimen of drip copper is highly aesthetic and visually amazing. The color is a brilliant oran..
3.4" BIRD'S NEST CHALCEDONY Hollow Geode UV Fluoresces Green New Mexico for sale
Here is an amazing specimen of what is called bird's nest chalcedony, because of its resemblance to ..
2.4" 1LB Bright Shiny ALMANDINE GARNET Dark Red Polished Crystal India for sale
This Indian garnet is bright and flashy, and is colored a deep blood red color that is very robust. ..
5.3" Lightning Strike Melted Sand FULGURITE Reddish Tan Tube Morocco for sale
Here is an amazing specimen of lechatelierite, the scientific name for fulgurite. It is a partially ..
75 Colorful 5/8" FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS Purple Blue Clear Yellow Illinois for sale
This is a collection of 75 sharp fluorite octahedrons from Illinois. To make these, fluorite crystal..
6.3" Poop Brown COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung Ugly-But-Rare Madagascar for sale
This is a fine specimen of coprolite from Madagascar. It has great detail and recognizable form, and..
7.8" Shiny Polished RedOrange SPLASH COPPER +Blue-Green Patina Michigan for sale
Splash copper is created using native copper from Michigan. The first step in the process is to melt..
4" Lustrous Well Formed DATOLITE Crystals Roncari Quarry Connecticut for sale
Here is a fine pocket lined with sharp datolite crystals from the Roncari Quarry in East Granby, CT...
2.3" Deep Burgundy Red Gem PRUSKITE Sharp Shiny Crystals to .8" Poland for sale
On this gorgeous specimen, vivid burgundy red crystals sit on a yellow-orange matrix, creating a spe..
3.4" Near-Perfect PYRITE CUBE Crystal Brilliant Brassy Gold Color Spain for sale
Here is a sharp single pyrite crystal that is 3.4" from tip-to-tip at the outside corners, and 2" al..
3.1" Double Terminated Clear TIBETAN QUARTZ Crystal +Black Anthraxolite for sale
Long, pristine, doubly terminated Tibetan quartz crystals like those on this specimen are very colle..
1.9" Moss Green PRASE QUARTZ Terminated Crystal Cluster Serifos Greece for sale
Here is a very 3-dimenswional, scultural specimen of green quartz (called prase) from the old classi..
5.2" Vibrant Flamboyant PEACOCK ORE Mainly Magenta CHALCOPYRITE Mexico for sale
The gleaming colors on this specimen of chalcopyrite are intensely iridescent, featuring multiple sh..
4.5" 9oz Metallic New-Penny Red Orange COPPER NUGGET Polished Michigan for sale
Fine nuggets of pure native copper are occasionally found in Michigan's copper mines in the Upper Pe..
3.5" Gemmy Vivid Blue APATITE Crystal Sharp &Lustrous in Calcite Russia for sale
Here is a gemmy Russian fluorapatite, with great luster and superb color.  It is a rich neon tu..