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4.4" Blood Red REALGAR Crystals on Galena and Quartz Paloma Mine Peru for sale
The Paloma Mine has been closed for a long time, but was being worked in 2015 for specimen material ..
3.1" Almost Perfect SPANISH PYRITE 5 Brassy Gold Cubes to 2.6" Navajun for sale
This is an excellent group of 5 exceptionally sharp and near-perfect interlocking cubic crystals of ..
5mm Rare Lustrous Sharp Blue BOLEITE Crystal on 2.6" Matrix Baja Mexico for sale
Boleite is a highly sought-after and very rare silver species that only occurred at the Amelia Mine ..
3.3" Gem HERKIMER DIAMOND Golden Healer Crystal with Rainbows New York for sale
This Herkimer diamond is a water clear quartz crystal that is sharp and double terminated, and is na..
4.4" Canary YELLOW BRUCITE Smooth Botryoidal Bubble Crystals Pakistan for sale
Here is a superb specimen that features translucent, botryoidal, spherical aggregates, with good lus..
2.4" Robin's Egg Blue AMAZONITE Sharp Twin Terminated Crystals Colorado for sale
From the Thunder Alley Claim on Pike's Peak comes this richly colored specimen of amazonite. There a..
4.1" Smooth Shiny Black Botryoidal ROMANECHITE Bubbly Crystals Morocco for sale
Here is a splendid specimen of romanechite, a barium manganese hydroxide species. The piece is compo..
5.9" FULGURITE Sand Fused to Glass by Lightning Strike Massachusetts for sale
This is a large specimen of the rare mineral fulgurite, the term used for the fascinating mineral le..
4.1" POLISHED MALACHITE Slice w-Multiple Green Circle Bulls Eyes Congo for sale
"Bull's eye" malachite is a perfect description of the patterns on this polished slice from a malach..
3.9" Prickly Pastel GREEN SELENITE Spiky Radiating Crystals Australia for sale
Here is a specimen of green selenite from Australia's Pernatty Lagoon.  This piece is a crystal..
2" SPIRIT AQUA AURA QUARTZ Vivid Iridescent Turquoise Crystals S.Africa for sale
What a combination: a spirit quartz crystal that has been laboratory infused with gold to make it an..
4.7" BLACK OBSIDIAN Wet-Look Volcanic Glass +Fayalite+Christobalite CA for sale
This dramatic specimen features shiny black obsidian with air-bubble holes lined with rare christoba..
1.8" Green PREHNITE BALLS +Dark EPIDOTE Bubbly Botryoidal Crystals Mali for sale
This lovely specimen of prehnite on epidote features botryoidal prehnite balls in a rich grass-green..
1.4" Dazzling Neon Blue CAVANSITE Crystal Balls on White Stilbite India for sale
Cavansite crystallizes as radiating globular clusters, made up of thin acicular crystals growing out..
3.1" TESSIN LEMURIAN SEED QUARTZ Gem Sharp Water Clear Crystal Colombia for sale
This remarkable crystal is perfectly water clear and sharply formed, in a rare combination of the te..
4.4" Blue-Green-Purple Phantom RAINBOW FLUORITE Polished Crystal China for sale
Here is a double terminated fluorite crystal which is filled with richly saturated colors, ranging f..
1.3" Shiny Metallic COPPER-SILVER HALFBREED Crystals Keweenaw Michigan for sale
Here is an old-time copper-silver specimen from the Upper Michigan peninsula.  The copper is sh..
16mm 9ct Terminated Golden Orange IMPERIAL TOPAZ Gemmy Crystal Brazil for sale
This imperial topaz crystal has unusually rich golden orange color, with scintillating fire inside t..
2.7" Violet-Purple-Magenta PURPURITE w/Iridescent Satiny Sheen Namibia for sale
Purpurite is prized for both its rarity and its intense purple color.  This specimen, which is ..
4" Vivid Green LIBETHENITE Sparkling Crystals on Matrix Morenci Arizona for sale
This is a well-crystallized specimen of libethenite, a rare copper phosphate mineral. It is colored ..