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4.6" 3.5LB PETRIFIED WOOD LOG Polished End Detailed Bark Madagascar for sale
Here is a polished log of petrified wood that is remarkably well preserved, with the much of the bar..
5.9" StringyLonghaired Green CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Crystals Eden Mills VT for sale
This is a specimen of chrysotile asbestos, with fibers that are thin and fuzz. The specimen has a li..
6.0" ANTHOPHYLLITE Long Fibers Rare Variety of Amphibole Massachusetts for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anthophyllite, featuring long blue-gray fibers that are locked soli..
.7" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Lustrous Sharp Gemmy Tabular Crystal AZ for sale
Here is a classic specimen, a Red Cloud wulfenite crystal perched on a tiny dab of matrix. The cryst..
2.8" Lemon & Lime ADAMITE Crystals on Limonite Fluoresces Green Mexico for sale
The crystals on this fine specimen of adamite are super sharp, have a bright, gleaming luster and ar..
1.1" 6.3ct Golden AMBER Fossil Gemstone w-Mosquitos Dominican Republic for sale
I took my family to the DR in 1988 for a vacation, and my sons and I took a side trip to the La Cumb..
5.1" 2.7LB RedBrown ALMANDINE GARNET 12SideDodecahedral Crystal Vietnam for sale
You will be amazed by the size and sharpness of this huge almandine garnet crystal. Rarely do garnet..
Wholesale Flat 4pieces GREEN FLUORITE Crystals Homestake M Arizona @$21 for sale
Here is a wholesale lot of 4 beautiful specimens featuring lightly frosted and translucent sea-foam ..
Wholesale Flat 7 pcs ENDLICHITE Crystals var. of Vanadanite Mexico @$8 for sale
Endlichite is an uncommon variety of vanadanite in which arsenic has substituted for vanadium in the..
Wholesale Flat 8 pieces Sparkly Green LIBETHENITE Crystals Arizona @$7 for sale
Here is a flat with 8 specimens of well-crystallized libethenite, a rare copper phosphate mineral. T..
Wholesale Flat 10 pieces Light Tan Floating PUMICE AirFilled Stones @$6 for sale
Here is a flat of 10 specimens of pumice, a very light and porous volcanic rock formed when a gas-ri..
3.4" Ivory White WELOGANITE Crystals +Matrix Francon Q Montreal Canada for sale
This specimen of weloganite comes from the Francon Quarry, which is the type locality (it is also th..
2.7" Dozens of SharpBlack NEPTUNITE Crystals in Natrolite San Benito CA for sale
Neptunite comes from only a handful of localities worldwide, but the very best specimens of this rar..
3.6" Sharp Sceptered ENHYDRO QUARTZ Clear Crystals with Bubbles China for sale
Here is an outstanding example of an enhydro quartz crystal, with tiny air bubbles floating in sever..
13mm 4ct Gem Clear Harlequin Green EMERALD CRYSTAL Muzo Mine Colombia for sale
This emerald crystal is colored a gorgeous, slightly blue shade of green that is typical of the colo..
20mm 19ct STAR DIOPSIDE 4-Point Star Black Polished Cabachon Sri Lanka for sale
This gemstone is a star diopside that features a bright 4-point star that is easily visible in the s..
1.9" Dark Green Sparkling Gemmy DIOPTASE Crystals AltynTyube Kazakhstan for sale
This is a very colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green with a hint o..
1.9" 75ct Fine Bright Gemmy PETALITE Clear-White Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Petalite is a rare lithium mineral that forms in clear gemmy crystals in some pegmatites. This cryst..
4.1" SCOLECITE Sharp Wet-Look Clear Terminated Crystals to 3.5" India for sale
Here is a specimen of scolecite, featuring crystals that are clear right up to the tips.  The l..
3.3" Terminated Lemon Yellow APATITE CRYSTALS to .8" on MATRIX Durango Mexico
There are over half a dozen apatite crystals on this matrix specimen, and they are a bright golden y..