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2.5" 1LB ALMANDINE GARNET Polished Blood Red Dodecahedral Crystal India for sale
This blood red almandine garnet weighs 1 pound, and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It is poli..
1.9" Fine Sapphire Blue AZURITE SUN on White Siltstone Matrix Australia for sale
This is a 1.7" diameter blue flattened azurite disc set on a white kaolinite matrix on this showy sp..
2.7" Colorful Turquoise Blue ARAGONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals China for sale
The color of this aragonite from China is a rich, vibrant turquoise blue which really catches the ey..
4.2" Softball Size ALMANDINE GARNET Sharp Crystal DarkRed Color Vietnam for sale
The size and sharpness of this almandine garnet crystal are pretty amazing.  Rarely do garnets ..
1.5" Lustrous WetLook Jungle Green DIOPTASE Crystals Sharp &Gemmy Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of dioptase from the Congo, featuring sharp crystals and a mirror-bright fla..
1.7" BLUE HALITE Royal Blue Zones in Clear Salt Crystal Carlsbad NM for sale
This is a very striking crystal of blue halite, which is salt! This colorful piece has vivid royal b..
2.6" 2oz Curious Canyon Diablo Metallic Black Shiny METEORITE Arizona for sale
This nickel-iron meteorite comes from the famous Canyon Diablo meteorite, which created Arizona's Me..
2.9" Bright Brassy Gold PYRITE CUBE Sharp Natural Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
This cubic crystal of pyrite is amazing: it is 2.9" from tip-to-tip and 1.8" along the longest edge,..
4.3" Sparkling Buttery Yellow SULFUR Sharp Crystals on Matrix Bolivia for sale
On this fine sulfur specimen from Bolivia the white matrix is covered with sparkling gemmy sufur cry..
21mm 60ct Colorful Cranberry Red STAR RUBY with 6-Point Star Sri Lanka for sale
The 6-pointed star in this oval gem cabachon of ruby is sharp and fairly bright, and shows best when..
1.7" 2.3oz Shiny Nickel Iron Kamacite METEORITE Canyon Diablo Arizona for sale
This is a 2.3 ounce (65 grams) piece of the Canyon Diablo meteorite, which is thought to be core mat..
2.5" 1LB Dark Red ALMANDINE GARNET Polished Dodecahedral Crystal India for sale
The surfaces of this almandine garnet from India have been polished to a high luster, showing off th..
2.6" Mirrored Metallic Black RUTILE Multifaceted Crystal Graves Mt GA for sale
Here is a nearly complete specimen of rutile, a glossy, sharply-crystallized, multi-faceted crystal ..
1.2" Near Perfect Water Clear Gem Quality HERKIMER DIAMOND CRYSTAL NY for sale
Here is a sharp, clear crystal of Herkimer diamond quartz from the Hickory Hill diggings in New York..
2.1" 90 Degree FAIRY CROSS Twin Brown STAUROLITE Sharp Crystals Russia for sale
Here is a great specimen of staurolite featuring a sharply defined "fairy cross" in a dark red-brown..
2.1" Lustrous Jet BLACK TOURMALINE Terminated Trigonal Crystals Namibia for sale
Namibia is justifiably famous for its schorl tourmaline, and this is a fine example.  It is com..
1.9" Golden Crystal Needles of RUTILE Growing from ShinyHEMATITE Brazil for sale
ere is a beautiful sunburst of golden rutile, with crystals growing epitactic on the perimeter of a ..
4.4" FLUORITE Green+Purple Octahedral Crystals with White Quartz China for sale
This is a fine specimen of green fluorite crystals, from the De'An Fluorite Mine. The fluorite is mo..
1.8" 170ct Gemmy Vivid Vibrant Green DIOPSIDE Striated Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a 170 carat, sharp single crystal of bright green diopside from the 2007 find at Merelani Hi..
1" Sharp SkyBlue Gem AQUAMARINE Terminated Crystal onMicrocline Namibia for sale
This specimen of aquamarine with microcline and a bit of black schorl tourmlaine features excellent ..