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3.7" Polished Clear Gem ICELAND SPAR +Rainbows+Double Refracting Brazil for sale
This polished gem calcite rhombohedron is water-clear, making it easy to see it perform the trick of..
3.5" MELANITE var. Andradite Dark Chocolate Brown Sharp Crystals Mali for sale
Here is a fine specimen of melanite, which is a variety of andradite garnet. It consists of a sharpl..
5.8" Polished Play ofLight Orange+Gold+Turquoise LABRADORITE Madagascar for sale
The color of this choice specimen of polished labradorite is amazingly vivid, with shades of turquoi..
5.4" Sparkling Intense Orange CREEDITE Spiny Mounds of Crystals Mexico for sale
This large, sparkling specimen of creedite features multiple spiky spheres of radiating red-orange c..
5.6" Fine Eye Catching MirrorBright Black HEMATITE "KIDNEY ORE" Morocco for sale
Brilliantly shiny botryoidal bubbles cover the entire display face of this hematite specimen from Mo..
4.5" Cardinal Red VANADANITE Crystals to 4mm on White Barite Morocco for sale
This superb vanadanite specimen features brilliant cardinal red crystals that are brightly colorful ..
5.3" TABULAR QUARTZ Bright Shiny Crystal w-Lots of Baby Tabbies Brazil for sale
Tabular quartz crystals, sometimes referred to as "tabbies", have two wide, flat sides. Sometimes th..
4" Polished PYRITE EGG with Bright Flashy Fine Crystal-Lined Vugs Peru for sale
Here is a specimen of pyrite that has been formed and polished into the shape of an egg that weighs ..
3.7" Radiating Steel-Gray Metallic Silvery Fans of PYROLUSITE Australia for sale
Here is a classic pyrolusite specimen from this remote locality. Pyrolusite is a manganese oxide min..
4.3" Light Yellow DOGTOOTH CALCITE Sharp Crystals on Matrix Pakistan for sale
The crystals on this calcite specimen from a new 2018 find in Pakistan are sharply formed scalenohed..
1.8" Gem Sherry Orange TOPAZ Transparent Terminated Crystal Group Utah for sale
The topaz crystals in this superb cluster are a rich amber-orange that has the color of a fine sherr..
3.3" FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Transparent Vibrant Sky Blue+Violet Illinois for sale
The transparent cleaved surfaces on this 8-sided fluorite octahedron let you look inside to see the ..
4.9" Sharp Flamingo Pink HALITE (SALT) DeepHoppered Crystals California for sale
This is a colorful specimen of hoppered halite crystals in an unusually rich rose-pink color. It fea..
4.6" Bright Translucent White Stacked Towers of CALCITE CRYSTALS China for sale
Here is a lovely calcite specimen from a new 2018 find in China. It features stacked towers of sharp..
6.4" Twinkling Emerald Green UVAROVITE Sparkly Dazzling Crystals Russia for sale
Hold this specimen in the sun or a bright light and you will not believe the dazzling display of twi..
3.6" Gleaming Iridescent ElectricBlue AQUA AURA KYANITE Crystals Brazil for sale
Aqua aura kyanite is one of the brightest, most colorful members of the family of lab-coated mineral..
2.9" White Botryoidal DUNDASITE w-CROCOITE Crystals Adelaide Mine 2018 for sale
Here is a rare specimen of rounded spherical aggregates of whitish botryoidal dundasite, a lead carb..
3.1" PREHNITE on EPIDOTE Crystals Hi-Contrast Grass Green on Black Mali for sale
The contrast between the rich saturated green of the botryoidal prehnite balls and the black (actual..
1.2" Rich Sky Blue Turquoise WHITE CAP AMAZONITE Crystal Smoky Hawk CO for sale
Here is a lovely crystal of amazonite from the famed Smoky Hawk claim, made famous on the "The Prosp..
3.6" ROMANECHITE Shiny Jet Black BubbleBall Botryoidal Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a splendid specimen of romanechite, a barium manganese hydroxide species. The piece is compo..