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2.4" Light Smoky SCEPTERED QUARTZ Crystal Hallelujah Junction Nevada for sale
Here is a scepetered smoky quartz crystal that is sharply terminated and undamaged. The term scepter..
2.8" Flashing Vivid Tangerine Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystals China for sale
The surface of this specimen is nearly covered with brilliantly lustrous, flashy spessartine crystal..
2.3" Gem Clear Burgundy Red PRUSKITE Shiny Sharp Crystals to .8" Poland for sale
Burgundy red crystals to .8" sit on a yellow-orange matrix on this spectacular specimen of pruskite ..
3.6" Geode BIRD'S NEST CHALCEDONY 2 Halves Fluoresces Green New Mexico for sale
Here is a specimen which includes both halves of a geode of the most amazing chalcedony I have seen...
2.6" Electric Blue Fuzzy CYANOTRICHITE Acicular Crystals to 1.7mm China for sale
Here is a specimen of cyanotrichite, a rare secondary copper mineral found sparsely in the oxidation..
3.8" Lustrous Elestial ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystals with Moving Bubble China for sale
The term "enhydro" means there is fluid water trapped inside a hollow area within the crystal. The f..
1.4" Bright Greenish Yellow Lustrous Gemmy BRAZILIANITE CRYSTALS Brazil for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of brazilianite that features a number of very sharp and well defined crys..
2.1" Luscious Mint Green Botryoidal PREHNITE with EPIDOTE on Back Mali for sale
This outstanding specimen of prehnite on epidote features botryoidal prehnite balls in a lovely gras..
2.6" 1.1LB ALMANDINE GARNET Shiny Cranberry Red Polished Crystal India for sale
Here is a mirror-surfaced, polished almandine garnet in a fully saturated dark, blood red color. The..
3.1" Cubic BLUE FLUORITE Crystal +Superb PURPLE PHANTOMS Denton Mine IL for sale
The phantoms in this gemmy fluorite specimen from Illinois are outstanding.  Set inside royal b..
2" Gemmy Green Sparkly DIOPTASE Crystals to 15mm Altyn Tyube Kazakhstan for sale
Here is a very colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green. Many of the ..
4.1" Sharp Detailed FOSSIL LEAF Aleophylus flexifolia Green River Utah for sale
This is a very good specimen of a fossil leaf, Aleophylus flexifolia, from Utah's Green River Format..
4.9" 11oz Bright-as-a-Penny Shiny Orange VEIN COPPER Caledonia Mine MI for sale
In Michigan's copper mines, copper is often found loose in the veins, when the calcite has naturally..
2.3" Saturated Neon Blue CAVANSITE Crystal Spheres on Stilbite India for sale
Cavansite is a favorite with mineral collectors because of its bright blue color and dramatic contra..
.8" Red Cloud Mine WULFENITE Very Colorful Orange Red Gemmy Crystal AZ for sale
Red Cloud wulfenite is famous for its brilliant red-orange color, and this thumbnail specimen is a g..
1.1" SharpClear Dbl Terminated HERKIMER DIAMOND QUARTZ Crystal New York for sale
Hickory Hill produces some of the clearest, most gem-perfect Herkimer diamonds around, and this comp..
2.6" Vivid BurgundyRed Gemmy PRUSKITE Shiny Sharp Crystals to 1" Poland for sale
On this gorgeous specimen, vivid burgundy red crystals sit on a slightly yellow-orange matrix, creat..
7" PALYGORSKITE AKA MOUNTIAN LEATHER Flexible Cloth Mineral Washington for sale
Here is one of the weirdest mineral specimens in the world: a thin, soft and supple specimen that lo..
5.2" Split GEODE Both Halves Lined w/Twinkling Quartz Crystals Morocco for sale
Both halves of this geode are lined with sparkling clear quartz crystals, creating a fantastic fairy..
8.3" Brilliantly Polished SPLASH COPPER with Vivid Blue-Green Patina MI for sale
Native Upper Peninsula Michigan copper is used to make these artistic free-form sculptures.  No..