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1.6" Lustrous Gemmy Bright Green DEMANTOID GARNETS Madagascar for sale
This is a very select specimen of DEMANTOID GARNET that came from well-known deposits in a mangrove ..
3.7" Translucent BrightYellow BARYTE Barite Gemmy Crystals Meikle Mn NV for sale
This is a spectacular specimen of yellow BARITE crystals from the Rust Buckeet Pocke, 1375' level, M..
2" Clear Terminated JAPAN LAW QUARTZ Crystal Sharply Formed Madagascar for sale
JAPAN-LAW TWIN QUARTZ crystals of this size and quality are very rare. They sometimes look like rabb..
1.7" 198ct Shimmery Play-of-Color FIRE OPAL Gem Rough Nodule Ethiopia for sale
This is a fine "chocolate" opal from Ethiopia, which displays brilliant flashes of red, orange and g..
3.5" Transparent Pale Yellow Bladed BARITE Crystals Miraflores Peru for sale
This is a very choice specimen of BARYTE crystals from the Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Huamalies Pro..
8.2" Creamy White BARITE w/Blue PHANTOM FLUORITE Crystals Elmwood TN for sale
The creamy white barite on this specimen from Elmwood is formed into 2 intersecting mounds, which ar..
5.1" TwinklingGreen MALACHITE Micro Crystals Botryoidal Formation Congo for sale
Here's a really superb specimen of FIBROUS MALACHITE (also called velvet or silky malachite) which w..
2.9" Rich Burning Ember FIRE AGATE Polished Gem Rough on Matrix Mexico for sale
This beautiful specimen of gem-grade, precious fire agate is nestled within a matrix of white chalce..
.7" 9.4ct Terminated Gemmy Crystal TANZANITE Cornflower Blue Tanzania for sale
Here's a 100% natural, untreated crystal of TANZANITE. The color is outstanding - a vibrant cornflow..
3.5" GlowingEmber MoltenRed ALMANDINE GARNETS to15mm+GRAPHITE Erving MA for sale
These gemmy almandine garnets shine like burning embers in a fire, when backlit in a window or with ..
5.6" Bright Red Orange Shiny NATIVE COPPER Vein Filling Keweenaw MI for sale
This is a fine example of sheet (float) copper that occurred in a vein in the fabled Caledonia coppe..
1.9" Bubbly Pale Blue Velvet SHATTUCKITE Crystal Lining Vug Namibia for sale
Here is a very choice specimen of the rare copper silicate mineral SHATTUCKITE. It is colored a brig..
1.7" Metallic Golden RUTILE Needle Crystals Epitaxic on Hematite Brazil for sale
This specimen of golden RUTILE and metallic HEMATITE comes from Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil. This ..
4.5" SeeThru Gem Purple AMETHYST on Matrix w/Sceptered Crystal VeraCruz for sale
Many people argue that the AMETHYST from the Piedra Parada locality in Vera Cruz, Mexico is the most..
1.8" Amethyst/Smoky SCEPTERED QUARTZ Crystal Lrg Head Small Shaft India for sale
Here is a terrific specimen of well-crystallized AMETHYST quartz from Karur, Chenai (Madrass), South..
3" Nearly Black EPIDOTE Crystals w/Colorful Green PREHNITE Balls Mali for sale
This choice, brightly colored specimen of botryoidal PREHNITE with EPIDOTE came out of Bendoukou, Sa..
3.1" Brilliant GALENA Sharp Cube-Octahedral Crystals w/Quartz Bulgaria for sale
This is a superb specimen of GALENA (Lead Sulfide) from the Krushev Dol Mine, Madan, Rhodope Mountai..
1.6" YellowGreen BRAZIIANITE Double Terminated Crystal on Albite Brazil for sale
Here's a wonderful jewel-like crystal of sunshine yellow BRAZILIANITE on white ALBITE from the Teler..
1" Shiny Zoned Blue/Green FLUORAPATITE 3 Crystal Cluster Sapo M Brazil for sale
Here's a specimen with three sharp, earthy green twinned crystals of APATITE from the Sapo Mine, Goi..
5.5" Startlingly WaterClear QUARTZ CRYSTAL ChiselTip Termination Brazil for sale
Here's a breathtaking CLEAR QUARTZ crystal from Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The quartz is brig..