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1.9" Shiny as a Penny FLOAT COPPER Natural Metallic Red Orange Michigan for sale
In Michigan's copper mines, copper is often found loose in the veins, when the calcite has naturally..
1.9" SnowWhite MEYERHOFFERITE Pseudomorph After Inyoite Death Valley CA for sale
Here is a bright-white specimen of the rare borate mineral meyerhofferite that has replaced sharp pr..
3.3" Gemmy Purple-Violet Cleaved FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Crystal Illinois for sale
Here is a large fluorite octahedron from the Denton Mine. The fluorite has been cleaved along its na..
4.5" CELESTITE CRYSTALS Gem Clear Sky Blue Lustrous & Sharp Madagascar for sale
This is a section of a celestite geode which is covered with flashy sky-blue crystals.  The cry..
3.5" Shamrock Green PREHNITE BALLS with Lustrous EPIDOTE Crystals Mali for sale
On this specimen prehnite is formed as spheres which are speared through and underlain by lustrous d..
2.4" Bright Saturated Navy Blue AZURITE CRYSTALS Milpillas Mine Mexico for sale
The Milpillas Mine has mined out the last of the oxidized zone that produced the famous world-class ..
3.5" 1.4LB Polished COPPER NUGGET Gleaming Metallic Red Orange Michigan for sale
Here is a copper nugget from Michigan in a bright-as-a-new-penny metallic red-orange copper color. T..
4.7" 1LB Gem Grade Polished Deep Blue LAPIS LAZULI Lazurite Afghanistan for sale
Lapis lazuli (the name for gem lazurite) from Sar-e-Song has set the standard for this attractive se..
4.1" Fine CELESTITE GEODE Lined w-Lustrous Sky Blue Crystals Madagascar for sale
This crystal-filled celestite geode is a fine example of this very popular mineral, featuring sharp,..
2.8" EPIDOTE with PREHNITE Crystals HiContrast GrassGreen on Black Mali for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of prehnite on epidote, featuring a couple of bubbly botryoidal prehnite b..
4.3" 1.5LB Glossy Polished Red Orange Metallic COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
In the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pure copper is sometimes found in nuggets, l..
2.3" Mirror Face AZURITE Sharply Terminated Dramatic Crystals Milpillas for sale
Here is a superb specimen -  an exceptional crystal of azurite from the highly regarded Milpill..
55 Million-Year-Old FOSSIL CLAMSHELL +Golden CALCITE Crystals Florida for sale
What a combination -  a fossil clamshell that is lined with gem clear, golden calcite crystals!..
4.9" 431g LAPIS LAZULI Polished Freeform Intense Royal Blue Afghanistan for sale
Here is an attractive gem-grade specimen of polished lapis lazuli from the historic Sar-e-Sang mines..
4.2" Gem Clear ICELAND SPAR Calcite Polished Rhomb with Rainbows Brazil for sale
This bright, highly polished gem calcite rhombohedron is water-clear, making it easy to see it perfo..
1.2" WHITE CAP+STRIPES AMAZONITE Crystal Sky Blue Color Smoky Hawk M CO for sale
White cap and white stripe amazonites are rare and highly valued by collectors worldwide.  This..
4.3" CinnamonRed Shiny GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals to1" Bishop California for sale
Here is a flashy grossular garnet specimen with sharp, mirror-bright crystals lining a vug in a mass..
6.5" Sharp Gemmy Clear Multi-Terminated CATHEDRAL QUARTZ CRYSTAL Brazil for sale
This elongated cathedral quartz crystal has great buttress-like shoulders and well developed turrets..
2.4" SHERRY TOPAZ Sharp Shiny Gem Clear Crystals onRhyolite Matrix Utah for sale
This exceptional matrix specimen of topaz features several large, terminated crystals to 1" set on a..
6.1" Gemmy Glassy Golden Yellow Cubic FLUORITE Crystals Villabona Spain for sale
This Spanish fluorite specimen features transparent cubic crystals to .3" of a rich yellow honey col..