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18mm 3.3ct Fossil Golden AMBER Gemstone w-Trapped Ant Dominican Republic forsale
Here is an amber gemstone, a polished piece of amber that has been shaped into an oval cabochon and ..
16.2" Book of Black BIOTITE MICA Shiny Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is an extra-large, lustrous book of iron-rich midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is forme..
1.2" 44.8ct Iridescent Blue RAINBOW MOONSTONE Polished Cabachon India for sale
You will be delighted by the flashing neon-bright turquoise-like colors of this gorgeous 44.8 carat,..
2.8" Twinkling Bright RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Sharp Crystal South Africa for sale
Here is a fascinating sparkling rainbow aura quartz specimen that was created by heating clear quart..
2.7" Colorful Rainbow Kaleidoscope BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
This is a delightful specimen of native bismuth, featuring a kaleidoscope of neon day-glo colors in ..
3.7" Gemmy Yellow Gray BARITE Sharply Terminated Crystal Linwood M Iowa for sale
This beautifully formed specimen of barite is highly representative of the material found in the 201..
3.8" Colorful Green EMERALD Crystal on Hi-Contrast Quartz Matrix China for sale
On this specimen from China there is a colorful emerald crystal sitting in smoky quartz that rests o..
1.5" Bright Metallic Octahedral PYRITE Penetrating Twin Crystals Peru for sale
This is a specimen of octahedral pyrite crystals that is bright and shiny, with smooth triangular fa..
4.7" Carnation PINK OPAL w-Sparkling Druzy Quartz Crystal Overcoat Peru for sale
This 292-gram specimen of pink opal comes from the Acari copper mining area near Nazca. Pink Andean ..
2.3" Bright Colorful Rosy Pink RHODONITE Sharp Crystals w-Calcite Peru for sale
The sparkling crystals on this outstanding specimen of rhodonite from Peru are both eye-catching and..
3.8" Gem Clear Light SMOKY QUARTZ Terminated Crystals Mont Blanc France for sale
Smoky quartz crystal specimens from Mont Blanc are like the Holy Grail for collectors of this wonder..
.9" Sharp Shiny Terminated Gem YELLOW SCAPOLITE Fat Crystal Tanzania for sale
This scapolite is a well-formed, transparent, light golden yellow crystal that is transparent and re..
3.4" Multiple Gray Terminated BARITE Crystals on Matrix Linwood M Iowa for sale
Here is a specimen featuring multiple barite crystals on matrix that comes from the 2016 pocket at t..
3.4" Gem Clear Green See Through FLUORITE Lustrous Cubic Crystals China for sale
The water clear crystals on this specimen of Chinese fluorite are razor sharp, and the surfaces are ..
2" NeonBlue CYANOTRICHITE Hairy Crystals Mined in Grand Canyon AZ 1970s for sale
Here is a specimen of cyanotrichite, mined in the 1970s at the long-closed classic Grandview Mine, w..
1.5" 23g Polished CHRYSOPRASE Gem Rough Vivid Turquoise Green Australia for sale
The vibrant color of this polished chrysoprase nugget is a vivid apple green and turquoise mixture t..
3.9" Shiny Metallic Silver ILMENITE Striated Crystal on Quartz Vermont for sale
Ilmenite from New England is almost unheard of, yet there is one locality that produces this titaniu..
3.6" Rich Brassy GOLDEN PYRITE Sharp Pyritohedral Crystals inGroup Peru for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen of golden pyrite (also known as fool's gold). The pyrite crystals are p..
4.3" Double Terminated Multiple Phantoms RAINBOW FLUORITE WAND Polished for sale
This double terminated wand is a polished fluorite piece that was created out of phantom fluorite. I..
4.3" Sharp GrassGreen Octahedral ALUM Crystals to 2.5" Lab Grown Poland for sale
Sitting atop a matrix of dark black stone are some large, sharp alum crystals to 2" on this colorful..