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3.5" MAGNETITE Extra Sharp 1.1" Octahedral Crystal in Schist Australia for sale
Here is a superb specimen of magnetite. It comes from the TK mine, Yinnietharra, Western Australia, ..
3.8" TIBETAN QUARTZ Clear Gem Terminated Crystal Himalaya Mtns Tibet for sale
Here is a long, single, pristine, terminated quartz crystal from Tibet, and it is a beauty.  It..
1.1" 27ct GemmyTerminated IMPERIAL TOPAZ TangerineOrange Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a classic, beautifully formed, super glassy, lustrous, 27.4 carat single crystal of imperial..
3.5" Rosy Raspberry COBALTOAN CALCITE Crystals Sharp & Sparkling Morocco for sale
This is a superb, cabinet-sized specimen of cobaltoan calcite with a rich raspberry magenta color th..
2.1" Vibrant Aquamarine Blue AMAZONITE Sharp Colorful Crystal Colorado for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of natural turquoise blue amazonite from Colorado. The nicely terminated..
3.7" Gemmy Sharp Sparkling Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Crystals Arkansas for sale
This cluster of aqua aura quartz crystals is sharp and clear, with brilliant luster and excellent qu..
4.4" Brassy Golden Yellow PYRITE Brilliant Metallic Crystals to.7" Peru for sale
Here Is a beautiful specimen of pyrite (also known as fool's gold). The pyrite crystals are pyritohe..
9.6" Window Pane SELENITE Natural Transparent Clear Crystal Slab Utah for sale
In southern Utah, at a locality called the White Ice Mine, miners unearth large, thin sheets of clea..
3.5" Colorful Magenta-Red RASPBERRY GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals Mexico for sale
This is a very colorful specimen of sharply formed red raspberry garnet crystals from Sierra de Cruc..
2.6" 13oz Red Orange Gleaming Metallic COPPER NUGGET Polished Michigan for sale
This copper nugget has been polished to a brilliant metallic luster, showing off the bright red-oran..
7.6" Blueberry BLUE KYANITE Extra-Long Bladed Crystals w-Quartz Brazil for sale
Here is a  colorful specimen of blue kyanite crystals with a bit of milky quartz mixed in among..
1.8" Deep Ultramarine Blue LAZURITE Crystal in White Marble Afghanistan for sale
The large crystal on this lazurite (lapis lazuli) specimen is colored a deep azure-blue color, and i..
3.9" Iron Rich RED QUARTZ Colorful Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal Morocco for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of ferruginous red quartz from the 2015 find in Morocco, reportedly ..
4.1" Bubbly Purple SMITHSONITE Botryoidal Crystals Satin Luster Mexico for sale
Here is a nice specimen of smithsonite in a deep purple color with a hint of pink, formed in smooth,..
3.5" FISHTAIL SELENITE Translucent Crystal with Split Tail Fins Mexico for sale
Twinned crystals of selenite from Laguna del Rey are called fishtail selenite, because of their unca..
5.2" Sharp Twinkling Canary Yellow SULFUR Crystals on Matrix Bolivia for sale
On this sulfur specimen from Bolivia the white matrix is covered with sparkling gemmy sufur crystals..
.9" 24ct PHENAKITE CRYSTAL Clear Gemmy Type Locality Izumrudnye Russia for sale
This phenakite specimen comes from Izumrudnye, Russia, the type locality for phenakite. It weighs 24..
1.3" 105ct Fine Gemmy See Thru Radiant PETALITE Crystal Section Brazil for sale
Petalite is a rare lithium mineral, that forms in clear gemmy crystals in some pegmatites. This crys..
2.7" Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Golden Healer Crystal+Rainbows New York for sale
The large Herkimer diamond in this breathtaking specimen is a water clear gem quartz crystal that is..
1.9" CROCOITE CRYSTAL Square Hollow Red Terminated 2010 Pocket Tasmania for sale
This is a large, single, terminated crystal of crocoite from the world famous Adelaide Mine in Tasma..