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5.3" Rare Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals in Mica Schist Matrix New Hampshire for sale
Sillimanite is an unusual alumino-silicate mineral that is uncommon on the mineral market. This spec..
2.8" Prickly Radiating Spiky Lt. MINT GREEN SELENITE Crystals Australia for sale
Sometimes the chemical soup in the Pernatty Lagoon in Australia is just right for the formation of s..
.8" Sharp FAIRY CROSS STAUROLITE Dark Red Twin Crystal Taos New Mexico for sale
Here is a very sharp twinned staurolite fairy cross in a dark red-brown color. The crystal is a 90 d..
2" Graves Mtn TWIN RUTILE Crystals Sharp DarkSilver Crystals +Matrix GA for sale
From an old collection, here is a pair of sharp, twinned rutile crystals on matrix. The intersecting..
2.6" Bright Brassy Golden Pyritohedral PYRITE Crystal Merelani Tanzania for sale
Although Merelani is best known for tanzanite, it also produces fine crystals of several other varie..
1.5" Double Terminated Royal Purple HOURGLASS AMETHYST Crystal Morocco for sale
This gemmy-clear, double terminated quartz crystal features two purple phantoms, one at each end, wi..
3.5" Heart of The Universe Pink Ice ROSE QUARTZ RusticRed Crystal India for sale
The unusual name "Heart of the Universe" has been given to the unusual rose quartz crystals from thi..
18mm 19.7ct Gemmy TSAVORITE GARNET Crystal Saturated NeonGreen Tanzania for sale
Here is a very good crystal of the rare gemstone, tsavorite garnet. The color is an attractive satur..
2.1" Burgundy Red WetLook ARKANITE Sharp Showy Pristine Crystals Poland for sale
You will be amazed by the rich, saturated, crimson red color of this fine example of arkanite. ..
4.1" CUBIC PYRITE 2 Perfect Twin Crystals on Marl Matrix Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a stunning specimen featuring 2 pyrite cubes perched on a chunk of marl matrix. The cubic py..
7.2" CLEAR SELENITE Sharp Spiky Clear Radiating Crystal Balls Australia for sale
On this selenite specimen the radiating clusters of fine needle crystals are actually clear, but app..
3.5" Saturated Green Drippy MALACHITE STALACTITES w-Holes in Tip Congo for sale
Here is a beautiful and aesthetic cluster of half a dozen malachite stalactites which formed on the ..
3.5" InkyBlackGlassy OBSIDIAN w-Fayalite+Cristobalite in Vug California for sale
Here is a dramatic specimen that features shiny black obsidian with an air-bubble hole that is lined..
3.9" Octahedral MAGNETITE 1.4" Black Metallic Crystal +Matrix Australia for sale
The magnetite crystal on this specimen is a well-formed 1.4" octahedron that is embedded in a high c..
1.6" Flashy Metallic Silver MOLYBDENITE Mirror-Bright Crystal Australia for sale
Here is a crystal of brilliantly metallic molybdenite, from Wolfram Camp, which is arguably the worl..
.9" 25ct Spring Grass Green PERIDOT Gemmy Terminated Crystal Pakistan for sale
This is a beautiful peridot crystal in a very gemmy grass green color. The crystal is well-shaped fo..
2.5" Iridescent RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Terminated Crystals South Africa for sale
Here is a rainbow aura quartz that is one of the flashiest and most brilliant members of the aura qu..
2.8" Clear ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal w-Moving Bubble Trapped Inside China for sale
Here is a doubly-terminated quartz crystal with a moveable air bubble suspended in liquid water that..
3.3" PYRITE CRYSTALS 2 Sharp Interlocked Metallic Cubes to 2.2" Spain for sale
Here is an amazing specimen featuring 2 highly geometrical, interlocking twinned pyrite cubes. Amazi..
4" Colorful PETRIFIED WOOD Log End with Polished Face & Bark Madagascar for sale
Here is a very nicely preserved section of a petrified tree trunk, the fossilized remainder of a tre..