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2.6" Pink DANBURITE Crystal w-Wide Sharp Chisel Tip Termination Mexico for sale
This is a sharp danburite crystal from the world-famous Aurora Mine in Mexico. The crystal transitio..
16mm 13ct Lustrous Green Gem TSAVORITE Sharp See-Into Crystal Tanzania for sale
This is a fine crystal of the rare gemstone tsavorite garnet. The color is a light grass green, and ..
6.7" 26g Polished Gem Golden COPAL AMBER with Winged Insects Madagascar for sale
Copal amber stalactites like this one from Madagascar are a delight, especially to fossil lovers. Th..
3.9" Double Terminated ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal w-Air Bubble+Solids China for sale
Enhydro crystals have always fascinated me, because I know they have water inclusions which are hund..
3.8" Cluster of Terminated PastelBlue ANHYDRITE Crystals+CALCITE Mexico for sale
Here is a specimen featuring terminated anhydrite crystals that are grouped into a cluster which is ..
.7" 16ct Glassy Gemmy Green PERIDOT Sharp Translucent Crystal Pakistan for sale
The glowing green color of this 15.7ct pair of twinned peridot crystals is lovely, and the crystals ..
3.6" Volcanic Glass Glossy Black OBSIDIAN w-Fayalite & Christobalite CA for sale
This is a fine specimen of obsidian from California, featuring very shiny midnight black volcanic gl..
4.2" Flashy Blue AZURITE Crystals w-Silky Green MALACHITE Milpillas MEX for sale
The dark blue color of this azurite specimen is typical of the world-class azurite specimens that ca..
2.4" Brassy Gold MirrorBright Cubic PYRITE 3 Crystal Group to1.7" Spain for sale
Isn't it amazing that this pyrite specimen is 100% natural, not man-made?  This group of 3 cube..
1.83ct 6mm DIAMOND CRYSTAL Sharp Dodecahedral Habit Golden Color Congo for sale
Here is a lovely, lustrous uncut dodecahedral (12 sided) golden yellow diamond crystal from the Kasa..
1.8" Rose Pink RHODONITE Crystals to .5" on Matrix San Martin Mine Peru for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of rhodonite from Peru that displays an assemblage of sharp sprays of bl..
6" Super Glassy Blue AZURITE Crystals with MALACHITE Milpillas Mexico for sale
The azurite crystals on this specimen are up to .9", and are sharp and shiny, with smooth planer fac..
.7" Shiny Sharp Black BABINGTONITE Crystal on PREHNITE MA State Mineral for sale
This is a terrific thumbnail specimen of the rare mineral babingtonite, perched on a green prehnite ..
2.1" HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Clear Twinned Crystal w-Rainbows New York for sale
These twinned Herkimer diamond quartz crystals are sharp and gemmy, and the larger one is jam-packed..
2.4" Rich Olive Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Actinolite Serifos Greece for sale
Here is a superb specimen of green quartz (called prase) from the old classic locality (now closed) ..
3.2" Sharp Gemmy Pale Pink DANBURITE Terminated Twinned Crystal Mexico for sale
There are 2 good-sized danburite crystals in this twinned pair, and they are both a very pale pink c..
1.1" 77ct Hi-Luster Grass Green Gemmy TSAVORITE GARNET Crystal Tanzania for sale
This display-worthy tsavorite crystal from Tanzania is well formed, very shiny, and mainly opaque, w..
2.8" Pristine Sharp Dark Red ARKANITE Showy Wet-Look Crystals Poland for sale
The rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine lab-grown arkanite is exquisitely rich and highl..
2 Penetrating Twin Cubic PYRITE CRYSTALS on 2.4" Tan Marl Matrix Spain for sale
This is a fine matrix pyrite specimen that features 2 penetrating twin pyrite cubes in a 2.4" chunk ..
3.6" Glory Hole BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Lustrous Cubic Crystals Bingham NM for sale
From the celebrated Glory Hole find of blue fluorite in Bingham, NM here is a specimen featuring sha..