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Wholesale Flat 9 pieces Vivid Azure BLUE KYANITE Bladed Crystals @$8 for sale
Here are 9 specimens of kyanite with long bladed crystals, in a rich sapphire blue color. The kyanit..
Wholesale Flat 32 pieces Pink RUBELLITE TOURMALINE Crystals Maine @$4 for sale
Here is a wholesale flat of 32 colorful specimens of pink tourmaline from the Black Mountain Quarry ..
3.4" Sharp Bladed AXINITE Crystals Root Beer Brown in Matrix Ica Peru for sale
The crystals on the specimen of axinite from Peru are sharply formed and somewhat lustrous, so the p..
3.2" Neon Cotton Candy Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sparkly Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of cobaltoan calcite in a delightful shade of rose pink. The crystal..
5.3" Lustrous Blueberry BLUE KYANITE FatBladed Crystals w-Quartz Brazil for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of blue kyanite with many fine blades, including some fat ones that are up..
3.7" Totally Clear Polished ICELAND SPAR Crystal Rhomb +Rainbows Brazil for sale
Most Iceland spar on the market today is somewhat milky, while this one from Brazil is water clear a..
3.1" Sharp PYRITE CUBE SingleSharp Crystal MirrorBrite BrassyGold Spain for sale
This large single pyrite crystal is 3.1" from outside tip-to-outside tip, and 1.9" along the longest..
3.4" Deep Midnight Blue AZURITE CRYSTALS w-Green MALACHITE Matrix China for sale
This is a colorful specimen of azurite featuring deep blue azurite crystals with bright green malach..
5.0" Sharp Gemmy Stand Up SCOLECITE Terminated Radiating Crystals India for sale
On this impressive specimen, a host of gemmy clear, stocky thick crystals of scolecite grow in sligh..
3.8" Gem Clear Polished ICELAND SPAR Rhombohedron Dbl Refracting Brazil for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen of Iceland spar, a polished rhombohedron of water-clear gem calcite wit..
1.9" Sharp Pristine Flashy CHABAZITE Crystals Lively Pink Color Morocco for sale
This is a lovely specimen of pink (with a touch of orange) chabazite (chabazite-Ca as the mineralogi..
3.5" ANDRADITE GARNETS v.Topazolite Lustrous Crystals Stanley Butte AZ for sale
Here is a delightful specimen featuring olive-green andradite garnet crystals up to 5 mm. The variet..
3.6" AQUA AURA QUARTZ Channeling Crystal Sharp Terminated Tip Arkansas for sale
This large, turquoise blue aqua aura quartz is a Channeling crystal, featuring a sharp termination, ..
2.4" SUNSHINE SPIRIT Golden Orange Cactus Quartz Crystals South Africa for sale
Spirit quartz is the name given to quartz crystals from Boekenhoutshoek that are single crystals wit..
1.2" Double Terminated Royal Purple HOURGLASS AMETHYST Crystal Morocco for sale
The inside of this gem-clear, double terminated quartz crystal features two phantoms, one at each en..
2.5" Rich Aquamarine Blue AMAZONITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Colorado for sale
Brightly colorful turquoise blue amazonite is a big favorite with collectors, and this piece won't d..
2.2" Iridescent AMMOLITE Fossil Ammonite Shell Green-Red-Orange Canada for sale
This is an exquisite, top quality specimen of ammolite from Alberta, Canada-the only locality in the..
4.4" LavenderLilac PURPLE SMITHSONITE Colorful BotryoidalBubbles Mexico for sale
The rich lavender-lilac color of this smithsonite specimen is really attractive.  The piece fea..
5.3" Green APOPHYLLITE SquareTop Crystals on White Stilbite Well3 India for sale
This is a delightful specimen of what has been nicknamed "disco ball" green apophyllite from India. ..
.34g 4.2mm Cubic PLATINUM Twinned Crystals Sharp & Shiny Siberia Russia for sale
This is a rare group of 2 platinum crystals that weighs .34 grams (1.7 carats). The crystals are sha..