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9.8" GLACIAL CONCRETION Natural Smooth Sculpted Form GrayGreen Color VT for sale
Here's an amazing calcium carbonate GLACIAL CONCRETION from an obscure gravel pit in Sharon, Vermont..
4.3" Gemmy Iceberg BlueGreen DATOLITE Gemmy Crystals to 1.6" Dalnegorsk for sale
This is an eye-catching specimen of DATOLITE - CaBSiO4 (OH) which I acquired at the Tucson Gem, Rock..
1.2" Sharp Clear-Pink-Green TOURMALINE Crystal onMicrocline Afghanistan for sale
Here's a wonderful specimen of TOURMALINE on MICROCLINE from the famed gem pegmatite in Paprock, Nur..
6.8" Golden Rutile RUTILATED QUARTZ Record Keeper 2 Gem Crystals Brazil for sale
This is a really fine RUTILATED QUARTZ crystal. Rutile occasionally crystallizes in golden needles, ..
2.4" RivetingRed VANADANITE Shiny Crystals to .4"on WhiteBarite Morocco for sale
The world-famous mines at Mibladen, Midelt, Khenifra Province, Meknes-Tafilalet Region, Morocco have..
4.4" Purple Lavender Green VESUVIANITE Crystals Jeffrey Mine Quebec for sale
This is an eye-catching specimen of green & raspberry purple VESUVIANITE from the Jeffrey Mine in As..
4.2" EZ-To-See Smoky PHANTOM Inside Terminated CITRINE Crystal Brazil for sale
Here's a superb crystal of gemmy PHANTOM CITRINE QUARTZ from the Jairo Mine, Resplendor, Doce Valley..
3.8" Sharp Azurite Crystals PSEUDOMORPHED to MALACHITE Milpillas Mexico for sale
This fine specimen features very sharp MALCHITE PSEUDOMORPHS AFTER AZURITE crystals that came out of..
1.8" SILVER/COPPER HALFBREED Bright RedOrange & ShinySilver Keweenaw MI for sale
This is a highly aesthetic specimen of "HALFBREED" NATIVE SILVER with NATIVE COPPER from Houghton, O..
4" Dodecahedral Red Raspberry GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals to .8" Mexico for sale
Here's a very attractive specimen of colorful pinkish-red GROSSULAR GARNET. This piece comes from a ..
2.4" Green CLINOATACAMITE Crystals on Turquoise DRUZY CHRYSOCOLLA Peru for sale
CLINOATACAMITE is a rare copper chloride mineral, found in only a handful of places in the world. Th..
4.4" Highly Lustrous Vivid Green DIOPTASE Crystals to .6" in Vug Congo for sale
This highly aesthetic specimen of DIOPTASE comes from an old find at the Kimpese Mine, Lukasi, Katan..
8" Museum Sparkling Golden Tan Bladed BARITE Crystals Cavnic Romania for sale
This is a spectacular cluster of bladed golden tan BARITE crystals - a classic find from Cavnic, Mar..
1.3" 141ct Gemmy Vivid Pink APATITE Shiny Terminated Crystal Pakistan for sale
The area around Chumar Bakhour, Nagar, Northern Areas, Pakistan is famous for producing beautiful PI..
2" Shiny Royal Blue BENITOITE 14 Sharp Crystals on Matrix Benito Co CA for sale
Here's a very attractive specimen of BENITOITE with NEPTUNITE from the Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benit..
14.4" MuseumSize FLUORITE w/SIDERITE Crystals Boltsburn Mine UK Pre1932 for sale
This is a sharp, clear FLUORITE with SIDERITE specimen from a little-known and long-closed locality ..
1.3" Flashy Sprays of Green LUDLAMITE DoubleTerminated Crystals Bolivia for sale
Here is a top-notch thumbnail specimen of the very rare phosphate mineral LUDLAMITE. The crystals ar..
4.7" Vivid Teal Blue Green HEULANDITE Sharp Shiny Curved Crystals India for sale
Here's a fabulous specimen of green HEULANDITE crystals from Sakur in Maharashtra, India. The blue g..
4.2" Sharp Metallic Black CUBIC MAGNETITE Crystals to.5" ZCA#4 1993 NY for sale
In 1993-4, a large pocket was opened at the 2500' Level of the Z.C.A. #4 Mine in Balmat, St. Lawrenc..
7.5" Daylight Fluoresce BlueGreen Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Rogerley M UK for sale
This is an outstanding blue-green FLUORITE specimen direct from a classic locality - the highly accl..