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2.1" Vivid Neon Electric Blue CAVANSITE CRYSTAL BALLS on Stilbite India for sale
Here is a vibrant specimen of cavansite on stilbite featuring globular crystal clusters to 13 mm in ..
4.3" FOSSIL CLAMSHELL w-Golden CALCITE Crystals Tucked Inside Florida for sale
In 2009, Ruck's Pit was producing fabulous fossil clam specimens with an unusual twist: they had gol..
1.8" 2.7oz Sharp Canyon Diablo Metallic Black Shiny METEORITE Arizona for sale
This is a 2.7 ounce (76 grams) piece of the Canyon Diablo meteorite, which is thought to be core mat..
3.5" Brilliant Neon Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Crystals ARK for sale
The glossy crystals of aqua aura quartz on this fine specimen have gem clarity, brilliant luster, ex..
2.6" Colorful TANGERINE QUARTZ Sharp Gemmy Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This flashy, lustrous gem clear quartz crystal is colored a rich tangerine orange color by hematite ..
1.3" RUBY-SAPPHIRE Bi-Color Red-Blue Corundum Sharp Crystal Madagascar for sale
Corundum comes in several colors. When it is red, it is called ruby, and when blue it is sapphire. S..
3.3" Glassy GEM FLUORITE Sharp BlueGreenPurple Crystals Okaruso Namibia for sale
This specimen of Okaruso fluorite has sharp, gem-quality, transparent/translucent crystals in a rich..
3" BIPYRAMIDAL WULFENITE YellowOrange Crystals on Green Mimetite Mexico for sale
The goldenrod yellow wulfenite crystals on this fine specimen show the rare bipyramidal habit for wh..
5.2" Cubic BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Crystals on 2 Sides of Matrix Bingham NM for sale
Bingham, New Mexico is the classic southwestern U.S. locality for blue fluorite, and this specimen f..
4.1" Multiple Green EMERALD CRYSTALS on Feldspar Matrix Kunming China for sale
While the euhedral emeralds on this showy specimen are not up to Colombian standards, they are nicel..
4.1" Almost Perfect SPANISH PYRITE 5 Brassy Gold Cubes to 2.7" Navajun for sale
The 5 interlocking cubic pyrite crystals on this specimen are nearly perfect, with sharp corners and..
3.5" Lavender Purple GRAPE AGATE Chalcedony Balls Crystals Indonesia for sale
Grape agate, which is actually chalcedony, is one of the most important discoveries to hit the miner..
5.3" Stand on Edge WULFENITE Crystals to .9" w-Rich Orange Color China for sale
This superb specimen of red-orange wulfenite comes from our recent acquisition of several specimens ..
1.7" Flashy Gemmy Yellow Green APATITE Crystal Wet-Look Luster Mexico for sale
This gemmy yellow fluorapatite crystal is large and complete on the exterior and is gemmy with a few..
.9" Brilliant SeeThrough Gem WULFENITE RedOrange Crystal Red Cloud M AZ for sale
This brilliant, gemmy, lustrous wulfenite crystal comes from the world-famous Red Cloud Mine in Ariz..
1.2" Brilliant Glossy WetLook DarkBlue AZURITE Sharp Crystals Milpillas for sale
This is a superb thumbnail, an exceptional specimen of azurite from the now-closed, highly regarded ..
1.9" Gemmy GoldenYellow BARITE SharpTabular Crystals with Phantoms Peru for sale
Barite specimens from Miraflores first appeared on the market around 2008, but stopped coming out ar..
3.8" Glassy Faced PaleBlue Clear GEM FLUORITE Crystals w-Phantoms Spain for sale
Fluorite from the Jaimina mine is well known for it's gem clarity and lovely transparency, and this ..
2.1" Shiny Tessin SMOKY QUARTZ Gemmy Crystal Smoky Hawk Claim Colorado for sale
Here is a sharp, gemmy smoky quartz crystal from Colorado's highly acclaimed Smoky Hawk claim. The s..
3.9" ExtraTerrestrial DumbbellShape TEKTITE Meteorite SplashGlass China for sale
This is a tektite, which is cooled splash material that was thrown out by the impact of a meteorite ..