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2.7" Gemmy PINK APATITE DblTerminated Crystals onMatrix Gilgut Pakistan for sale
Here is a specimen of gemmy translucent apatite crystals from Nagir, in rich shades of rose pink. Th..
2.1" Gemmy BLUE BARITE Lustrous SeeThrough Twinned Crystals Stoneham CO for sale
Here is an excellent, classic specimen of barite crystals from the Sterling Mine in Stoneham, Colora..
2.6" Deep PurpleMagenta ERYTHRITE Sharp Lustrous Crystals to.7" Morocco for sale
This is an eye-catching specimen of erythrite-a hydrous arsenate of cobalt and nickel. The color is ..
3.9" Blood Red QUARTZ Terminated Crystals to 1.3" in Cluster Morocco for sale
Here is a red quartz specimen from the 2014 find in Morocco that features three generations of cryst..
5.1" Tapered Water Clear Gem TESSIN QUARTZ CRYSTAL w-Striations Brazil for sale
The gemmy clarity of this quartz crystal is truly astonishing, as there are few inclusions, veils or..
2.5" Super Sparkly Super Saturated VividGreen UVAROVITE Crystals Russia for sale
Here is a specimen of uvarovite garnet that is covered with 1-2 mm twinkling, sparkling crystals in ..
1.9" Violet Purple ROSELITE Crystals in Vugs in White Matrix Morocco for sale
Here are some translucent, very well defined crystals of roselite that line several vugs in the whit..
1.6" 450ct Cranberry Red RECORD KEEPER RUBY Crystal DblTerminated India for sale
Here is a fine ruby crystal that comes from the famed diggings in the Mysore District in southern In..
3.5" Golden Yellow Gem Clear SELENITE MACE w-Radiating Crystals Canada for sale
Here is an amazing specimen of selenite with sharp, gem-quality crystal blades radiating out from th..
2.5" Rare Clear Sparkling TARBUTTITE Crystals from Type Locality Zambia for sale
This tarbuttite specimen is covered with bright, sparkling crystals on a dark brown gossan matrix. T..
1.2" Magenta Red RHODONITE Crystal Section w-Faces Morro da Mina Brazil for sale
Here is a colorful, lustrous crystal of rhodonite, in a saturated cherry red color. The piece is a g..
6.2" Bristled Porcupine Crystal Balls of SELENITE on Selenite Australia for sale
Here is a superb selenite specimen, featuring small radiating groups of clear crystals mostly coveri..
4.1" Double Terminated ENHYDRO QUARTZ Crystal w/Moving Air Bubble China for sale
Here is an beautiful example of enhydro quartz, with a liquid-filled pocket with an air bubble trapp..
4.1" SharpShiny Gemmy SCOLECITE Terminated Radiating Fan Crystals India for sale
The radiating crystals on this very 3-dimensional specimen are clear for most of their length. ..
1.5" 445ct Cranberry Red RUBY CRYSTAL Record Keeper DblTerminated India for sale
Here is a sharply crystallized ruby crystal from Mysore, India. The hexagonal crystal is terminated ..
2.8" Sharp White on Black CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE Andalucite Flower China for sale
There is a flower-shaped cluster of white andalusite crystals on this specimen, which are embedded i..
2.8" Sharp White Andalucite Flower on Black CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE China for sale
The white andalusite in this black limestone nugget forms a white flower-like shape that is very att..
2.1" 99g Red Ruby Crystal in Green Zoisite WATERMELON RUBY Tanzania for sale
What a color combination: crimson red ruby enveloped in a green "rind" of zoisite, to form a waterme..
2.6" Shimmering Neon Red Orange Green Fossil AMMOLITE Ammonite Alberta for sale
Here is an exquisite, top quality specimen of fossil ammolite from Alberta, Canada, the only localit..
1.1" Wet-Look Brilliant Gemmy Green DIOPTASE Sharp-Edged Crystals Congo for sale
This is a specimen of top-notch, flashy dioptase from the D.R. Congo, featuring extremely sharp, gem..