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1.4" 40ct Aqua Sky Blue AQUAMARINE Multi-Terminated Gem Crystal Namibia for sale
Here is a lovely turquoise blue twinned crystal of aquamarine with large gemmy areas near the tops o..
18mm 35ct Bright 6Ray Gem STAR RUBY in Cranberry Red Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This is a gem ruby cabochon with a unique feature: a sharp 6-ray star that shows up when the gemston..
7 Shiny Lemon Yellow Gemmy APATITE Crystals to.7" on 3.4" Matrix Mexico for sale
This matrix specimen features 7 flashy golden yellow apatite crystals, the largest being .7".  ..
2.7" Blue-Green FLUORITE Penetrating Twins Fluoresces Blue Rogerley UK for sale
This gemmy fluorite specimen from the Rogerley Mine is a treat.  Not only is there almost no da..
3.8" MALACHITE SLICE Polished Bulls Eyes Dark+Light Green Banding Congo for sale
This is a malachite slice that was cut from a large stalactite, then polished to a brilliant luster ..
2.2" PYRITE CUBE Amazing Sharp Shiny Crystal Bright Brassy Gold Spain for sale
Here is a fine specimen of pyrite, crystallized as a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. Th..
2.3" Rich Rosy Pink RHODONITE Sharp Lustrous Crystals with Pyrite Peru for sale
This specimen features platy, bladed rhodonite crystals in a rich carnation pink color. This a lovel..
9.8" 4LB Blood Red PETRIFIED WOOD Polished Slice with Bark Madagascar for sale
This is a polished slice of agatized petrified wood that is amazingly well preserved. The highly det..
4" POLYLITHIONITE withAEGERINE+ANALCIME Rare MSH Mont St.Hilaire Quebec for sale
This is a specimen of polylithionite, a rare potassium-sodium-lithium silicate with mica-like form. ..
14mm Gleaming Gemmy RedOrange WULFENITE Sharp Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Wulfenite crystals from the Red Cloud Mine are famous for their brilliant red-orange color, and this..
.9" Sharp Lustrous Gemmy Lemon GOLDEN APATITE Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is a very sharp, gemmy, single crystal of lemon-yellow golden apatite. The color is very bright..
1.5" FIRE AGATE Natural Iridescent Colors in Polished Gem Rough Mexico for sale
Tucked inside this specimen of fire agate are lovely formations of natural agate that are iridescent..
2.1" Complex Cluster CUBIC PYRITE w-4 Bright Sharp Crystals to 2" Spain for sale
This group of 4 penetrating twin cubic crystals is a fine example of Spanish pyrite from the world's..
2.2" RUTILE Lustrous Metallic Red Smooth Crystal +Matrix Graves Mtn GA for sale
This is a bright rutile crystal in matrix from Graves Mountain in Georgia, one of the world's top lo..
4.9" 245g Rich Deep Dark Purple Violet SUGILITE Sawn Rough South Africa for sale
This is a 245-gram, fine specimen of solid gem rough sugilite in a gorgeous shade of dark, extra-ric..
2.4" CROCIDOLITE Rare BlueGray var. Riebeckite Black Cap Mtn Rumford NH for sale
This specimen of crocidolite, which is a variety of riebeckite, consists mainly of highly compacted ..
1.9" STAR QUARTZ Crystal with Hollandite Stars Phantom Layer Madagascar for sale
Inside of these sharp, clear quartz crystals are radiating stars of black hollandite, which were tra..
5.8" Dark Green Botryoidal MOTTRAMITE Crystals No Damage Ojuela Mexico for sale
This specimen features very dark green micro-crystals of mottramite arrayed which have bubbled up in..
3.2" Rose Quartz PINK ICE Heart of the Universe Lustrous Crystal India for sale
"Heart of the Universe" is the unusual name given the rose quartz crystals from this locality in Ind..
3.1" Gem Copal AMBER Nugget with Winged Mosquito &Gnats 26g Madagascar for sale
There is a winged mosquito and some gnats that were trapped inside this piece of amber when it petri..