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8.9" Electric Green BOUSSINGAULTITE Crystals to 3.5" In Geode Germany for sale
This lab-grown specimen has several very large, truly spectacular crystals of boussingaultite in a s..
4.8" Flashy Red REALGAR Crystals on Terminated QUARTZ & PYRITE Peru for sale
The realgar crystals on this specimen are a rich, fire-engine red color, contrasting nicely with the..
5.2" INDICOLITE TOURMALINE DarkBlue Crystals ChickeringM New Hampshire for sale
The Chickering Mine is well known for producing large crystals of indicolite tourmaline in a rich, d..
5.5" Gleaming BOTRYOIDAL HEMATITE Bubbly Kidney Ore Formation Morocco for sale
This is a lovely specimen of Moroccan hematite which line the vugs on the piece with botryoidal bubb..
3.6" Elestial Pink Ice ROSE QUARTZ Heart of The Universe Crystal India for sale
This is a nice specimen of crystallized rose quartz from India. In addition to its delightful rose p..
4.2" GOLDEN BARITE Sharp Lustrous Clear Crystals with Gemmy Interiors France
This twinned French barite specimen from Auvergne was mined by a French collector who sold it to me ..
6.2" QUARTZ LINED GEODE Both Halves Lined w-Sparkling Crystals Morocco for sale
Both halves of this geode are lined with sparkling clear quartz crystals, creating a fantastic fairy..
1.7" Burgundy Red RHODONITE Crystal Piece w-Faces Morro da Mina Brazil for sale
Here is a very colorful, highly lustrous, crystal of rhodonite, in a saturated cherry red color. The..
1" Harlequin CONFETTI QUARTZ w-Lepidocrocite Madagascar for sale
Inside this polished quartz crystal is a phantom of dark red lepidocrocite crystal flakes, just unde..
2.7" Sparkly Magenta Red ROSELITE Gemmy Translucent Crystals Morocco for sale
Roselite is a rare cobalt rich arsenate mineral, and this is a great example. The crystals awre colo..
2.2" 450ct Cranberry Red Barrel Shape RUBY Crystal with RECORD KEEPERS for sale
Fine ruby crystals like this come from the famed diggings in Mysore, India. The crystal is sharp and..
1.3" RUTILE Sharp Metallic Wet-Look Complete Crystal Graves Mt Georgia for sale
Graves Mountain is well known as the source of what are considered the finest rutile crystals in the..
1.9" SeeThruOrange WINDOWPANE WULFENITE Crystals to.5" +MIMETITE Rowley for sale
This is an attractive specimen of bright orange wulfenite, with sharp individual tabular crystals pe..
2.5" Flashy Fruity Grape Violet PURPLE ALUM Octahedral Crystal Poland for sale
The color of this lab-grown alum crystal is a rich, fruity purple, and it has a brilliant flashy lus..
2" Shiny Transparent Sky Blue BARITE Terminated Crystal Cluster Morocco for sale
Blue barite specimens from Morocco were one of the big hits at the Tucson Show in 2015, but have sin..
2" Sunny Lemon Yellow GOLDEN APATITE Wet-Look Terminated Crystal Mexico for sale
Apatite crystals of this size and transparency are rarely found at this classic locality in Durango,..
.8" 17ct Gemmy Green ELBAITE TOURMALINE Shiny Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
I am a big fan of green tourmaline, and this crystal is a beauty.  It is well formed with a fin..
1" Sharp Lustrous Tangerine Orange SPESSARTINE GARNET Crystal Tanzania for sale
This spessartine garnet crystal is 1" in diameter, and it is sharply formed as a 12-sided dodecahedr..
4.6" Rich MossyGreen MOTTRAMITE Bubbly Botryoidal Fuzzy Crystals Mexico for sale
Here is a superb specimen of velvety mottramite on brown gossan matrix from the late 2011 find at th..
3.5" Fine Shimmering Iridescent RED AMMONITE Fossil Polished Madagascar for sale
Here is a beautifully polished specimen of ammonite, a coiled shell mollusk that lived about 100 mil..