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3.1" Gem Clear BARITE CRYSTAL Shiny Golden Gray Terminated Linwood Iowa for sale
Here is a specimen of of gemmy clear barite from the 2016 pocket at the Linwood Mine.  The crys..
4" 92.9g Large Glowing Golden COPAL AMBER Nugget Miocene Era Madagascar for sale
Here is a large nugget of real copal amber from Madagascar's Cap d'Ambre. The piece is colored a bri..
6.7" FOSSIL COPROLITE Sharp DINOSAUR POOP No Odor Complete Madagascar for sale
Fossilized dung is called coprolite, and this is a great example of dinosaur poop which has petrifie..
4 Sharp PYRITE CUBES Shiny Flashy Crystals to 2.1" in 3.2" Group Spain for sale
It is amazing that this pyrite specimen is 100% natural, not man-made, it looks so machine-perfect. ..
3.5" FADEN QUARTZ w-White Line Double Terminated Gem Crystals Pakistan for sale
Here is a faden quartz crystal, with a sharp, thick white line down the middle of the group of doubl..
1.3" Rare MetallicBlack Octahedral ALABANDITE Crystal Merelani Tanzania for sale
This is a rare alabandite crystal that features a superb octahedron that is 1.1" on the longest edge..
4.2" SeaFoam Green FLUORITE Octahedral Crystals Homestake Mine Arizona for sale
Here is a beautiful specimen featuring lightly frosted and translucent sea-foam green fluorite. The ..
3.9" Gleaming Brassy Golden PYRITE Sharp Shiny Metallic Crystals Peru for sale
This is a brightly metallic, highly reflective specimen of pyrite, featuring well-formed, sharp, und..
3.5" YELLOW FLUORITE Translucent Cubic Crystals w-Gray Phantoms France for sale
This is a specimen of yellow fluorite from an outstanding find at this little-known quarry in the so..
4.5" Dark Chocolate Brown Dogtooth CALCITE SpikySparkly Crystals Mexico for sale
The crystals on this calcite specimen are formed as steep-flanked dogtooth crystals.  Most of t..
2.5" Shiny Metallic Silver MOLYBDENITE CRYSTAL Wolfram Camp Australia for sale
This is a brilliantly metallic molybdenite crystal, from what is arguably the world’s finest localit..
5.2" Intriguing DRIP COPPER Shiny Orange Branching Coral Shape Michigan for sale
Here is a large, elaborate copper formation that shines with a bright metallic luster and brilliant ..
2.5" Clear WINDOWPANE WULFENITE Crystals on Orange Mimetite Rowley M AZ for sale
Here is a wulfenite specimen which came from the now famous 2013 find at Arizona's Rowley Mine, whic..
3.9" Rich Lemon Yellow Dripping SULFUR STALACTITE BlueFire Volcano Java for sale
The sulfur in this amazing specimen has dripped over an edge in the volcano to create a formation mu..
2.9" Beautiful Polished Slice from a Purple AMETHYST STALACTITE Uruguay for sale
Here is a richly colorful gem slice of an amethyst stalactite from Uruguay, which has been cut and p..
14mm Very Colorful Orange Red Gemmy WULFENITE Crystal Red Cloud Mine AZ for sale
Wulfenite from the Red Cloud  Mine is famous for its brilliant red-orange color, and this thumb..
2.5" Brilliant Brass Gold PYRITE CUBE Super Sharp Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a specimen of pyrite, formed into a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal. The edges o..
2.3" .8LB ALMANDINE GARNET Polished Dark Red Dodecahedral Crystal India for sale
This dark blood red almandine garnet weighs 13 ounces, and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It ..
4.6" Violet Red Raspberry Octahedral FLUORITE Colorful Crystals Mexico for sale
The entire surface of this fluorite specimen is covered with vibrant red-violet fluorite crystals wh..
2.1" LAZURITE LAPIS LAZULI DeepBlue Crystals inWhite Marble Afghanistan for sale
This is a good specimen of lazurite, commonly known as lapis lazuli, with a very rich royal blue col..