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4.3" Transparent Gem YellowGray Terminated BARITE CRYSTALS Linwood Iowa for sale
This is a very attractive specimen of barite from the 2012 pocket at the Linwood Mine. The sharply-f..
2.4" Hopper BISMUTH Crystals Shiny Metallic Blue-Silver-Magenta England for sale
Here is a specimen of lab-grown bismuth that features large crystals in brilliant, heavily saturated..
2.9" Polished Slice Bulls Eye STALACTITE AMETHYST Vivid Purple Uruguay for sale
The lovely amethyst stalactites from Uruguay are sometimes sliced into thin slabs then polished to r..
2.5" Sharp Clear SMOKY QUARTZ Crystals Moat Mtn NH ex-Ernie Schlichter for sale
This is a beautiful specimen of gemmy smoky quartz on microcline from Moat Mountain in New Hampshire..
12.6" WINDOW PANE SELENITE Crystal Natural Transparent Clear Slab Utah for sale
Here is a large crystallized plate of selenite from the White Ice Mine in Utah. It is clearer than a..
3.6" Rich Sapphire Blue KYANITE Crystals Embedded inMilky Quartz Brazil for sale
The bladed kyanite crystals on this specimen are colored an intense sapphire blue, in a shade that i..
1.2" Sparkling Gem Clear HERKIMER DIAMOND Double Terminated Crystal NY for sale
Here is a Herkimer diamond quartz crystal that is sharp and gem clear. The planes of the crystals ar..
2.7" Blue-Violet FLUORITE Step-Growth Cubic Crystals Denton M Illinois for sale
Here is a fine cubic fluorite specimen from a classic locality: the world-famous Denton Mine. The Il..
4.3" Lavender AMETHYST SLICE Polished w-Crystals+BullsEye Rings Uruguay for sale
Here is a lovely polished slice of amethyst from Uruguay, a piece of a stalactite that has been thin..
4.3" CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE Natural White Flower in Black Limestone China for sale
On this amazing specimen there are several flower-shaped clusters of white andalusite crystals, whic..
1.2" 98ct Flashy Fiery Play-of-Color Red-Green-Orange Gem OPAL Ethiopia for sale
The fiery colors inside this Ethiopian fire opal are bright and luminescent, creating flickering spa..
5.3" Shimmery TurquoiseGoldOrange LABRADORITE Polished Form Madagascar for sale
This fine, 3.2 pound specimen of labradorite shimmers with bright iridescence, which is visible on t..
1.5" Wet-Look GoldenYellow APATITE Terminated Crystal w/Rainbows Mexico for sale
Here is a see through transparent gem yellow apatite crystal from this classic locality in Mexico. T..
4.2" BICOLOR LEPIDOLITE Crystal Lavender Around Silver Muscovite Brazil for sale
Lepidolite is a lavender-colored mica that is found in lithium pegmatites. This specimen is somethin..
2.6" Bright Glassy Yellow Green ADAMITE Fine Crystals on Matrix Mexico for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of adamite, featuring sharp, gleaming yellow-green crystals perched up ato..
2.3" Transparent Iridescent Gem Turquoise Blue AQUA AURA QUARTZ Crystal for sale
This aqua aura quartz crystal is see-through clear at the top, with brilliant luster and excellent q..
6.6" 2.5LB Bright Flash Iridescent PEACOCK BLUE LABRADORITE Madagascar for sale
Here is a sample of the new labradorite that is being mined at the new Norcross quarry in Madagascar..
3.4" Rich Purple &Clear Phantoms FLUORITE Sharp Crystals Denton Mine IL for sale
This is a fine specimen of phantom flurite from the long-closed Denton Mine in Illinois. The phantom..
7.1" 29 gram Golden Copal AMBER With Winged Insects and Bugs Madagascar for sale
Here is a fine stalactite-shaped piece of copal amber from Madagascar's Cap d'Ambre. The specimen is..
2.3" Rare BRUCITE Pakistan Colorful Pastel Yellow Botryoidal Crystals for sale
This fine specimen features translucent, botryoidal, spherical aggregates, with good luster and high..