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3.5" SharpMetallicBlack BIXBYITE Crystals in Rhyolite Matrix+Topaz-Utah for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of the rare mineral BIXBYITE, sitting on a white rhyolite matrix. Th..
2.0" Bright Golden RUTILE Epitaxial on HEMATITE-Sunburst Crystal-Brazil for sale
This colorful and unusual specimen is sprouting metallic golden shiny crystals from all around the e..
3.5" Green VESUVIANITE Terminated Crystals-Sanford ME-exErnieSchlichter-for sale
Here's an excellent specimen of terminated EPIDOTE crystals on matrix from a once-secret locality on..
4.5" Gemmy Clear-PaleYellow ANGLESITE Striated Terminated Crystals to 2"-Morocco
Here is an unusual and especially nice specimen of ANGLESITE on GALENA, which came out of Toussit, O..
3.2" Jet Black ILVAITE Sharp Shiny Wedge-Shaped Crystal-Mongolia-China for sale
This is an exceptionally large, superbly crystallized specimen of ILVAITE from Bayon Obo, Baotou Lea..
4.3" New! DarkGreen EPIDOTE Sharp Lustrous Tabular "Hexagonal" Crystals-Pakistan
This specimen is one of the "best of-the bunch" from a May, 2011 find of tabular EPIDOTE, from a bra..
5.3" ForestGreen FIBROUS MALACHITE RadiatingSparky Silky Crystals-Congo for sale
Here's a really superb specimen of FIBROUS MALACHITE (also called velvet or silky malachite) which w..
3.5" Dramatic Purple-Tip AMETHYST Gem Crystals to 1.7"-Vera Cruz Mexico for sale
Here is a delightful, impressively aesthetic specimen of AMETHYST from the classic Las Vigas localit..
3.3" Forest Green EPIDOTE Crisp Tabular "Hexagonal" Crystals-Pakistan for sale
This specimen is one of the top pieces of its size from the May, 2011 discovery of tabular crystals ..
2.8" SharpShinySilver RUTILE ExtraLarge Terminated Crystal-Graves Mt GA for sale
Here's a very significant old-timer, a 1970's classic RUTILE crystal from Graves Mountain in Lincoln..
These are high quality acrylic display stands - an elegant, attractive way to display your mineral s..
2.1" RareBlueGreen GIBBSITE-Botryoidal Aggregates-China
Here is an excellent specimen of the very rare aluminum hydroxide mineral GIBBSITE. The color on thi..
2.5"Grass Green DEMANTOID GARNET Crystals-Madagascar
Demantoid garnets are one of the rarer gemstones in the world. This colorful specimen is from the 20..
3.4"CloverGreen DEMANTOID GARNET Gem Crystals-Madagasca
Demantoid garnets are rare from anywhere. This is a fine specimen of DEMANTOID GARNET from the 2009 ..
3.4" BestFind Ever GrassGreen PYROMORPHITE-Loudville MA
Pyromorphite has become a hot item this year, with the arrival of lots of Chinese material. But this..
Jumbo 6" Clear Acrylic 3-PEG MINERAL DISPLAY STANDS for sale
These are high quality acrylic display stands - an elegant, attractive way to display your mineral s..
1.5" Sharp SilverGray BOURNONITE Crystal- China
Here is an excellent specimen of the uncommon mineral BOURNONITE. The color on this specimen is a lo..
2.5" Olive Green BARITE Sharp Tabular Crystals White Phantoms for sale China
This is a lovely large cluster of TABULAR BARITE CRYSTALS with sharp WHITE PHANTOMS from the MULI MI..
9" BABINGTONITE-MA State Mineral-Cheapside Quarry  MA
Babingtonite is the STATE MINERAL OF MASSACHUSETTS - and arguably the best crystals ever found of th..
2.0" Boulder OPAL on Matrix Neon Green Electric Blue  Flash Australia for sale