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.7" Terminated Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Sharp Shiny Tabular Crystal AZ for sale
Here is a sharply crystallized tabular wulfenite crystal that was collected by Stan Esbenshade from ..
2.4" Gem Clear BLUE FLUORITE Glassy Cubic Crystals Jaimina Mine Spain for sale
Here is a beautiful fluorite specimen with transparent, gem clear cubic crystals with no modificatio..
1.3" 391ct CranberryRed RUBY CRYSTAL with RECORD KEEPER Triangles India for sale
Here is a sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. This hexagonal crystal is covered on..
Wholesale Flat 12 pieces Sharp Yellow WULFENITE Crystals SF Mine @ $8 for sale
Yellow tabular wulfenite crystals from the San Francisco Mine are exquisite. Many of the crystals on..
2.9" Smooth Shiny POLISHED MALACHITE Light & DarkGreen Bulls Eyes Congo for sale
Here's a lovely specimen of polished bulls' eye malachite that came out of the D.R.Congo. The massiv..
4.3" Gem Clear SMOKY QUARTZ Sharp Terminated Crystals Mont Blanc France for sale
For collectors of this wonderful variety of quartz, smoky quartz crystal specimens from Mont Blanc a..
3.9" 217g Color Drenched Royal Purple SUGILITE on Matrix South Africa for sale
This is an excellent specimen of sugilite that boasts a gorgeous, rich, royal purple color. On this ..
11mm MetallicSilverBlack Octahedral CUPRITE SharpSingle Crystal Siberia for sale
Here is a sharp single cuprite crystal from classic find at the now-closed Poteryaevskoe copper mine..
4" Terminated TIBETAN QUARTZ Gem Clear Crystals with Carbon Inclusions for sale
Long, pristine, doubly terminated Tibetan quartz crystals like those on this specimen are very colle..
2.1" Rich Fruity Gold ORANGE KYANITE Terminated Bladed Crystal Tanzania for sale
This is a nicely translucent, double terminated crystal of kyanite in an unusual golden-orange color..
1.8" Double Terminated HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal Bursting w-Rainbows NY for sale
Here is a choice Herkimer diamond quartz crystal from Hickory Hill in New York. The crystal is doubl..
10.5" ALUM Cactus Shape Octahedral Lavender to Clear Gem Crystals China for sale
The crystals on this dazzling specimen of alum are a lovely very light lavender to clear color, and ..
1" Very Colorful Orange Red Tabular WULFENITE Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
This thumbnail specimen is a great example of the brilliant red-orange colored crystals that were fo..
5.1" Illinois FLUORITE Light Violet-Clear Cubic Crystals Minerva Mine for sale
The Minerva No.1 Mine is a classic source for well-crystallized specimens of fluorite, and this one ..
2.2" 247g 9oz Nickel-Iron METEORITE from Witnessed Fall in 1516 China for sale
Ancient Chinese records describe the fiery fall of a meteorite in NanDan in 1516. This is a piece du..
2.8" Sparkly Rain Forest Green Fibrous SILKY MALACHITE Crystals Congo for sale
The acicular malachite crystals on this exquisite specimen are formed into lustrous, chatoyant radia..
1.6" Rare CUBIC MAGNETITE Lustrous Sharp Metallic Crystals ZCA Mine NY for sale
Here is a superb specimen of cubic magnetite from the now famous find in 1993-4 at the Z.C.A. #4 Min..
6.1" CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Shaggy Long Fiber Light Green Crystals Vermont for sale
On this chrysotile asbestos specimen, the hair-like crystals look like fibers that are thin and fuzz..
2.9" BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals to 1"on White Quartz Bingham NM for sale
Bingham, New Mexico is the classic southwestern U.S. locality for blue fluorite, and this specimen f..
4" Flashy Metallic 6 Sharp Cubic PYRITE Crystals to 2.4" Navajun Spain for sale
One cannot be anything but astounded by the near perfection of the 6 pyrite crystals in this group. ..