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4.7" Brilliant Turquoise AQUA AURA QUARTZ Terminated Twin Crystals Peru for sale
Here is a spectacular group of aqua aura quartz crystals, in a size and quality rarely available on ..
3.5" Colorful Green SELENITE Sharp Terminated Gem Crystals to.5" Poland for sale
This is a very dramatic specimen of green selenite from Poland, featuring sharp gemmy crystals. The ..
13mm Metallic SilverGray Octahedral CUPRITE Sharp Shiny Crystals Russia for sale
The metallic silvery gray color (with just a hint of red) of this tight group of cuprite crystals is..
3" Sparkling Green MALACHITE Crystals Lining Blue CHRYSOCOLLA Vug Congo for sale
This specimen features a pocket lined with bright turquoise blue chrysocolla that is partially fille..
2.3" AEGERINE Shiny JetBlack Terminated Crystals with Microcline Malawi for sale
At Mount Malosa in Malawi , aegerine often forms in elongated slender crystals like these. The pair ..
2.6" Vibrant RoyalBlue Twin AZURITE SUN Discs on White Matrix Australia for sale
Here is a specimen with flattened multiple discs of azurite that formed between layers of a white ka..
2.7" Brilliant Iridescent ROYAL AURA QUARTZ Termnated Crystals Arkansas for sale
Royal aura quartz is in the same family as aqua aura quartz. It is created by infusing quartz crysta..
5.5" Spiky Clear SELENITE Terminated Needle Crystal Sprays Australia for sale
The radiating clusters of needle crystals on this specimen are actually transparent and nearly color..
5.9" 3LB Brown Tan Gray PETRIFIED WOOD Polished End and Bark Madagascar for sale
Here is a very nicely preserved section of a petrified tree trunk, the fossilized remainder of a tre..
5.7" Dramatic Spray of Long Sharp SCOLECITE Crystals Clear Tips India for sale
This is an outstanding specimen of clear to snow white scolecite, with a host of terminated crystals..
3.5" Jungle Green MALACHITE STALACTITE with Drip Holes Crystals Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of stalactitic malachite, composed of 2 connected stalactites. The entire fo..
3.1" Vibrant Blueberry Blue AZURITE SUN on White Marl Matrix Australia for sale
Here Is a superb specimen with excellent color intensity, an amazing 1.7" azurite sun from Australia..
5" Blue Green Penetrating Twin FLUORITE Sharp Gemmy Crystals Rogerley M for sale
This specimen is one of the fine pieces to come out of the 2015 season. The crystals are sharp, gemm..
4.5" Sharp Terminated SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal with WetLook Luster Arkansas for sale
This sharply crystallized smoky quartz crystal features a sharp terminations and a strong , dark, sm..
3.8" Long Fat MALACHITE STALACTITE Super Saturated Jungle Green Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of stalactitic malachite, a large, fat stalactite. The entire formation is a..
2.4" Superb Color Violet Grape Purple AMETHYST SCEPTER Crystal Zimbabwe for sale
The color on this sceptered amethyst crystal is as intense a shade of deep violet purple as you'll s..
1.6" Sharp Shiny Terminated Metallic Black RUTILE Crystal Graves Mtn GA for sale
This is a flashy crystal of exceptionally glossy, sharply-crystallized, multi-faceted rutile in a si..
1" FAIRY CROSS STAUROLITE Near Perfect Twinned Crystal Taos New Mexico for sale
This is an unusually sharp twinned staurolite crystal, a unique formation of twinned crystals crossi..
4.5" Sharp DarkBlue Cubic FLUORITE Crystals on Quartz Matrix New Mexico for sale
Here is a fine specimen of blue fluorite, from the Blanchard Mines in Bingham, NM. The piece is made..
5.4" Dark&LightGreen ConcentrcCircles Polished BULLSEYE MALACHITE Congo for sale
This is a lovely specimen of bull's eye malachite from the Congo, which has been polished to reveal ..