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4.2" Rich GoldenHoney YELLOW ICELAND SPAR Sharp Crystal Cleavage Brazil for sale
This specimen of Iceland spar (calcite) has good clarity, and clearly shows characteristic double re..
5.5" Spiky Branching White ARAGONITE Finger Crystals Coral-Like Mexico for sale
Here is an amazing specimen of aragonite from Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a large shrub-like branching ..
4.5" Dark Brown FOSSIL LEAF 48 Million Years Old Sharply Detailed Utah for sale
This is an excellent specimen of a fossil ulmaceae leaf, Cedrelospermum nervosum, from Utah's Green ..
2.3" BLACK TOURMALINE Crystal Intricate Multiple Terminations Namibia for sale
Here's a great twinned black tourmaline (schorl) specimen from Namibia with an interesting variation..
3.1" 8oz Polished COPPER NUGGET Lustrous Gleaming Red Orange Michigan for sale
This copper nugget from Michigan has been polished on both sides to bring out its rich copper color,..
2.1" Bright Brassy Gold PYRITE CUBE Sharp Natural Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a sharp single pyrite crystal that is 2.1" from tip-to-tip, and 1.3" along the longest edge...
2.4" PICROPHARMACOLITE AcicularHairyWhite Crystal Mounds Lavrion Greece for sale
This specimen features fuzzy cushions of picropharmacolite on matrix. Picropharmacolite is a rare Ca..
2.3" Shiny Gold PYRITE FOSSIL Spiral AMMONITES 2 Halves +Matrix Germany for sale
This is a nicely pyritized Pleuroceras ammonite fossil: both the positive and the negative impressio..
3.5" Shiny SilverMetallic GALENA Sharp Cubic Crystals Dalnegorsk Russia for sale
Galena from Dal'negorsk forms in fascinating variations on the usual cubic and octahedral crystals, ..
3.9" Gem Rosy Pink ICELAND SPAR Calcite Crystal Rhomb w-Rainbows Mexico for sale
Measuring 3.9" from corner to corner, this is a very pink, rainbow-filled specimen of Iceland spar, ..
4.1" 6.1oz Lustrous Gleaming Polished Red Orange COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
Here is an intriguing specimen- a shiny  copper nugget, with a bright orange-red copper color a..
2" Near Perfect PYRITE CUBE Smooth Mirrored Brassy Gold Crystal Spain for sale
This cubic crystal of pyrite is amazing: it is 2" from tip-to-tip and 1.3" along the longest edge, v..
3.6" Sharp Fan-Like Cluster of Radiating BLACK KYANITE Crystals Brazil for sale
The fan-like shape of this black kyanite specimen is typical of the material found in Minas Gerais. ..
5.7" Rare Dozens of Smooth Yellow FLUORITE BALLS to .5" on Quartz India for sale
Ball fluorite is rare, and this is a superb example of this highly collectible material, featuring a..
5.2" SILLIMANITE Gemmy Clear Crystals to .7" on Schist New Hampshire for sale
This specimen is a dark gray schist that is loaded with gemmy sillimanite crystals to nearly .7". Th..
5.1" Luminous Turquoise Blue ARAGONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals China for sale
This brightly colorful specimen of turquoise blue aragonite comes from China's Yunnan Province. The ..
2.8" 1.2LB DarkRed ALMANDINE GARNET Polished Dodecahedral Crystal India for sale
The surfaces of this almandine garnet from India have been polished to a high luster, showing off th..
.9" 31ct Very Gemmy PHENAKITE Crystal Section Ural Russia Type Locality for sale
This is a very clear, 31 carat section of a phenakite crystal form Russia, with great gemmy clarity...
4.1" Gem Clear LEMURIAN SEED QUARTZ Crystal Pristine Tip McEarl Mine AR for sale
Lemurian Seed quartz crystals like this one from the McEarl Mine in Arkansas are amazing; they are s..
2.9" Brilliant Red CROCOITE Square Needle Crystals on Matrix Tasmania for sale
This 2014 specimen of crocoite from the River Run Pocket is completely covered on the face with radi..