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2.21ct 7.1mm Greenish Dodecahedral DIAMOND CRYSTAL Uncut Gemstone Congo for sale
This is a genuine, 100% natural, uncut diamond crystal, shaped as a dodecahedron, and colored an unu..
3.5" Terminated OPAL AURA QUARTZ Crystal Opal-Like Rainbow Iridescence for sale
Here is a lovely opal aura quartz crystal which is sharply-terminated and has a dazzling opalescent ..
13mm 3.3ct Water Clear Gem PHENAKITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Myanmar for sale
This superb gem phenakite crystal from Myanmar has six-sides like a quartz crystal, and a multi-face..
1" Very Gemmy Lustrous Terminated ORANGE IMPERIAL TOPAZ Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a beautiful, sharply formed crystal of imperial topaz, with great clarity and sharply define..
2.9" Pseudomorph of PLUMBOGUMMITE Replacing PYROMORPHITE Crystals China for sale
Here is an impressive cluster of elongated, hexagonal pyromorphite crystals, the tips and outsides o..
5.2" Blue Green FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals to .6" Rogerley Mine UK for sale
The largest crystal  on this Rogerley Mine fluorite specimen is .6 inches, tip-to-tip. The piec..
3.1" Dark Red Orange TANGEROSE QUARTZ Sharp Terminated Crystals Brazil for sale
Here is a colorful group of quartz crystals with phenomenal color: it is a deep reddish-orange, whic..
4.7mm 1.9ct Silvery Gray Cubic PLATINUM CRYSTAL Sharply Formed Russia for sale
Here is a very fine specimen: a sharp cubic crystal of platinum, which is one of the rarest objects ..
17mm 13.3ct Water Clear Gem PHENAKITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Myanmar for sale
Here is a transparent phenakite crystal with a very sharp six-sided termination on a hexagonal shaft..
2.1" Sky Blue BARITE Sharp Lustrous Terminated Gemmy Crystals Morocco for sale
This is a sky blue barite specimen from the 2014 find in Morocco. The gem-clear, thin, bladed crysta..
3.1" SMOKY QUARTZ RootBeerBrown Double Terminated Crystal New Hampshire for sale
Here is a gemmy crystal of smoky quartz, from a 1959 find at the Lovejoy Gravel Pit (you can read th..
3.3" Transparent Gemmy Yellowish Terminated BARITE CRYSTAL Linwood Iowa for sale
This is a very attractive specimen of barite from the 2012 pocket at the Linwood Mine. The sharply-f..
11mm Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Gemmy Tabular Terminated Crystal AZ for sale
This thumbnail specimen is a great example of the  brilliant red-orange colored crystals that w..
2.3" Colorful Yellow-Green Lemon-Lime ADAMITE Crystals Mapimi Mexico for sale
This is an excellent specimen of sharp adamite crsytals on matrix from the classic Mina Ojuela local..
3.4" Glassy Gemmy Blue Cubic FLUORITE Crystals w-Purple Zoning Namibia for sale
Inside every one of the blue cubic crystals on this fluorite specimen from Namibia is a dark purple ..
2.1" PSEUDOBOLEITE Dark Blue Crystals on Matrix Type Locality Mexico for sale
Pseudoboleite occurs as an epitaxial overgrowth in a thin veneer on boleite cubes. Here there are se..
1.4" 141ct Gem FIRE OPAL WithBrilliant Multicolor Neon Flashes Ethiopia for sale
Here is an Ethiopian gem fire opal that is filled with luminescent, shimmering flashes of neon red, ..
7.5" Long Fat Light Blueberry Blue KYANITE Lustrous Crystal Mass Brazil for sale
The crystals on this kyanite specimen are a beautiful pastel royal blue color that contrasts nicely ..
7.1" BlueGreen Cubic FLUORITE Sharp Glassy Gem Crystals Rogerly Mine UK for sale
On this fine, extra-large specimen, the crystals are sharp, gemmy, and transparent, and cover akmost..
7.9" 1.2LB BrightRedOrange VEIN COPPER Crystals Caledonia Mine Michigan for sale
This is a unique and beautiful specimen of native copper.The piece is a shiny, bright orange-red, th..