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1.6" 15g Shiny Blue-Green CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough West.Australia for sale
This 15-gram chrysoprase nugget is gem rough quality, and is colored an especially vivid turquoise b..
2.8" Shiny Metallic BlueMagentaSilver BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals England for sale
This lab grown specimen features crystals with hoppered edges that are fully developed, but the inte..
3.3 Glassy Faced Light Blue FLUORITE Crystals w-Purple Phantoms Spain for sale
The Jaimina mine is well known for fluorite with gem clarity and lovely phantoms, and this piece is ..
1.9" Jade Green PRASE QUARTZ Cluster Terminated Crystals Serifos Greece for sale
Here is a high-quality specimen of green prase quartz from Serifos island in Greece. The exquisite, ..
.9" Sunny LemonYellow GOLDEN APATITE Wet-Look Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Apatites from Durango, Mexico are colored a distinctive, tropical lemon-yellow color. This is a supe..
2.4" Orange-Red+Green Iridescent GEM AMMOLITE (Ammonite) Fossil Canada for sale
You will be amazed by the flashy colors on this brilliantly luminous specimen of ammolite, a varieta..
3.5" Glassy Sharply Terminated Yellow-Gray Gemmy BARITE CRYSTAL Iowa for sale
The highlights of this fine barite crystal are its high luster, gemmy partial transparency and a sha..
4.7" 3LB Very Sharp Dark Red 12-Sided ALMANDINE GARNET Crystal Vietnam for sale
Here is an unusually large garnet crystal that is very well-formed and pretty darn sharp for its siz..
13mm 19ct Polished Gemstone Golden AMBER with 3 Flying Ants Dominican for sale
There are 3 winged insects (they look like winged ants) that were trapped inside this piece of amber..
6.1" COPROLITE Dinosaur Dung Fossil Odor Free! SharplyFormed Madagascar for sale
Here is a fossil coprolite that probably came from a duck-billed dinosaur, a herbivore that lived in..
2.5" 57g Baby Pink Gemmy KUNZITE Crystal Double Terminated Afghanistan for sale
This is a gemmy, double terminated, sharp crystal of kunzite. It is a pretty pink prismatic crystal ..
4.5" Brilliant Red REALGAR Crystals with Quartz Pyrite & Galena Peru for sale
This specimen of realgar from the Paloma mine features an interesting combination of minerals. Under..
18mm Gemmy Red Orange WULFENITE Bright Shiny Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Here is a gemmy, sharp, red-orange, tabular wulfenite crystal from the world-famous Red Cloud Mine i..
2.8" Deep Dark GREEN EPIDOTE in Shiny Divergent Needle Clusters Peru for sale
This is an attractive specimen featuring needle-like dark green epidote crystals. The crystals have ..
2.2" Saturated GREEN FLUORITE Octahedral Crystal William Wise Mine NH for sale
The green color of the fluorite from the William Wise Mine in SW NH is still considered by many to b..
2.9" Gleaming Rainbow Colored BISMUTH Sharp Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
The colors on this lab grown specimen of bismuth are out of this world- green, blue, gold, silver an..
4.2" GREEN ALUM Sharp Gemmy Skeletal Octahedral Crystals to 1.6" Poland for sale
There are 3 large and several small octahedral alum crystals on this lab grown specimen, the largest..
1.91ct 6.1mm Lustrous Natural Dodecahedral Golden DIAMOND CRYSTAL Congo for sale
This is a 1.91 carat diamond crystal from the Kasai River in the D.R.Congo. The crystal is colored a..
4.6" Sharp Shiny Cubic Gemmy BLUE FLUORITE Crystals Bingham New Mexico for sale
This is a specimen of blue fluorite, from the Blanchard Mines in Bingham, NM. The piece is made up o..
21mm 8.6ct Gemmy Golden Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
I visited an imperial topaz mine near Ouro Preto during my 2016 trip to the Brazil. The miners desce..