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1" 131ct Sharp Shiny Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET 12Sided Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a a dodecahedral garnet crystal of spessartine garnet from Tanzania that features a rich, vi..
1.9" Metallic Silver SKUTTERUDITE Brilliant Crystals Cobalt Ore Morocco for sale
This is a brilliant, flashy, showy specimen of the rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral skutterudite,..
1.5" Bright Brassy Sharp & Shiny Octahedral PYRITE Crystal Pasco Peru for sale
This is a flashy, bright, mirror-faced specimen featuring octahedral pyrite crystals which are modif..
2.9" Gemmy Pink Terminated DANBURITE Crystal w-Wide Chisel Tip Mexico for sale
Here is a lovely crystal of danburite that seems to glow in a delicate shade of rose pink. The faces..
6.7" Sharply Formed COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung No Odor! Madagascar for sale
Fossilized dinosaur poop is called coprolite. It is a trace fossil from dinosaurs that roamed what i..
4" Polished Double Terminated Multi-Color Phantom RAINBOW FLUORITE Wand for sale
The rainbow colors in this polished fluorite crystal are amazing. As you go down the want, you pass ..
2.8" Gemmy Sea Glass Green GEM FLUORITE Sharp Glassy Cubic Crystals Hunan China
On this specimen of Chinese fluorite, the crystals are nice and sharp, and the surfaces are shiny an..
20mm 27ct Gem Clear Light Yellow SCAPOLITE Terminated Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a gemmy scapolite crystal from Tanzania's Merelani Hills. It is sharply formed and is colore..
1.2" 168ct Sharp Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystal No Damage Tanzania-for sale
This 168 carat spessartine garnet was collected in 2008 from the now-closed Nani Hill locality in Ta..
3.6" Red Brown RHODOCHROSITE w-Aegerine+Analcime Mt. St. Hilaire Quebec for sale
Here is a cabinet-sized, self-collected specimen of red-brown rhodochrosite crystals with black aege..
4.2" 155ct 100% Natural See-Thru Gem AMBER Rich Honey Yellow Madagascar for sale
Here is a breathtaking polished specimen of copal amber which comes from the world-famous amber digg..
8.9" See-Thru Polished PHANTOM FLUORITE SLICE Blue+Green+Purple China for sale
This 2.1-pound slice of polished fluorite features dozens of banded phantom layers in vivid shades o..
3.7" Radiating White SCOLECITE Crystals on Pink STILBITE Matrix India for sale
This is an attractive specimen of snow white scolecite, with a host of terminated crystals growing i..
2.9" Elestial PINK ICE ROSE QUARTZ Heart of The Universe Crystal India for sale
At the Parvati Mine in India, rose quartz crystals were mined in the early 2000s, until the mine clo..
1" OrangeBrown FIRE AGATE on3.4" Matrix of Light Blue CHALCEDONY Mexico for sale
Tucked away inside this specimen of fire agate are lovely formations of natural agate that look like..
1.8" SkyBlue Gem AQUAMARINE Terminated .7" Crystal onMicrocline Namibia for sale
Here is a gorgeous, gemmy turquoise blue crystals of aquamarine with some nice see-though areas.&nbs..
15mm Sharp Pale Blue Gem JEREMEJEVITE Terminated Crystal 1.6ct Namibia for sale
Here is a superb crystal of the very rare aluminum borate mineral jeremejevite. The 0.6" crystal is ..
2.2" Lavender Pink KUNZITE CRYSTAL DblTerminated Pleochroic Afghanistan for sale
Kunzite is the best-known variety of the mineral spodumene. It is named after famed gemologist Georg..
5.5" 355g Lovely Light Lavender SUGILITE Scarce Gem Rough South Africa for sale
Sugilite gem rough is scarce and very desirable, and this piece is an unusual light lavender color t..
3.2" Rosy PINK OPAL Gem Rough w-Sparkling Druzy Quartz Overcoat Peru for sale
Here is a specimen of pink opal gem rough that comes from the Acari copper mining area near Nazca. P..