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2.5" KAMMERERITE Sharp Wet-Look Magenta Violet Crystals to 4mm Turkey for sale
This is an excellent specimen of the rare specieclinochlore (var. kammererite). It features sharp re..
1.1" Gemmy YellowGreen BRAZILIANITE LrgFlashy Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a gemmy brazilianite crystal that features sharp, well defined crystals in a lovely greenish..
2.5" UVAROVITE Vivid EmeraldGreen 1mm Twinkling Crystals +Matrix Russia for sale
This is a shimmering specimen of uvarovite garnet that is almost completely covered with 1mm twinkli..
3.5" DarkChocolate STAUROLITE CROSS Sharp 60-120 Degree Crystals Russia for sale
From a remote mountain in Russia come what are widely regarded as the finest staurolite crystals in ..
3.4" Rich Honey Gold YELLOW ICELAND SPAR Sharp Polished Cleavage Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen of Iceland spar (calcite) that has gem clarity, and clearly shows the characteris..
4.1" Shiny Polished Red-Orange Sculptural Native COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
This is a copper nugget from Michigan that has a bright red-orange "new as a shiny penny" copper col..
Wholesale Flat 7 pieces FineGreen EMERALD CRYSTALS in Matrix China @$16 for sale
You do not find gem emeralds from China, so it is no surprise that the emeralds on this lot of 7 mat..
Wholesale Flat 10 pieces RarePink ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTALS Bahia Brazil @$8 for sale
This is a flat of 10 colorful specimens of baby pink, gemmy, terminated, rose quartz crystals. They ..
Wholesale Flat 18 pieces BOULDER OPAL Gem Rough on Matrix Australia @$4 for sale
Here is a selection of 18 pieces of flashy specimens of boulder opal, an opal that is in a seam on a..
5.4" Flashy Shiny SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal w-Pristine Termination Arkansas for sale
This is a lustrous, very sharp smoky quartz crystal that is lovely on all sides. It has a sharp, cle..
5.5" 2.3LB Shiny Bright Red Orange VEIN COPPER Great Crystals Michigan for sale
This is a superb specimen of copper from Northern Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula that is a very shiny..
3.9" RecordKeeper Gemmy Yellow CITRINE QUARTZ Terminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is an outstanding and highly aesthetic, gemmy, transparent citrine quartz cathedral crystal, co..
1.7" Shiny Golden RUTILE Crystals Sunburst Epitaxial on HEMATITE Brazil for sale
On this amazing specimen, which resembles a sunburst, the metallic golden rutile needles grow direct..
2.4" 275ct Deep Green ELBAITE TOURMALINE ShinyTerminated Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a fine crystal of elbaite tourmaline in a deep dark green color that isopaque except along t..
1.9" Baby Blue Gem BARITE Sharp SeeThru Crystals on Psilomelane Morocco for sale
Here is a specimen of blue barite from Morocco that is a highly aesthetic example of the material fr..
1.1" 53ct Royal Blue GEM AQUAMARINE Pristine Terminated Crystal Nigeria for sale
This aquamarine crystal is a color-drenched almost royal blue that is unusually rich and saturated (..
3.6" Botryoidal Lawn Green PREHNITE Crystal Balls on Dark EPIDOTE Mali for sale
This is a lovely specimen of prehnite on epidote which features botryoidal prehnite balls in a grass..
6 CUBIC PYRITE Crystals to 3.3" in BrightMetallic Cluster Navajun Spain for sale
Here is an outstanding cluster of 6 exquisitely sharp, interpenetrating cubic crystals of pyrite in ..
4" Polished PYRITE EGG withDazzling Flashy Fine Crystal-Lined Vugs Peru for sale
This pyrite specimen has been shaped and polished into an egg that weighs 2.4 pounds. The surface is..
4.1" 100g YellowGold Copal AMBER Petrified Fossil Tree Resin Madagascar for sale
Here is an unpolished, natural chunk of copal amber from Madagascar's Cap d'Ambre. The piece is colo..