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2.9" AZURITE SUNS Royal Blue Crystal Discs on SiltstoneMatrix Australia for sale
The flattened discs of azurite on this specimen that formed between layers of siltstone composed of ..
5.4" BLUE KYANITE Sapphire Colored Crystals to2.5" w-MilkyQuartz Brazil for sale
On this specimen the bladed kyanite crystals are colored an intense sapphire blue, in a shade that i..
16mm 1.4ct Gemmy Blue JEREMEJEVITE Lustrous Terminated Crystal Namibia for sale
This is a fine specimen -  a lustrous, classic blue crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jerem..
4.9" Sharp Glassy BLUE-GREEN FLUORITE Crystals to 1.4" Rogerley Mine UK for sale
This specimen is from the 2013 season's famed Bluebird Pocket. The crystals are sharp, gemmy, and tr..
1.2" 185ct CranberryRed Record Keeper RUBY CRYSTAL Dbl Terminated India for sale
This sharply crystallized ruby crystal comes from Mysore, India. The hexagonal crystal is terminated..
1.9" SharpShiny Metallic RedBlack RUTILE Crystal inMatrix Graves Mtn GA for sale
The biggest rutile crystal on this specimen sits atop a piece of milky quartz matrix, which shows of..
1.1" 45ct Colorful Sun Yellow GEM SCAPOLITE Terminated Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a 45.1 carat gem scapolite crystal that is a lovely golden yellow color. It is very transpar..
5.1" Dagwood Sandwich Multiple Layered SELENITE Clear Crystals Poland for sale
On this selenite specimen from Poland's Lubin Mine, the layers of selenite resemble a Dagwood sandwi..
2.8" MagentaPurple ShinyBladed ERYTHRITE Crystals "CobaltBloom" Morocco for sale
Here is a fine erythrite specimen from the 2010 find in Morocco that sports a good vug filled with s..
2.9" Deep Green EPIDOTE Crystals On+Through Clear Quartz Crystal Brazil for sale
This specimen features a lovely combination of a gem clear, lightly smoky quartz crystal that is ove..
2.4" Deep Burgundy Red Gem PRUSKITE Sharp Shiny Crystals to 1" Poland for sale
On this highly colorful specimen of pruskite from Poland featuring burgundy red crystals to 2.7" tha..
2.31ct Cubic Green Twinned DIAMOND CRYSTAL Sharp Shiny Uncut Gem Congo for sale
Here is a diamond crystal that weighs 2.31 carats. It is made up of multiple penetrating twin cubic ..
1.2" 76.1ct Translucent Lime Green DIOPSIDE Terminated Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here Is a large, sharp single crystal of green diopside from the 2007 find at Merelani Hills. The cr..
1.4" Water Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Quartz Crystal Treasure Mountain NY for sale
This large Herkimer diamond (quartz) crystal from the fabled Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine (now clo..
2.7" Sparkling Vibrant Forest Green DIOPTASE Crystals to 2mm Kazakhstan for sale
This highly colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan is a rich emerald green. The crystals are wel..
3.9" Blue-Gray-Pink SMITHSONITE Crystallized Botryoidal Mounds Mexico for sale
This specimen of smithsonite from Mexico features lovely blue, gray and pink colors and a bubbly hem..
4.9" Pastel Blue Crystals of SILLIMANITE in Schist Matrix New Hampshire for sale
Sillimanite is named for the father of American mineralogy, Benjamin Silliman, 1779-1864. It is an a..
3.7" Flashy Mirror-Bright Group 2 PYRITE Crystals to 2.8" Navajun Spain for sale
Navajun pyrite crystals are known the world-over for their sharp, nearly perfect cubic crystal habit..
1.6" Blue LAZURITE Crystals LAPIS LAZULI on White Marble Afghanistan for sale
This is a classic specimen of lazurite of fine form from the classic Afghani locality. The crystals ..
2.4" Gemmy Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystals with SMOKY QUARTZ China for sale
The dramatic color contrast between dark, nearly black smoky quartz crystals and brilliant, tangerin..