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3.5" Electric Green SZENICSITE Crystals w/Dark Green POWELLITE Chile for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of the very rare mineral SZENICSITE with POWELLITE. The color on this ..
2" Sharp & Shiny Terminated Metallic Black RUTILE Crystal Graves Mtn GA for sale
Here's a very important old-time specimen, a 1970's classic RUTILE crystal from Graves Mountain in L..
5.5" BrightGreen PYROMORPHITE Crystals on MilkyQuartz Loudville MA 1999 for sale
PYROMORPHITE has become a hot item this year, with the arrival of lots of Chinese material. But this..
6" 100+Leafy Sprays ShimmerGreen SILKY MALACHITE Fibrous Crystals Congo for sale
Here's a really eye-catching specimen of radiating FIBROUS MALACHITE (also called silky or velvet ma..
4.8" Green HIDDENITE 2 Crystals to 3.9" on DT SMOKY QUARTZ Afghanistan for sale
This gemmy specimen of GREEN HIDDENITE SPODUMENE is an outstanding example of this rare mineral. Thi..
11.5" Flashing Mirror-Like Smoky ELESTIAL JACARE QUARTZ Crystal Brazil for sale
Here's an excellent specimen, a shining arm-shaped piece of ELESTIAL JACARE SMOKY QUARTZ crystals fr..
10.5" Jumbo Vivid Green Cubic FLUORITE Crystals to 6" w/Calcite Morocco for sale
This specimen of GREEN FLUORITE comes from El Hamman, Khenifra, Morocco. I purchased it form a Moroc..
5.5" CAVANSITE Dozen+ Bright Blue Crystal Balls on White STILBITE India for sale
Over the last couple of decades, literally thousands of CAVANSITE specimens have been extracted from..
7.8" Lengthy MirrorBright Silver STIBNITE Crystals w/Terminations China for sale
This STIBNITE specimen is a Chinese classic! It was collected at the Xe He Xiang Antimony Mine, Huna..
4.9" WELOGANITE 18 Sharp Crystals to 8mm in 2 Vugs Francon Q Montreal for sale
Here's a specimen of WELOGANITE from the long-closed Francon Quarry, St. Michel, Isle Montreal, Mont..
7" Superb SMOKY QUARTZ on MICROCLINE Moat NH No Damage ex-E.Schlichter for sale
This is a good specimen of SMOKY QUARTZ on MICROCLINE and CLEAVELANDITE (ALBITE) from Moat Mountain ..
5.7" Bright TurquoiseBlue AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Crystals Arkansas for sale
Here's a gorgeous specimen of AQUA AURA QUARTZ from the Jim Coleman Quartz Mine, Hot Springs, Arkans..
5.3" Unusual Large Shiny Well CRYSTALLIZED COPPER on Matrix Keweenaw MI for sale
This large specimen of crystallized NATIVE COPPER comes from the Calumet & Hecla Mine, Calumet, Houg..
2.2" Sharp Terminated Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals Serifos Island Greece for sale
This is a highly aesthetic and superb quality specimen of sage GREEN QUARTZ (PRASE) from Mega Horio,..
6.1" Flashy Jacare ELESTIAL SMOKY QUARTZ ParallelGrowth Crystals Brazil for sale
Here's an excellent specimen, a shining arm-shaped piece of ELESTIAL JACARE SMOKY QUARTZ crystals fr..
1.4" 97ct Glassy Gemmy Baby Pink MORGANITE Beryl Crystal Mozambique for sale
Here's an attention-grabbing, extraordinarily beautiful crystal of MORGANITE (BERYL) in a luscious p..
3.9" GROSSULAR GARNET Luscious Raspberry Red Crystals on Matrix Mexico for sale
Here's a very attractive specimen of colorful pinkish-red GROSSULAR GARNET. This piece comes from a ..
5" Pastel Lavender Botryoidal SMITHSONITE Crystals El Refugio M Mexico for sale
Here's a very colorful specimen of botryoidal SMITHSONITE in a rich lavender-violet color from the r..
1.9" StunningShinyBlue AZURITE Crystals Overcoating Malachite Milpillas for sale
This is an excellent specimen of AZURITE from the Milpillas Mine, near the town of Milpillas, in the..
1.1" 30.3ct Sharp Gemmy PINK TOURMALINE Terminated Crystal Afghanistan for sale
Here's a wonderful specimen of TOURMALINE from the famed gem pegmatite in Paprock, Nuristan Province..