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4.4" Creamy Tan Coiled AMMONITE Fossil 100 Million Years Old Madagascar for sale
Here is a fossil ammonite in a creamy antique white color with fine details. It is the coiled shell ..
3.5" Orange Tabular WULFENITE Crystals withMimetite Rowley Mine Arizona for sale
This is an attractive specimen of bright orange wulfenite, with sharp individual tabular crystals pa..
5.3" FULGURITE Long Tan Melted Sand Tube from Lightning Strike Morocco for sale
This is an excellent specimen of fulgurite, a partially hollow glass tube that was created when ligh..
3.6" Terminated Crystal AQUA AURA QUARTZ Iridescent Turquoise Blue ARK for sale
Here is a sharply crystallized specimen of aqua aura quartz, consisting of a pair of intergorwn twin..
4.6" Dogtooth Shape SMOKY TESSIN QUARTZ Steep Tapered Crystals Brazil for sale
Here is an unusual tapering crystal of smoky quartz that is formed in the rare tessin-habit formatio..
3" Polished Bulls Eye MALACHITE SLICE Light & Dark Green Bands Congo for sale
The colorful and varied shades of green on this slice of bull's eye malachite combine with its brigh..
1.4" Green Flash DIOPTASE Sharp Flashy Wet Look Crystals to 10mm Congo for sale
This is a superb, flashy specimen of dioptase from the D.R. Congo, featuring extremely sharp and fla..
3.5" Gem Pink DANBURITE Striated Chisel Tip See-Through Crystal Mexico for sale
Here is a gem-tipped, sharply terminated danburite crystal in a warm, transparent pastel pink color...
6.2" VibrantTurquoise Botryoidal CHRYSOCOLLA w/MALACHITE Crystals Congo for sale
This is a brightly colorful specimen which combines chrysocolla with crystallized balls of malachite..
4.8" Emerald Green WetLook Gemmy ALUM Crystals to 2.3" on Matrix Poland for sale
This is a lab-grown specimen of green alum, in a bright grass green color that really grabs your att..
3.9" Porcupine Clear/White SELENITE FineNeedle Crystal Sprays Australia for sale
This dramatic specimen of selenite has 2 layers: the lower layer is composed of sphere-like growths ..
7.6" MOUNTAIN LEATHER Palygorskite Flexible Cloth-Like Rock Washington for sale
Here is one of the weirdest mineral specimens in the world: a thin, soft and supple specimen that yo..
2.9" Lemurian Seed OPAL AURA QUARTZ Shimmering Iridescent Crystals ARK for sale
The crystals on this opal aura quartz cluster are Lemurian SEed crsytals, with the characteristic te..
2.1" 79g IronNickel METEORITE TwistedShrapnel Sikhote Alin Siberia 1947 for sale
Here is a great specimen, a piece of the Sikhote Alin meteorite with the characteristic oriented shr..
3.2" Vibrant Violet GRAPE AGATE CHALCEDONY Botryoidal Spheres Indonesia for sale
Here is a highly representative example of the exciting material from 2016 mining near Manakarra Bea..
6.1" Multi-Colorful Multi-Layered PHANTOM FLUORITE Polished Slice China for sale
The multiple colors in this polished slice of fluorite from China are amazing: purple, lavender, blu..
2.8" Electric Blue CHALCANTHITE Crystals Not Lab Grown Planet Mine AZ for sale
Here is a naturally occurring specimen of chalcanthite that is colored such an amazingly bright neon..
2.7" Shiny Metallic Blue Magenta Gold BISMUTH Hoppered Crystals England for sale
Here is a lab-grown specimen of bismuth in a "hoppered" formation. The edges of hoppered crystals ar..
Wholesale Flat 13 pieces Orange WULFENITE Crystals JCHolmes Mine AZ @$4 for sale
Here are 13 richly covered plates of orange-brown vanadinite crystals to 4 mm on matrix from the J.C..
Wholesale Flat 6 pieces ClearWhite ARAGONITE Crystals Santa Eulalia @$8 for sale
Here are 6 specimens of clear and white aragonite crystals from Santa Eulalia featuring sharp crysta..