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3.8" WULFENITE Bright Orange Bladed Crystals to 1.1" Jianshan M China for sale
This superb specimen of red-orange wulfenite comes from the 2015 find at the Jianshan Mine in China...
3.5" DATOLITE Blue Green Gemmy Shiny WetLook Crystals Dalnegorsk Russia for sale
This datolite specimen is a lustrous, well-crystallized example of the colorful blue-green datolite ..
4.5" Natural AMETRINE Purple Amethyst & Yellow Citrine Crystal Bolivia for sale
The colors inside this crystal are vivid purple and bright golden yellow, a rare combination of amet..
14mm RaspberryMagenta MUSHROOM TOURMALINE Gemmy Trigonal Crystals Burma for sale
The two elbaite, var. rubellite tourmaline crystals on this piece are botryoidal with a trigonal out..
7.1mm .85ct Deep Ruby Gem RED BERYL Crystal Pristine Termination Utah for sale
Red beryl, also known as bixbite, forms in lovely crystals in a lush, saturated ruby violet color th..
3.4" Sharp Gemmy Lustrous GOLDEN GRAY BARITE Crystal Linwood Mine Iowa for sale
The 2012 Pocket at the Linwood Mine in Iowa was an overnight success, as collectors rushed to buy th..
1" Colorful Blood Red VANADANITE Brilliant Shiny Gemmy Crystal Morocco for sale
This vanadanite crystal is an attractive old-time piece from Mibladen, Morocco. It features a satura..
4.4" Gemmy ICELAND SPAR Calcite Crystal Double Refracting Rhomb Mexico for sale
Here is a large, gemmy, clear, cleaved rhombohedron of Iceland spar (calcite) from Mexico.  It ..
3.2" Wild Colors Skeletal BISMUTH Crystals Stair Step Formation Germany for sale
The edges of the hoppered crystals on this lab-grown bismuth specimen are fully developed, but the i..
3" Flamboyant Rosy Pink RHODONITE Sharp Lustrous Crystals Ancash Peru for sale
This excellent and colorful specimen of rhodonite from Peru displays a wonderful assemblage of extra..
1.9" VividRoyalBlue Zones in Clear BLUE HALITE Salt Crystal Carlsbad NM for sale
This amazing crystal cleavage of halite (more commonly called salt) features vivid, saturated royal ..
3.3" LIGHTNING STRUCK QUARTZ Terminated Crystal Zig-Zag Furrow Brazil for sale
Here is a very fine example of one of the rarest form of quartz: a lightning struck crystal.  T..
1.9" Complex Elestial Lt Yellow CITRINE CATHEDRAL QUARTZ Crystal Brazil for sale
Here's an outstanding and highly aesthetic, gemmy, transparent citrine quartz cathedral crystal, col..
4.3" Shiny RichMintyGreen Foliated TALC World's Softest Mineral Vermont for sale
This large specimen of talc is a lovely shade of pastel mint green, and is composed entirely of foli..
7.9" Light Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals in Gray Mica Schist New Hampshire for sale
A friend of mine lives on Hell Hill in southern New Hampshire, where he collected this specimen of s..
2.2" NeedleSharp Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals +Actinolite Serifos Greece for sale
Here is an aesthetic specimen of green quartz (called prase) from the old classic locality on Serifo..
3.4" Bipyramidal WULFENITE Golden Orange Crystals +Black Gossan Mexico for sale
This well-formed and colorful specimen is richly covered with crystals of yellow wulfenite on black ..
1.1" 85.3ct Red and Green Gemmy WATERMELON TOURMALINE Crystal Brazil for sale
Watermelon tourmaline is a rare variety that displays two different colors in the same crystal - gre..
3.9" FlashyGlassy FrostingPink COBALTOAN CALCITE Sharp Crystals Morocco for sale
This is a superb, undamaged, large cabinet specimen of cobaltoan calcite. It is completely covered w..
3.3" RichRoyal Blue AZURITE Raised Round Crystal Concretions New Mexico for sale
The blueberry-like concretions on this specimen are a rich, royal blue color that is really appealin..