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2.3" Near Perfect PYRITE CUBE Smooth Mirrored Brassy Gold Crystal Spain for sale
You will be amazed by the near perfection of this sharp pyrite cube -  The crystal is as nearly..
2" 39g Polished Red Brown FIRE AGATE w-Iridescent Bubbles Inside Mexico for sale
Here is a great specimen of gem-grade, precious fire agate from Mexico. The iridescent colors in thi..
4.5" Dark Purple MUZQUIZ FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals to 4.2" Mexico for sale
Here is a sharp cluster of brightly lustrous, deep purple cubic crystals of fluorite. The edges are ..
5.0" 4LB Softball Size ALMANDINE GARNET Sharp Dark Red Crystal Vietnam for sale
Here is an extra-large garnet crystal that is unusually well-formed and remarkably sharp for its siz..
1.8" Rich Translucent ORANGE KYANITE Terminated Bladed Crystal Tanzania for sale
This is a thick ferroan (iton rich) kyanite crystal in a very rare deep orange-red color. It comes f..
1.8" Bright Brassy Golden PYRITE Sharp Smooth Octahedral Crystals Peru for sale
This is a flashy specimen of 8-sided octahedral pyrite crystals (like back-to-back pyramids) in a gl..
3.1" Shiny Silver ARSENOPYRITE Metallic Crystals with Quartz+Mica China for sale
Here is a specimen of Chinese arsenopyrite that features monoclinic penetrating twin crystals that a..
4.1" Smooth White GYROLITE Crystal Balls on Prehnite and Quartz India for sale
The gyrolite on this specimen from India has grown in radial spherical clusters formed as smooth whi..
4.2" Sharp BlueGreen FLUORITE Cubic Gem Crystals Fluoresces Rogerley UK for sale
This specimen of green fluorite came out of the famous Rogerley Mine in England, mined during the 20..
8.5" Polished FLUORITE SLICE RichGreen-Purple-Blue Phantom Layers China for sale
The phantom layers in this polished slice of fluorite from China are sharply defined and clearly del..
2.5" Rare Turquoise DEVILLINE Crystals with SELENITE Overcoat Morocco for sale
This is a lovely, flashy, and very colorful specimen of devilline, a very rare calcium copper sulfat..
3.7" ForestGreen FIBROUS MALACHITE Radiant Sparkly Silky Crystals Congo for sale
On this colorful specimen, acicular malachite crystals are formed into lustrous, chatoyant, radiatin..
3.1" Cubic PYRITE 2 Sharp Crystals to 2.4" in Interlocked Cluster Spain for sale
This is a lovely cluster of 2 interlocking twinned pyrite cubes. Amazingly, this is exactly how this..
1" 51ct Sharp Shiny Terminated Gem YELLOW SCAPOLITE Crystal Tanzania for sale
The color of this gem crystal is a lovely golden yellow color, and it is very transparent. It has a ..
4.4" Smooth White GYROLITE Crystal Balls on Light Green Prehnite India for sale
On this specimen, rare bright white balls of gyrolite sit up nicely on top of pale green prehnite, a..
6.2" 31g Polished Gem Golden Yellow COPAL AMBER w/Insects Madagascar for sale
This colorful specimen is a breathtaking stalactite of copal amber which comes from the world-famous..
2.1" Elestial PINK ICE ROSE QUARTZ Heart of the Universe Crystal India for sale
The unusual name "Heart of the Universe" has been given to the amazing rose quartz crystals from thi..
1.9" Bright Colorful RosyPink RHODONITE Sharp Crystals with Quartz Peru for sale
This very colorful specimen of rhodonite features a wonderful assemblage of sharp bladed crystals in..
3 Cubic Crystals of Mirror Bright Brassy Golden PYRITE in Cluster Spain for sale
This group of 3 cubic crystals is a fine example of Spanish pyrite at its very best, and it is 100% ..
1.7" Jade Green PRASE QUARTZ Cluster Terminated Crystals Serifos Greece for sale
This specimen of sage green quartz (prase) comes from Serifos Island in Greece. The exquisite, mossy..