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3" Astonishing Colorful Neon PINK AURA QUARTZ Terminated Crystals China for sale
The "Oh, wow!" reaction people have to the color of this pink aura quartz is not surprising. The col..
3.3" Million-Year-Old FOSSIL CLAMSHELL +Golden CALCITE Crystals Florida for sale
What a combination: a fossil clamshell that is lined with gem clear, golden calcite crystals! The cr..
1.3" BRAZILIANITE Terminated Crystals Gemmy YellowishGreen Color Brazil for sale
Here is a cluster of bright, gemmy crystals of yellow-green brazilianite with clean, well defined cr..
9.5mm BIXBYITE Sharp Crystals on 3" White Rhyolite Thomas Range Utah for sale
There are two bixbyite crystals on this specimen, one just 2 mm and the other measuring 9.5 mm from ..
8mm Sharp Shiny DarkBlue BOLEITE Crystal on 2.3" Matrix Amelia M Mexico for sale
Here is a rare specimen of boleite on a matrix with chrysocolla.  The chrysocolla is a light tu..
1.6" Brilliant Metallic Silver CARROLITE Crystals to 9mm Kambove Congo for sale
This carrollite specimen features several good crystals set in white calcite, with a brilliant metal..
4.1" RedOrange WULFENITE Tabular Crystals on Matrix Red Cloud M Arizona for sale
Without doubt the Red Cloud Mine is the most famous locality for wulfenite in the world, and the sha..
1.1" 26.9ct Vivid Gemmy Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This is a beautiful, sharply formed crystal of imperial topaz, with gorgeous clarity and well-define..
4.4" Deep Royal Blue AZURITE Sparkling Crystals in Vugs in Matrix China for sale
The azurite crystals on this fine specimen sparkle brightly, and are colored a saturated azure blue...
3.4" Hedgehog Cluster of Royal Purple-Violet AMETHYST Crystals Uruguay for sale
The ultra-saturated purple color of this matrix specimen of amethyst from Uruguay is very appealing...
1.5" 101ct Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Gemmy Crystal Brazil Old Collection for sale
This imperial topaz crystal has unusually rich orange color, with scintillating fire inside that mak..
2" 12ct AQUAMARINE Beryl Terminated Crystal Gillette Q CT OldCollection for sale
Here is a rare pocket beryl crystal, a gem clear aquamarine, from the Gillette Quarry, which closed ..
11.5" Robin Egg Turquoise Botryoidal Bubble CHRYSOCOLLA Crystals Congo for sale
This is an unusual specimen of chrysocolla for three reasons.  First, the color is a richly sat..
1.5" 66.3ct RichPinkOrange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Crystal Brazil Old Collection for sale
This is a superb imperial topaz crystal, weighing 66.3 carats. The color is very rich, and has a nat..
4.3" Fossil CRINOID Sea Lily+Pinnules Bundenback Germany Old Collection for sale
Here is is a superb Bundenbach pyritized fossil sea lily crinoid, Taxocrinus stuertzi.  It has ..
4.4" Classic White HARMOTOME Crystals Strontian Scotland Old Collection for sale
Here is an historic specimen featuring pearlescent, blocky crystals of clear to milky white harmotom..
3" Brown CASSITERITE Crystals on Calcite Czech Republic Old Collection for sale
Here is a historic specimen of dark brown twinned cassiterite crystals on a calcite matrix. The piec..
4.7mm 19.5pt Un-Cut White DIAMOND Crystal Diamond Crater Arkansas Old Collection
Here is a single, pristine, gem diamond crystal from the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. ..
4.8mm 17pt Un-Cut DIAMOND CRYSTAL Diamond Crater Arkansas OldCollection for sale
This specimen consists of a single, pristine, gem diamond crystal from the Crater of Diamonds State ..
3.1" Terminated Yellow-Green BRAZILIANITE Crystal Brazil Old Collection for sale
This is a large 3.1" loose brazilianite crystal, with some nice gemmy sections and a nearly complete..