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5.2" Colorful Gemmy JELLO GREEN FLUORITE Crystal William Wise Mine NH for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of jello green fluorite that came out of the William Wise Mine in southw..
6.2" Silvery Gray NATIVE GRAPHITE Writes Like a Pencil Slippery Feel MA for sale
This is a specimen of the native element graphite that is very slippery to the touch (some say greas..
5.7" Mint Green Foliated TALC Crystals World's Softest Mineral Vermont for sale
The softest mineral on the Moh's scale of hardness is talc, at 1 (diamond is the hardest at 10). Thi..
2.6" Sharp Sparkly EmeraldGreen DIOPTASE Crystals AltynTyube Kazakhstan for sale
The remote Altyn-Tyube locality is famous for producing sharp, well-formed gemmy prismatic crystals ..
3.6" Radiating Fans Terminated SCOLECITE Crystals ClearWhitePink India for sale
This specimen of the zeolite mineral scolecite features elongated, thin crystals arranged in multipl..
1" Vivid Green Gemmy DEMANTOID GARNET Sharp Flashy Crystals Madagascar for sale
This is a fine thumbnail-size specimen of demantoid garnet that came from well-known deposits in a m..
4.1" Flashy Coke Bottle Green Glassy GEM FLUORITE Cubic Crystals China for sale
The crystals on this fluorite specimen are completely transparent, clear as glass, see-through cryst..
2.6" Baby Pink Gemmy KUNZITE Crystal Double Terminated Pech Afghanistan for sale
Kunzite is the pink to light purple gem variety of the mineral spodumene, named for discoverer Georg..
2.1" Dark Green EPIDOTE Sharp Lustrous Terminated Crystals to 1.9" Peru for sale
This beautiful cluster of dark green to almost black, highly lustrous epidote features crystals with..
4" Saturated Crayon Green ALUM Crystals to 2.4" on Black Matrix Poland for sale
This lab-grown alum specimen features a bright crayon green color and sharp, brightly lustrous cryst..
6.2" Book of Black Iron-Rich BIOTITE MICA Thin Layered Crystal Ontario for sale
This is a large, lustrous book of iron-rich, midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is formed in t..
18mm 35.5ct Bright 6-Ray STAR RUBY in Cranberry Red Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This is a gem ruby cabochon with a unique feature -  a sharp 6-ray star that shows up when the ..
4.5" Dagwood Sandwich Multiple Layers SELENITE Orange Crystals Poland for sale
The stacked tiers of crystals on this specimen of selenite remind me of a Dagwood sandwich. These la..
1.8" Shiny Metallic Silver SKUTTERUDITE Crystals Rare CobaltOre Morocco for sale
Skutterudite is a rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral. This superb specimen comes from the celebrate..
2.6" Water Clear FADEN QUARTZ Sharp Crystals with White Line Pakistan for sale
On this specimen of faden quartz the crystals are doubly terminated, and grew outward from a white l..
1.0" Hairy Neon Blue CYANOTRICHITE Crystals Mined in Grand Canyon 1970s for sale
This specimen of cyanotrichite was collected in the 1970s from the long-closed classic Grandview Min..
3.1" Pastel Pink DANBURITE Crystals Gemmy ChiselTip Terminations Mexico for sale
This is a fine specimen of danburite crystals from the world famous Aurora Mine in Mexico. The cryst..
1.2" 154ct SPESSARTINE GARNET V.Sharp Marmalade Orange Crystal Tanzania for sale
I love the rich, marmalade orange color of this 154 carat spessartine garnet, collected in 2008 from..
19mm 20ct Polished Cabochon Gem Black 4-Point STAR DIOPSIDE Sri Lanka for sale
This is a cabochon gemstone of black star diopside, featuring a 4-pointed star that is nearly straig..
2.3" Shiny Sharp Black BABINGTONITE Crystals Roncari Quarry Connecticut for sale
Here is a specimen of the uncommon mineral babingtonite, from the Roncari Quarry in Connecticut, whe..