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3.2" Terminated APATITE CRYSTAL Earthy Green Color Otter Lake Quebec for sale
Here is a large, surprisingly sharp crystal of apatite which is colored a dark, earthy green color. ..
.8" SharplyFormed PaleBlue JEREMEJEVITE Terminated Crystal .5ct Namibia for sale
This is a fine specimen-a lustrous, classic blue crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jeremejevite ..
2.7" 229ct DblTerminated PINK KUNZITE w/Green HIDDENITE Tip Afghanistan for sale
This is a fine, double terminated crystal of kunzite and hiddenite from Afghanistan's Paprock mine. ..
4.5" 266g Gemmy AMETRINE Crystal Purple Amethyst+Yellow Citrine Bolivia for sale
Most ametrine is massive and used for gem rough, and it is rarely crystallized. That makes the quali..
2.3" Rare Gemmy BLUE BARITE Wet Look Clear Crystal Cluster Stoneham CO for sale
This specimen of barite comes from the highly regarded Stoneham, Colorado locality. The piece is com..
1.9" 29g Juicy Turquoise Green CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough Australia for sale
This is a polished nugget of chrysoprase, colored a rich, deep, turquoise blue-green color. Other th..
1.7" Sparkling See Thru Gem Brilliant Orange Red ZINCITE Crystal Poland for sale
Here is a sharply formed zincite twinned crystal from Poland that simply glows with a vivid, rich an..
2.3" Terminated VESUVIANITE DarkGreen Crystal Sanford Maine Site Closed for sale
I collected this terminated crystal in 1990 at this classic, now-closed  Maine locality. The cr..
4.5" Milky Quartz Shot Thru by Magenta PINK TOURMALINE Crystals Brazil for sale
On this specimen the matrix is shot through with sharp, gemmy crystals of pink tourmaline, which con..
4.3" Colorful Turquoise Blue ARAGONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals China for sale
The color of this aragonite from China is a rich, vibrant turquoise blue which really catches the ey..
7mm 1ct Deep Ruby RED BERYL Gem Crystal Shiny Pristine Termination Utah for sale
Here is a superb, terminated, 1.1 carat crystal of gem red beryl.  The color is a lovely satura..
4.8" FADEN QUARTZ Line of White Air Bubbles Down the Middle Pakistan for sale
The quartz crystals on this specimen of faden quartz are doubly terminated, and grew outward from a ..
2.1" Sharp Lustrous Red Brown RUTILE Crystals in Matrix Bethel Vermont for sale
This rutile specimen comes from a little-known locality in north-central Vermont, the Davis Farm pro..
4.2" Bright & Lustrous RED CAP AMETHYST Crystals to .1" Thunder Bay ONT for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of Thunder Bay amethyst covered with a layer of red due to hematite inclus..
2.3" Sharp PYRITE CUBE SharpSingle Crystal MirrorBrite BrassyGold Spain for sale
Here is a super specimen of pyrite, formed into a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. The e..
5.6" Sharp Pale Purple FLUORITE Crystals +Matrix Blackdene Mine England for sale
Here is an old-time specimen of fluorite from the famed Blackdene Mine in England, which closed fore..
4.5" Red White & Pink RHODOCHROSITE Polished Stalactite Slice Argentina for sale
Here is a lovely polished slice of rhodochrosite from Argentina that has sharp bull's eye bands of r..
2.9" Natural Lively Yellow CITRINE CATHEDRAL Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
This is a fine citrine cathedral quartz crystal from Brazil. The color is 100% natural, and is a ric..
2" Pseudo GLENDONITE (Thinolite) Brown Spikes in Gray Concretion Russia for sale
Glendonite has had multiple identities over the years since it first appeared: first glendonite afte..
2.7" BrightWhite GLAUBERITE Pseudo Selenite Crystals Camp Verde Arizona for sale
This specimen consists of an interpenetrating crystal nodule of glauberite pseudomorphs of selenite ..