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6.4" Spiky Branching White ARAGONITE Crystals Fluoresces Green Mexico for sale
This is a very pretty, sparkling white crystallized aragonite forming a shapely and aesthetic groupi..
1.3" HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Sharp Gem Dubl Terminated Crystal New York for sale
This Herkimer diamond quartz crystal is sharp and gemmy, and is jam-packed with shimmering rainbows!..
1" Sharp Lemon Yellow Gemmy APATITE Gleaming Terminated Crystal Morocco for sale
In 2012-13 this locality produced high quality bright yellow (with a touch of green) apatite crystal..
2.6" VibrantNeonGreen Gem FLUORITE Crystal Octahedron Cleavage S.Africa for sale
This fluorite is colored an amazing electric neon green, as vivid and intense a color as you will ev..
2.1" Butterscotch MIMETITE Terminated Crystals Pingtouling China 2003 for sale
The mimetite crystals from the Pingtouling Mine caused a huge stir when they were discovered in Chin..
8.9" Museum Deep Midnight Green Botryoidal MOTTRAMITE Crystals Mexico for sale
The color of this museum size and quality mottramite specimen is a very deep, dark green which highl..
1.9" High-Contrast Mint Green Botryoidal PREHNITE on Dark EPIDOTE Mali for sale
Here is an attractive specimen of prehnite on epidote features botryoidal prehnite balls in a deligh..
5.6" Vivid Deep BlueGreen FLUORITE Sharp Crystals to1" Rogerley Mine UK for sale
The crystals on this fine specimen from the 2015 season at the Rogerley Mine are sharp, fairly gemmy..
4.6" Terminated Pink Gem-Tipped DANBURITE Crystal Aurora Mine Mexico for sale
This lovely light pink danburite crystal has a gem clear area at the termination that is really eye-..
1.6" Bright Butter Yellow Gem Clear SCAPOLITE Terminated Crystal India for sale
This bright, terminated gem scapolite crystal is shrply crystallized and it is a good sharp crystal ..
21mm 42.3ct Cranberry Red STAR RUBY with Bright 6-Point Star Sri Lanka for sale
This beautifully nearly 1" polished star ruby cabochon features a rich cranberry red color and brigh..
4.4" Baby Blue ANHYDRITE Terminated Paint Brush Crystal Cluster Mexico for sale
The anhydrite crystals that are grouped in this cluster are sharply formed, and have this mineral's ..
1.2" Bright SILVER-on-COPPER HALFBREED Crystals Evergreen Mine Michigan for sale
A "half-breed" mineral specimen features a combination of copper and silver in the same piece, a der..
1" 56 carat Pale GoldenYellow SCAPOLITE Terminated Gem Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a well-formed, transparent, rich golden yellow crystal of scapolite with see-through clarity..
5.6" Sharp Detail FOSSIL LEAVES Salix Willow on Matrix Green River Utah for sale
This is a very good specimen with 2 fossil leaves, Salix longiacuminata, a type of willow. These 2 l..
2.7" Luminous BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Cubic Crystals from the Glory Hole NM for sale
Bingham, New Mexico is the classic southwestern U.S. locality for blue fluorite, and this specimen f..
2.8" Long Thin Needles Gem SOLUTION QUARTZ Crystals Santandar Colombia for sale
The dazzlingly clear crystals on this specimen are lovely examples of the prized variety, solution q..
1.4" 427ct Red-Pink RUBY CRYSTAL w-Record Keeper Raised Triangles India for sale
Here is a large, sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. This hexagonal crystal is cov..
3.1" Long Luminous Orange ORPIMENT CRYSTALS to 1.1" Shimen Mine China for sale
This specimen of orpiment features colorful crystals up to 1.1" long, which is pretty good sized for..
3.2" ButterYellow Cubic Gem FLUORITE Crystals Penetrating Twins Morocco for sale
From a new find in 2017 comes this superb fluorite specimen with cubic fluorite crystals in a  ..