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3" TANGERINE QUARTZ Sharp Gemmy Fruity Colorful Crystals to 2.9" Brazil for sale
This cluster of flashy, lustrous gem clear quartz crystals is colored a light tangerine orange color..
4.1" Bright Colorful Vivid Green Silky FIBROUS MALACHITE Crystals Congo for sale
Fibrous malachite is arguably the showiest form of this popular mineral. Here the malachite has crys..
This Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal is as near-perfect as they come, and it has an enhydro bubble i..
6.3" COPROLITE Fossil Dinosaur Dung SharplyFormed Odor Free! Madagascar for sale
Coprolite is fossilized dinosaur poop, a trace fossil from dinosaurs that roamed what is now Madagas..
3.1" Fat Dripping Lemon Yellow SULFUR STALACTITE Blue Fire Volcano Java for sale
The Kawah-Ijen volcano in Indonesia has a unique feature: it discharges molten sulfur which drips fr..
5" Neon PEACOCK ORE Turquoise Blue Magenta Violet CHALCOPYRITE Mexico for sale
Here is an eye-catching chalcopyrite specimen that features sparkling iridescent chalcopyrite in fla..
3.8" Pastel Yellow BALL FLUORITE .8"Round Crystal on Sugar Quartz India for sale
Here is a pastel yellow, translucent hemisphere of ball fluorite on sparkling clear "sugar quartz" f..
2.1" 66g Fantastic Turquoise Blue CHRYSOPRASE Polished Nugget Australia for sale
This gem rough nugget of chrysoprase weighs 66 grams, and is 2.1" across. The color is a rich, satur..
3.8" Golden CALCITE Crystals Inside Pleistocene FOSSILIZED CLAM Florida for sale
In 2009, Ruck's Pit was producing fabulous fossil clam specimens with an unusual twist: they had gol..
.8" Translucent Red Orange Tabular WULFENITE Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
This sharp, tabular wulfenite crystal hails from the famous Red Cloud Mine in Arizona. The color is ..
2.4" ROSE QUARTZ Rare Crystals Terminated Sharp Pink and Gemmy Brazil for sale
This colorful specimen features baby pink, gemmy, terminated, high quality rose quartz crystals. The..
1.3" Rare Clear-White Gemmy PETALITE Lustrous Crystal Section Brazil for sale
This is a specimen of petalite, a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral, from Brazil. This section of ..
4.3" Polished Double Terminated Multi-Color Phantom RAINBOW FLUORITE for sale
You will be amazed by the intensity of the rainbow colors on this polished fluorite crystal. From en..
3.5" Sharply Detailed Dark Brown FOSSIL LEAF Green River Formation Utah for sale
This is an excellent specimen of a fossil leaf, Gymnocladus hesperia (a Fagaceae), from Utah's Green..
2.2" Vivid Royal Blue AZURITE NODULE with Crystals Kambove Mine Congo for sale
Here is a nodule of azurite from the Congo, which is richly covered with crystals that are shaped as..
2.9" 187g Shiny METEORITE Nickel-Iron Witnessed Fall 1516 Nandan China for sale
This is a 187 gram (6.6 ounce) piece of the famous Nandan meteorite, which was witnessed when it fel..
3.2" Shiny Polished CARNELIAN Sunset Orange +Blood Red Veins Madagascar for sale
The blood red veins on this polished carnelian nugget stand out very sharply against the rich, satur..
5.1" Brightly Iridescent PEACOCK ORE Turquoise Magenta Gold CHALCOPYRITE Mexico
The neon bright colors on this specimen of peacock ore, a form of chalcopyrite, are brightly iridesc..
5.8" Bright and Shiny DRIPPING COPPER Coral-Like "Stalactites" Michigan for sale
This formation was created by pouring molten copper at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit into a bale of hay wh..
1.9" Off White BERTRANDITE Micro Crystals in Dissolved Beryl Bethel CT for sale
Here is a rare specimen of bertrandite from a closed locality in Connecticut. The micro crystals are..