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2.6" Vivid EmeraldGreen DIOPTASE Sharp Flashy Gemmy Crystals Kazakhstan for sale
There are some sharp, well-formed gemmy prismatic dioptase crystals to 14 mm perched atop the light ..
2.7" Gaudy Flashy Flamboyant Rainbow BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals England for sale
Here is a lab-grown specimen of pure bismuth that has an incredible shape and is very beautiful. It ..
1.3" Very Clear Rare See-Through Gemmy PETALITE Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Here is a fine specimen of the very rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a large crystal ..
1.2" 62ct Polished FIRE AGATE Gem Rough w-Colorful Formations Mexico for sale
Inside this gem rough specimen of fire agate are lovely formations that resemble smooth mounds of bu..
1.1" 158ct SPESSARTINE GARNET Saturated Orange Twin Crystals Tanzania for sale
I think spessartine garnets are one of the most beautiful members of the garnet family, and this spe..
5.6" Sharp Emerald Green Octahedral FLUORITE Crystals William Wise M NH for sale
Here is a specimen of octahedral green fluorite on matrix that comes from the classic New England lo..
5.7" Rare ANTHOPHYLLITE BlueGray Fibers Pelham Asbestos Q Massachusetts for sale
Anthophyllite is a rare amphibole mineral. In this specimen, it occurs as elongated, interlocking, o..
3.5" Heart of The Universe Pink Ice ROSE QUARTZ Rich Pink Crystal India for sale
The rose quartz crystals from this locality in India have been given the unusual name "Heart of the ..
1.6" Flashy Metallic Silver MOLYBDENITE Mirror-Bright Crystal Australia for sale
Here is a crystal of brightly metallic molybdenite, from Wolfram Camp, which is arguably the world’s..
2.6" Wet-Look Water CLEAR+BLUE FLUORITE Crystals +Barite +Pyrite Spain for sale
There are 2 colors of fluorite on this specimen: first is a light, gem clear blue color that is high..
20mm 27.3ct Bright 6-Ray STAR RUBY in Cranberry Red Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This is a gem ruby cabochon with a unique feature: a sharp 6-ray star that shows up when the gemston..
5.9" Polished FLUORITE SLICE Vivid Purple Lavender Clear Phantoms China for sale
This is a colorful specimen of sliced fluorite with dozens of banded phantom layers in multiple vivi..
1.3" Gem Blue AQUAMARINE Sharp Crystal w-Shiny Black Tourmaline Namibia for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of aquamarine with black tourmaline crystals and white microcline that fea..
5.0" BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals on Matrix Glory Hole Bingham NM for sale
The Blanchard Mine is the classic southwestern U.S. locality for blue fluorite, and this specimen fr..
2.3" Bright Yellow Gold MIMETITE Sharp Sparkly Crystals on Matrix China for sale
Mimetite crystals from the Pingtouling Mine caused a huge stir when they were discovered in China ba..
9.9" Rose Pink Pineapple ALUM Sharp Octahedral Crystals No Damage China for sale
Here is a spectacular lab-grown alum crystal from China, in a shape somewhat reminiscent of a pineap..
3.8" DeepGolden FRENCH BARITE Sharp Twin Gemmy Fine Terminated Crystals for sale
The color of this twinned pair of French barite crystals is a light golden yellow, with gray underto..
4.8" Multiple Layers Dagwood Sandwich White SELENITE Crystals Poland for sale
There are 3 stacked tiers of clear crystals, separated by .2"-thick strata of solid selenite on this..
4.2" Gem Clear Glassy Lite Blue FLUORITE Crystals on Druzy Quartz Spain for sale
Here is a beautiful fluorite specimen with transparent, water clear, flashy cubic crystals with no m..
1.2" 152ct Marmalade Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Twin Crystals Tanzania for sale
This pair of twinned crystals of spessartine garnet practically glows with a captivating, translucen..