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8.1" Big Book Jet Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is a specimen of biotite mica that is the iron-rich, dark brownish black cousin of muscovite mi..
3.4" Blue Indicolite TOURMALINE Crystals+Matrix StricklandQ Connecticut for sale
This is a specimen of indicolite tourmaline crystals, in a dark blue color, embedded in a muscovite ..
7.5" Clear-White SELENITE Fine PorcupineNeedle Crystal Sprays Australia for sale
This dramatic specimen of selenite has radiating needle-like crystals perched on top of several earl..
4.6" Rare Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals in Mica Schist Matrix New Hampshire for sale
Sillimanite is an unusual alumino-silicate mineral that is uncommon on the mineral market. This spec..
3.1" Dark Green Divergent Fan of Shiny EPIDOTE Terminated Crystals Peru for sale
Here is an attractive specimen featuring a fat radiating spray of dark green epidote crystals, which..
5.2" NATIVE COPPER Gleaming Brilliant Red Orange Dripping Coral-Like MI for sale
This drippy piece of copper is highly aesthetic and visually amazing. The color is a brilliant orang..
2" Translucent Pastel BLUE BARITE Terminated Crystal Group Stoneham CO for sale
Here is a specimen of barite crystals from the highly regarded Stoneham, Colorado locality. The piec..
2.6" Cluster of SMOKY QUARTZ Crystals Moat New Hampshire exE.Schlichter for sale
This group of sharply crystallized smoky quartz crystals features gemmy translucent smoky quartz cry..
3.4" Red-Orange-Gold PYROPHYLLITE Radiating Crystal Rosettes N.Carolina for sale
Here is a well crystallized cluster of radiating pyrophyllite crystals from North Carolina. The shar..
6.2" Sharp Pumpkin Orange SELENITE Gemmy Sword Blade Crystals Australia for sale
Here is a wonderful specimen of selenite which is completely made up of sword bladed crystals of sel..
6.7" Poop Brown COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung Ugly-But-Rare Madagascar for sale
This is a fine specimen of coprolite from Madagascar. It has great detail and recognizable, slightly..
4.4" Cubic Penetrating Twin Blue-Green FLUORITE Crystals Rogerley M UK for sale
Here is a gemmy, fine quality specimen of Rogerly fluorite crystals from the 2015 mining season.&nbs..
2.6" 34ct Turquoise Blue CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough Slice Australia for sale
Here is a 34 gram polished slice of chrysoprase gem rough from the Old Yerilla Mine in Western Austr..
1.9" Shiny Golden RUTILE Crystals Sunburst Epitaxial on HEMATITE Brazil for sale
I love the brilliant stars of rutile and hematite in specimens like this one. On this piece the gold..
2.4" 8oz Shiny Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget wCopper Algodoite Domeykite MI for sale
This specimen is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of copper, alg..
4.1" Radiating Golden Red Crystal Clusters PYROPHYLLITE North Carolina for sale
Here is a pyrophyllite specimen that is made up of groups of radiating crystals which have grown out..
2.3" ForestGreen Sparkly DIOPTASE Crystals to12mm AltynTyube Kazakhstan for sale
This is a vibrantly colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green. There a..
2.1" 125ct Brilliant Gemmy Clear-White PETALITE Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Here is a section of gemmy crystaline petalite, a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral. The petalite ..
6.9" COPROLITE Dinosaur Dung Odor Free Sharply Formed Fossil Madagascar for sale
This coprolite probably came from a duck-billed dinosaur, a herbivore that lived in Madagascar about..
9.8" Window Pane SELENITE Natural Transparent Clear Crystal Slab Utah for sale
Here is a sheet of selenite that is a big crystal plate of the material found at the White Ice Mine ..