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2.6" Sharp Sea Green EMERALD Crystals in Black Limestone Matrix Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen with several sharply formed emerald crystals to 1.3" that are nicely exposed on t..
4.2" 1LB COPPER NUGGET Polished Brilliant Metallic Red-Orange Michigan for sale
This is a copper nugget from Michigan in a bright red-orange "new" copper color, like a shiny penny...
4.2" ANHYDRITE Sharp Sky Blue Crystal Paint Brush Termination Mexico for sale
The delicate baby blue color of this anhydrite crystal is very attractive, and the sharp paintbrush ..
2.8" Dazzling CandyRed w-Green Iridescent Flashy AMMOLITE Fossil Canada for sale
This is a colorful specimen of ammolite from Alberta, Canada, the only locality in the world where t..
1.5" 86ct Gemmy Neon Green TSAVORITE GARNET Crystal Merelani Tanzania for sale
This is a gemmy specimen of tsavorite garnet, featuring a rich, brilliant green color and bright, gl..
4.3" POLISHED MALACHITE SLICE w-Multiple Green Circle Bulls Eyes Congo for sale
When malachite stalactites are mined in the Congo, they are sometimes cut into thin semi-precious sl..
8.1" 23g Fossil Golden Gem AMBER Drip +Flying Insects &Gnats Madagascar for sale
There is a complete fossil fly with both its wings, as well as other winged bug and gnats, along wit..
9.8" Light Lavender Potassium ALUM Octahedral Crystals No Damage China for sale
The crystals on this dazzling specimen of alum are a lovely light lavender purple, and each one is s..
2.8" CUBIC PYRITE Metallic Flashing Brassy Gold Crystals +Calcite Peru for sale
Here is a fine pyrite specimen that is and eye-catching, highly sculptural specimen. The cubic pyrit..
3.8" Blanchard Mine BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Shiny Cubic Crystals on Quartz for sale
This is a colorful blue fluorite specimen from the famous Glory Hole pit at the Blanchard fluorite m..
1.8" Gemmy BLUE BARITE Shiny Gemmy Twinned Crystals Stoneham Colorado for sale
This specimen of barite comes from the highly regarded Stoneham, Colorado locality. The piece is com..
2.6" HERKIMER DIAMOND Gemmy Quartz Crystal Loaded w-Rainbows New York for sale
This 2.6" Herkimer diamond (quartz) crystal from New York is double terminated and very gemmy and tr..
3.7" Double Terminated Clear TIBETAN QUARTZ Crystal +Black Anthraxolite for sale
Here is a long, single, pristine, double terminated quartz crystal from Tibet, and it is a beauty.&n..
2.6" ExtraTerrestrial SausageShape TEKTITE Meteorite Splash Glass China for sale
This is a tektite, which is cooled splash material that was thrown out by the impact of a meteorite ..
2.7" Bubbly PINK SMITHSONITE Botryoidal Crystals Satiny Luster Mexico for sale
Here is a nice specimen of smithsonite in a rick pink color with a hint of lavender on one side. It ..
2.2" PYRITE CUBE Near Perfect Single Crystal Bright Brassy Gold Spain for sale
Here is a very fine single pyrite crystal that is 2.2." from tip-to-tip, and 1.4" along the wideset ..
3" Bright Baby Blue ANHYDRITE Angelite Sharp Paintbrush Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anhydrite ("angelite").  The crystal displays the characterist..
4.7" Iowa BARITE Crystal Double Terminated Linwood Mine Yellowish Gray for sale
Here is a top-notch barite specimen from the celebrated 2012 pocket at Iowa's Linwood Mine. The doub..
.8" FAIRY CROSS STAUROLITE Sharp Twin Natural Crystals Taos New Mexico for sale
Here is a unique staurolite formation popularly known as a fairy cross. Like a cross, the height is ..
3.1" Tibetan Terminated Twin HIMALAYAN QUARTZ Crystals Very Clear Gemmy for sale
Here is a specimen that is a twinned pair of terminated quartz crystals from Tibet, and it is a beau..