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3.2" Wet-Look Gemmy RosePink DANBURITE Crystal Sharp Termination Mexico for sale
Danburite is well known for forming in crystals like this, making beautiful crystal specimens. Here ..
3.5" Eye Candy Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Shiny Bright Crystals to 2" for sale
Bright, glossy crystals of aqua aura quartz covers this entire specimen, which features crystals tha..
8.1" Green CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Long Fibrous Crystals Eden Mills Vermont for sale
Here is a specimen of well-crystallized fibrous chrysotile asbestos, colored a delicate light greeni..
3.7" Gem Clear ICELAND SPAR Calcite Polished Rhomb with Rainbows Brazil for sale
This bright, highly polished gem calcite rhombohedron is water-clear, making it easy to see it perfo..
2.4" TwinkleSparkle RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Sharp Crystals to2.5" SAfrica for sale
Here is a group of terminated spirit quartz crystals that have been infused with titanium in the lab..
1.6" Fine Terminated Clear Gemmy PETALITE Rare Complete Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a well crystallized specimen of petalite, a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral. Complete cr..
1.8" Dozens of White & Gemmy PHENAKITE Crystals in Matrix Madagascar for sale
This is a matrix specimen with over a dozen phenakite crystals in a smoky quartz and magnetite matri..
.9" 20.1ct Gemmy PERIDOT Terminated Crystal Glowing KellyGreen Pakistan for sale
The color of this peridot crystal is an exceptionally vibrant jello green that really draws the eye...
3.9" Double BIRD'S NEST CHALCEDONY Neon Green Fluorescence New Mexico for sale
This is a specimen of the intriguing material that has been christened "bird's nest" chalcedony, bec..
4.9" Saturated Blueberry BLUE KYANITE Crystal Blades+MilkyQuartz Brazil for sale
There are many dozens of kyanite crystals on this specimen, and all are colored a vivid blueberry bl..
2.6" 12oz Shiny Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget Copper&Algodoite&Domeykite MI for sale
This flashy nugget is composed of mohawkite, a blend of copper and the two rare minerals algodoite a..
4.4" 564g Gem Grade DarkBlue Polished LAPIS LAZULI Lazurite Afghanistan for sale
This gem grade, 1,2 pound specimen of lapis lazuli has been polished on all sides to a brilliant glo..
2.3" Electric Blue Fuzzy CYANOTRICHITE Acicular Crystals to 2mm China for sale
The fuzzy acicular crystals on this fine specimen of cyanotrichite are 1-2mm long, and are colored a..
6.4" 1.6LB Lustrous Gleaming Polished Red Orange COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
This is an amazingly complex, extra-large native copper nugget from Michigan. It has been polished a..
2.9" Sector Zoned FLUORITE Crystals Green+Purple+Clear Okaruso Nambia for sale
Inside many of the crystals on this fluorite specimen from Namibia is a purple octahedral zone insid..
.9" 48ct Russian PHENAKITE Type Locality Complete Translucent Crystal for sale
This is a 48 carat phenakite crystal from Izumrudnye, Russia, the type locality for this rare minera..
2.7" Rainbow Colorful BISMUTH Crystal Green Gold Magenta Blue Germany for sale
Here is a colorful, lab-grown specimen of pure bismuth that is incredibly beautiful. It is made up o..
2" 3.6oz Metallic Nickel Iron Kamacite METEORITE Canyon Diablo Arizona for sale
This Canyon Diablo meteorite comes from an area just outside Arizona's famed Meteor Crater National ..
3.4" Sharply Detailed Brown FOSSIL LEAF Eocene 50 MYO Green River Utah for sale
This fossil specimen is a complete leaf of Cedrelospermum nervosum, an extinct member of the Ulmacea..
1.8" Gemmy Pink CHABAZITE-Ca +Stilbite Sharp Wet Look Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a fine specimen of chabazite in a rich pinkish-orange color, from a find in Morocco in late ..