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3.9" Flashy Neon Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sparkling Gem Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen of cobaltoan calcite in a colorful shade of bright rose pink. The sharp..
2.1ct 6.9mm Lustrous Dodecahedral DIAMOND CRYSTAL Uncut Gemstone Congo for sale
This is a genuine, 100% natural, uncut diamond crystal, shaped as a dodecahedron, and colored an unu..
.6" 20.4ct Gem PERIDOT Crystal Sharp Termination Vivid Green Pakistan for sale
I love the glowing green color of peridot, and this is a great example.  The crystal has fairly..
.9" Gem Clear DoubleTerminated HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Crystal New York for sale
This gem clear single Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and well-formed all around. It is dou..
3.0" Vivid Boulder OPAL Matrix Neon Green-Blue Flash Polished Australia for sale
Lime green, blue, and violet glow under the surfaces of this lovely boulder opal, a beautiful specim..
2.4carat Natural Uncut Golden Green Twinned Cubic DIAMOND CRYSTAL Congo for sale
This is a 2.43 carat diamond crystal from the Kasai River in the D.R.Congo. It is a golden-green cry..
2.2" Turquoise Neon Blue SPIRIT AQUA AURA Quartz Crystals South Africa for sale
Spirit aqua aura quartz is created by infusing a molecule-thick layer of vaporized gold to the outsi..
2.0" Sparkling Emerald Green DIOPTASE CRYSTALS with Calcite Kazakhstan for sale
The color of the dioptase on this specimen from Altyn-Tyube is a vivid, memorable, dark emerald gree..
3.6" BOTRYOIDAL HEMATITE Bubbly Shining Kidney Ore Formation Morocco for sale
This is a lovely specimen of Moroccan hematite which covers the display sides of the piece with botr..
Wholesale Flat 6 pieces Metallic Gray BOURNONITE Crystals France @$14 for sale
Here is a flat with 6 specimen of the uncommon mineral bournonite. The specimens are colored a dull ..
Wholesale Flat 10 pieces Gemmy Green PERIDOT Crystals Pakistan @$15 for sale
Here is a wholesale lot of 10 gemmy peridot specimens from a classic locality -  Suppart Valley..
Wholesale Flat 9 pieces BLUE FLUORITE Crystals onQuartz Bingham NM @$20 for sale
There are 9 colorful specimens in this flat of fluorite from the classic Bingham, New Mexico fluorit..
Wholesale Flat 6 pieces LAZURITE Crystals Lapis Lazuli Afghanistan @$20 for sale
These 8 specimens of lab-grown bismuth feature large crystals in brilliant, heavily saturated colors..
Wholesale Flat 8 pieces Hoppered Native BISMUTH Crystals England @$11 for sale
These 8 specimens of lab-grown bismuth feature large crystals in brilliant, heavily saturated colors..
Wholesale Flat 5 pieces Metallic Silver CARROLITE Crystals Congo @$10 for sale
Here are 5 carrollite specimens that feature sharp crystals embedded in white calcite, with a bright..
16.5" Large Book of Shiny Black BIOTITE MICA Crystals Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is an extra large 16.5"  crystal "book" of biotite mica, the variety of mica that is black..
4.4" Polished Bulls Eye MALACHITE w-Light+Dark Concentric Circles Congo for sale
On this polished malachite specimen, the bull's eye patterns are fascinating and lovely. The eyes ar..
2.5" Shiny Octahedral MAGNETITE Crystals to 1.2" in Matrix Australia for sale
The magnetite crystals in this superb specimen come from the TK mine, Yinnietharra, Western Australi..
1.5" Clear Gemmy Lithium PETALITE Bright Shiny Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Petalite is a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral that is typically found in lustrous crystal sectio..
6.5" Silvery Gray NATIVE GRAPHITE Slippery Feel Writes Like a Pencil MA for sale
Here is a specimen of the native element graphite that is very slippery to the touch (some say greas..