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3.4" Sharp GoldenOrange Bipyramidal WULFENITE Crystals +MIMETITE Mexico for sale
This is a fine specimen of wulfenite which has crystallized in the rare bipyramidal crystal habit. T..
3.3" Botryoidal BRUCITE Shiny Colorful Lemon Yellow Crystals Pakistan for sale
This brucite comes from the recent finds in 2017 in Pakistan, which has produced specimens that are ..
4" Lustrous Gemmy Emerald Green ALUM Crystals to 1.8" on Matrix Poland for sale
This gorgeous alum crystal group is an attention grabbing emerald green color. The crystals are octa..
1.8" 31g Polished CHRYSOPRASE Gem Rough Vivid Turquoise Green Australia for sale
Chrysoprase is an apple green, cryptocrystalline variety of a silica (quartz) that is used as a gem ..
9mm Sharp Shiny Metallic BIXBYITE Crystal in 2.3" Rhyolite Matrix Utah for sale
Here is a chunk of light tan rhyolite which hosts a large 9 mm bixbyite crystal.  The crystal i..
2" Fine Spray Gemmy Clear Iceberg Blue BARITE Pristine Crystals Morocco for sale
Transparent gemmy crystals of sky blue barite from a clsoed locality in Morocco are one of exciting ..
2.5" Colorful Blood Red Polished ALMANDINE GARNET Shiny Crystal India for sale
Almandine is the most popular and collectible member of the garnet family, and this one is a beauty!..
2.5" Saturated RoyalBlue AZURITE Radiating Rosette Crystal Groups Congo for sale
This is a colorful, eye-catching specimen of ultramarine blue azurite from the D.R.Congo, crystalliz..
2.4" Vivid Blue-Green Chalcedony GRAPE AGATE Sparkly Crystals Indonesia for sale
This is an intriguing variation on the lavender grape agate specimens that have been on the market s..
4.6" Rare Asbestos Variety ANTHOPHYLLITE Blue-Gray Fibers Massachusetts for sale
Anthophyllite is a rare member of the asbestos family, an amphibole mineral. In this specimen, it oc..
1.5" Orange&Golden PYROMORPHITE Rounded Crystals Bunker Hill Mine Idaho for sale
Here is a pyromorphite specimen that was collected by mine owner Bob Hopper in the late 1980s. It fe..
4.4" FULGURITE Sand Fused to Glass by Lightning Strike Massachusetts for sale
This is a fascinating specimen of the rare mineral fulgurite, the term used for the mineral lechatel..
5.6" SELENITE "Dagwood Sandwich" Layers of Clear&Orange Crystals Poland for sale
Here is an eye-catching specimen of thin, bladed, light orange and clear selenite crystals, with san..
1.1" Gemmy Dusty Rose PINK APATITE Sharp Shiny 6Sided Crystals Pakistan for sale
Here is a very beautiful, sharply crystallized cluster of half a dozen fluorapatite crystals in a lo..
2.7" 15.7oz Bright Metallic Silver Polished MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
Mohawkite is only found in two places in Keweenaw County, Michigan, and this nugget comes from the M..
3.2" FULGURITE HollowGlass Tube from Lightning Strike in Sahara Morocco for sale
This is a hollow tube of fulgurite, the name for the naturally formed tubes that are created when li..
2.9" Sharp Edged Cubic FLUORITE Gemmy Rich Red-Violet Crystals Illinois for sale
This specimen of red-violet fluorite comes from the Minerva Mine in Southern Illinois, which has bee..
1.5" 56ct See Through Clear Gemmy Terminated PETALITE Crystal Brazil for sale
The rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral petalite seldom occurs in fine, lustrous crystals like this ..
1.5" Clear Gemmy PETALITE Rare Terminated Crystal Shiny Luster Brazil for sale
This crystal is a lovely clear, gemmy specimen of the lithium mineral petalite. This piece is a rare..
1.8" Gemmy ORANGE KYANITE Bladed Crystal Vivid Saturated Color Tanzania for sale
This is a superior kyanite crystal in a very rare red-orange color. It comes from the 2007 find on S..