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1.8" 170ct Gemmy Vivid Vibrant Green DIOPSIDE Striated Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a 170 carat, sharp single crystal of bright green diopside from the 2007 find at Merelani Hi..
1" Sharp SkyBlue Gem AQUAMARINE Terminated Crystal onMicrocline Namibia for sale
This specimen of aquamarine with microcline and a bit of black schorl tourmlaine features excellent ..
1.5" Wet Look Gemmy YellowGreen APATITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Apatite crystals of this size and transparency are rarely found at this classic locality in Durango,..
3.2" Brilliant Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Twin Crystals ARK for sale
This pair of twinned, glossy crystals of aqua aura quartz is partly transparent, with brilliant lust..
1.1" Water Clear See Through Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND Terminated Crystal NY for sale
Hickory Hill produces some of the clearest, most gem-perfect Herkimer diamonds around, and this one ..
1.2" 25ct Gemmy Bright Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This is a 100% natural, untreated crystal of imperial topaz is an especially rich color. It is sharp..
1.5" 100ct Fine Gemmy Clear Radiant PETALITE Crystal Section Afghan for sale
Here is a fine specimen of the very rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a large crystal ..
3.6" Bright & Lustrous AQUA AURA QUARZ Crystals Sharply Terminated Peru for sale
This delightful group of aqua aura quartz crystals is transparent at the top, has brilliant luster, ..
6.2" Smooth POLISHED MALACHITE Showy Dark &Light Green Bulls Eyes Congo for sale
When malachite is polished, it reveals the alternating bands of dark and light material that gives i..
2.1" Rogerley Mine Sharp Emerald Green Cubic FLUORITE Crystals 2013 UK for sale
This specimen is from the 2013 season's famed Bluebird Pocket. The crystals are sharp, gemmy, and tr..
2.2" Lemon Yellow Gem Clear SCAPOLITE Terminated Crystal 30.5ct India for sale
The scapolite in this crystal is very gemmy, and it is colored a delightful lemon yellow. The crysta..
1.1" Translucent Gemmy BLUE BARITE Terminated Crystal Group Stoneham CO for sale
This Is a sharp little specimen of barite crystals from the classic Sterling Mine locality in Stoneh..
2.4" Sharp Colorful Iridescent Crystals of ROYAL AURA QUARTZ Arkansas for sale
Royal aura quartz is in the same family as aqua aura quartz. It is created by infusing quartz crysta..
2.9" LABRADORITE Iridescent Aqua-Red-Yellow Polished Nugget Madagascar for sale
This polished nugget of labradorite shimmers with iridescent, flashy neon colors. Turquoise is the d..
.9" Bright SILVER on Copper Crystal COPPER HALFBREED Evergreen Mine MI for sale
Copper and silver half-breed specimens like this one from Upper Michigan are high on the bucket list..
2.9" Yellow Green ADAMITE Sharp Crystals Fluoresces Neon Green Mexico for sale
This is an outstanding specimen of adamite featuring several attractive groups of sharp crystals on ..
5.4" Bright Flashing Tabular ELESTIAL QUARTZ w-Dark Smoky Edges Brazil for sale
This is a wonderful specimen of elestial smoky quartz from Brazil, with parallel-growth faces all ov..
6.8" 1604g 3.5LB Saturated Royal Purple SUGILITE Gem Rough South Africa for sale
This is an excellent specimen of sugilite gem rough that boasts a gorgeous, vivid purple color. Ther..
3.2" LINARITE Sharp Sparkly Royal Blue Crystals Grand Reef Mine Arizona for sale
The royal azure color of the linarite on this specimen is very eye catching, and the blue really "po..
2.4" Colorful Rainbow Iridescent OPAL AURA QUARTZ Pristine Crystal ARK for sale
Here is a large single crystal of shimmering opal aura quartz. The crystal is sharply terminated and..