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1" Water Clear GEM HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Quartz Crystal NY for sale
This fine quartz specimen features an all gem, highly lustrous, razor sharp Herkimer Diamond crystal..
7 Colorful FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS to1.4"Blue Yellow Purple Clear Illinois for sale
This is a collection of 7 sharp fluorite octahedrons from Illinois. To make these, massive fluorite ..
1.9" Richly Saturated ORANGE KYANITE Double Terminated Crystal Tanzania for sale
This is a very rare crystal of translucent, double terminated, bladed kyanite in an unusual rich ora..
6" SILLIMANITE Light Blue Crystals to 1" on Dark Schist New Hampshire for sale
This specimen is a dark brownish gray schist that is loaded on alls sides with sharp sillimanite cry..
3.3" Sweet Lavender SMITHSONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals Choix Mexico for sale
This specimen of smithsonite from Mexico features a lovely soft lavender purple color and a bubbly s..
.9" Rich GOLDEN APATITE Gemmy Crystal Sharp Lustrous Termination Mexico for sale
Here is a superb single crystal of golden yellow apatite. The color is an attractive, sun-drenched s..
3.2" BIG PYRITE CUBE Sharp Crystal Near Perfect Bright BrassyGold Spain for sale
This is an amazing specimen of pyrite, crystallized as a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal..
3.6" GOLDEN PYRITE +Sphalerite SharpShiny Brassy Metallic Crystals Peru for sale
The pyritohedral crystals on this Peruvian pyrite specimen are very sharp, with mirror-bright luster..
1.2" Rare ORANGE KYANITE Terminated Bladed Crystal Deep Color Tanzania for sale
Here is a rare terminated kyanite crystal from Tanzania, in an even rarer red-orange crystal. The su..
4.4" Sharply Terminated White MILKY QUARTZ CRYSTAL Haddam Connecticut for sale
This is a big, white milky quartz crystal from a now-exhausted locality in Haddam, CT. I collected i..
4.1" 1.5LB Polished Orange Native COPPER NUGGET Bright & Shiny Michigan for sale
Here is a large 1.5 pound copper nugget. polished on both sides, which is very shiny and brightly lu..
4" Golden Yellow FLUORITE Gemmy Glassy Cubic Crystals Moscona M Spain for sale
Here is a brightly colored yellow fluorite specimen from the famous Moscona Mine in Spain. The cryst..
1.1" Purple Violet HOURGLASS AMETHYST Double Terminated Crystal Morocco for sale
The amethyst in this double terminated quartz crystal is a rich violet-purple color, and it forms a ..
5.5" 22g Yellow Gold Copal AMBER Petrified Fossil Tree Resin Madagascar for sale
Here is a colorful gem specimen of copal amber which came from the world-famous diggings in Madagasc..
4.6" BLUE FLUORITE Cubic Crystals to 1.1" Fishtail Prospect Bingham NM for sale
In 2018 the Fishtail prospect at the Blanchard Fluorite Mines gave up some fine specimens of blue fl..
2.3" Vivid Neon Magenta Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sparkly Crystals Morocco for sale
This is a fine small cabinet specimen of cobaltoan calcite. It is almost completely covered with sha..
2.3" Apple Green PYROMORPHITE Crystals to .9" with Plumbogummite China for sale
Here is an impressive cluster of elongated, hexagonal pyromorphite crystals, on which some of the ou..
1.1" 20ct Translucent Sea Green MOLDAVITE Meteorite Impact Glass Czech for sale
Here is a specimen of gem quality moldavite that features deep ridges and furrows separated by smoot..
2.1" Glassy Flashy SULFUR Sharp Lustrous Twinned Crystals Sicily Italy for sale
Here is an excellent, gemmy sulfur specimen from the Cianciana Mine in Sicily. Since the mines in Si..
5.1" Glassy Wet-Look Blue Green FLUORITE Crystals +Galena Rogerley M UK for sale
Here is a superb cabinet size specimen of fluorite from the Rogerley Mine in northern England. ..