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3.2" Gemmy FADEN QUARTZ Crystal w/ Wide White Line of Bubbles Pakistan for sale
This exceptional FADEN QUARTZ crystal specimen comes from Wana, Waziristan, Fata, Pakistan. Faden qu..
7.5" CLEAR QUARTZ TimeLine ChiselTip Terminated Crystal +Calcite Brazil for sale
Here's a large, very sharply formed Brazilian quartz crystal with an excellent chisel-tip terminatio..
3.2" Clear QUARTZ w/Bubbles Record Keepers Dbl Terminated Crystal China for sale
This clear QUARTZ crystal comes from Lesan City, Sichuan Province, China. I picked up this piece at ..
3.1" Shiny Silver Gray GALENA Flattened Cuboctahedral Crystals Bulgaria for sale
This is a superb specimen of GALENA (Lead Sulfide) from the South Petrovista Mine, Madan, Rhodpe Mou..
5" V.Pale Pink DANBURITE Cluster Crystals to 3.5" w/Chalcopyrite Mexico for sale
This is a superb specimen of gemmy clear and white DANBURITE - a large cluster of crystals from the ..
4.5"GlassyGoldenYellow FLUORITE Cubic Crystals +Calcite Moscona M Spain for sale
I love the yellow FLUORITE from the Moscona Mine, Solís, Llanera, Villabona, Asturias, Spain. The sp..
5.4" GlassyPurple FLUORITE Cubic Crystals w/Barite, Quartz Berbes Spain for sale
This is a lovely specimen of cubic violet FLUORITE crystals from a classic locality - the world-famo..
.4" Sharp BOLEITE ShinyCompleteCubic Crystal on 3.0" Matrix Baja Mexico-for sale
This exemplary crystal of BOLEITE set on a clay matrix comes from The Amelia Mine, Santa Rosalia (El..
3" Sky Blue Cubic BOLEITE Crystals Pseudomorphed to CHRYSOCOLLA Mexico for sale
This specimen was collected in 2011 by my friend, mineral miner and dealer Jack Crawford. Over the y..
3.4" Sky Blue AQUAMARINE Sharp Gem Crystals w/Black TOURMALINE Namibia for sale
This specimen of aquamarine on microcline and schorl tourmaline stands out as a first-rate, cabinet-..
5" Blue SPINEL v.GAHNITE Crystals Closed Locality 1989 Davis M Rowe MA for sale
Here's an excellent specimen of GAHNITE, a rare variety of octahedral BLUE SPINEL, on a matrix of qu..
2" Bright Silver SKUTTERUDITE VSharp Crystals to 1.4" Bou Azer Morocco for sale
Irthem, Bou Azzer, Morocco, has long been famous for producing choice specimens of SKUTTERUDITE (nic..
2.9" ShinyOctahedral CUPRITE SharpMetallic Crystals w/Chrysocolla Congo for sale
Here's a great specimen of CUPRITE with CHRYSOCOLLA from the Mashamba West Mine, Shaba, Katanga, Con..
4.5" INDICOLITE TOURMALINE Hair Crystals in aBlue Quartz Crystal Brazil for sale
This is an exceptional specimen of "blue quartz" - with tiny indicolite tourmaline crystals that hav..
1.7" Stacked Plates Off-White WITHERITE CRYSTAL Fluoresces Minerva#1 IL for sale
This is a beautiful twinned pseudohexagonal crystal of WITHERITE from a classic locality - the world..
6" Stacks of 1/8" Cream Crystals of HYDROXYL-APATITE Palermo M NH 1980s for sale
Here's a great specimen of one of the rarer forms of apatite - HYDROXYL-APATITE, from the #1 Shaft, ..
2.6" 885ct WaterClear ExtraSharp Gem TOPAZ Crystal Mimoso do Sol Brazil for sale
Here's a superb clear TOPAZ crystal from the Mimosa do Sol Mine, Sitio Cachoeirinha, , Minas Gerais,..
3.6" VSharp CUBIC MAGNETITE Crystals w/Talc ZCA #4 Mine Balmat NY 1992 for sale
Here is a superb specimen of cubic magnetite with a dusting of talc from the famous one-time find in..
3.8" 2 Exceptional CINNABAR Sharp Shiny Wine Red Crystals to 1/2" China for sale
The color of CINNABAR crystals from the Yan Wuping Mine, Wanshan District, Tongren Prefecture, Guizh..
5.4" Violet Purple Terminated AMETHYST CRYSTAL Cluster w/Calcite Brazil for sale
Some of the world's finest AMETHYST crystals come from the area around Ametista do Sul, Alto Urugal ..