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1" Very Colorful Orange Red Gemmy WULFENITE Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Red Cloud wulfenite is considered world class for its brilliant red-orange color, and this thumbnail..
Wholesale Flat 15 pieces Shiny Baby Blue KYANITE Crystals Brazil @$6 for sale
This is a great lot of 15 kyanite specimens, featuring blue bladed crystals up to 6.6" in length. Th..
Wholesale Flat 12 pieces Shiny TEKTITE Meteorite Splash Glass China @$8 for sale
Tektites are aerodynamically-shaped splash glass formed when terrestrial material was ejected by the..
Wholesale Flat 9 pieces Red Orange Bladed BARITE Crystals Morocco @ $10 for sale
There are 9 specimens in this flat of Moroccan barite, and every one is attractive and highly sellab..
Wholesale Flat 9 pieces Long Sparkling White CALCITE STALACTITES @$14 for sale
Here are 9 attractive and fascinating stalactites from India, each consisting of a long stalactite t..
Wholesale Flat 9 pieces Turquoise Blue LARIMAR Dominican Republic @$10 for sale
Larimar comes from the Dominican Republic, which is the only place in the world it is found. This is..
Wholesale Flat 27 pieces HERKIMER DIAMONDS Hickory Hill New York @<$7 for sale
Here is a great collection of Herkimer Diamonds for resale or your collection. These are mostly sing..
2.7" Superb RHODONITE Colorful RosyPink Sharp Crystals Ancash Peru 2009 for sale
I rarely see rhodonite crystals from the San Martin Mine that are colored more intensely rosy pink.&..
4.2" Sparkly Candy Red REALGAR Crystals with Quartz Pyrite Galena Peru for sale
Here is a specimen of realgar from Peru featuring a dramatic combination of minerals: besides the sp..
4" Mirror Bright Metallic Gold PYRITE CUBES Superb 7Crystal Group Spain for sale
Here is a gorgeous cluster of 7 very sharp and near-perfect interlocking cubic crystals of pyrite. T..
1" HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Gem Double Terminated Crystal ENHYDRO BUBBLE for sale
This is a very clean and astonishingly clear Herkimer diamond crystal from HIckory HIll Diggings. Th..
2.5" Sky Blue Iridescent AQUA AURA QUARTZ Undamaged Terminated Crystal for sale
This beautiful crystal of aqua aura quartz is transparent, with brilliant luster, exceptional irides..
4.5" Shiny Polished Dark &Light Green Circles BULLS EYE MALACHITE Congo for sale
"Bull's eye" malachite is an excellent term for the concentric cirdular patterns on this polished sp..
3.7" WULFENITE Reddish Orange Bladed Crystals to 1" Jianshan Mine China for sale
This superb specimen of reddish-orange wulfenite comes from the 2015 find at the Jianshan Mine in Ch..
2.4" Shiny Yellow-Green ADAMITE Sharp Crystal Mounds Fluorescent Mexico for sale
Here is a specimen of large mounds of adamite crystals on limonite gossan matrix from the classic Mi..
3.6" Aesthetic Light YELLOW FLUORITE Translucent Cubic Crystals France for sale
The color of this fluorite is a lovely light yellow, with crystals that are sharply formed as see-th..
3.3" ShinyBlack BABINGTONITE Rare Bladed Crystals onPrehnite Amherst MA for sale
Here is a classic specimen of babingtonite featuring dense nests of lustrous, jet-black bladed cryst..
6.1" Genuine Natural Dark Green VERDE ANTIQUE SERPENTINE Stone Vermont for sale
This is a very nice specimen of verde antique, a variety of serpentine, from the original Vermont Ve..
4.5" Sharp Shiny Brassy Gold Pyritohedral PYRITE Crystals Huanzala Peru for sale
Here is a large cluster of pyrite crystals in a fine metallic gold color. It features shiny bright n..
2.6" Fine Gemmy Green Sparkly DIOPTASE Crystals Altyn Tyube Kazakhstan for sale
Here is a very colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green. Many of the ..