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3" BIG PYRITE CUBE Sharp Crystal Near Perfect Bright Brassy Gold Spain for sale
This is an amazing specimen of pyrite, crystallized as a very sharp (and 100% natural) cubic crystal..
3.4" TANGERINE QUARTZ Sharp Shiny Gemmy Fruity Colorful Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a sharp, terminated tangerine quartz crystal with a lovely reddish-orange color and nice tra..
1" Sharp Shiny Dark Red RUTILE Crystal Davis Farm Bethel Vermont Rare for sale
Here is a rutile specimen that comes from a little-known locality in north-central Vermont, the Davi..
2.8" Oblong Shaped TEKTITE Meteorite Splash Glass Glossy Black China for sale
Tektites are extraterrestrial in origin, resulting from the impact of a large meteorite that crashed..
3.1" Polished Vibrant Green FLUORITE Octahedron Translucent w-Purple+Blue China
Here is a lovely fluorite octahedron from China. The fluorite has been cleaved along its natural cle..
5.2" Colorful Iridescent PEACOCK ORE Turquoise Gold Magenta CHALCOPYRITE Mexico
Colorful doesn't begin to describe this specimen of chalcopyrite, which goes by the nickname, "peaco..
2.1" Turquoise Velvet Botryoidal ROSASITE Crystals over Goethite Mexico for sale
Rosasite, which forms in the oxidation zones of zinc-copper deposits, is occasionally found in this ..
3.2" Clear Cubic Crystals Forming FLUORITE STALACTITES PiaoTang M China for sale
Here is a fluorite specimen that is quite unusual: it is a tight cluster of stalactites made up of c..
1" BLUE GAHNITE (Spinel) Crystals Davis M Rowe MA 1989 Closed Locality for sale
This is a good specimen of gahnite, with sharp, dark blue crystals on a pyrite and  milky quart..
3.4" Red Chocolate Hi-Luster GROSSULAR GARNET Crystals Coyote Front CA for sale
The classic Coyote Front locality is famous for producing fine grossular garnets which feature excel..
25 FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS 7/8" Crystals Purple Blue Yellow Clear Illinois for sale
Here are 25 fluorite octahedrons from the Denton Mine. Each piece of fluorite has been cleaved along..
1.7" 76ct Apple Green CHRYSOPRASE Polished Gem Rough Western Australia for sale
Here is a 15.2 gram polished nugget of chrysoprase from the Old Yerilla Mine in Western Australia. T..
5.7" Stringy Shaggy Lt.Green CHRYSOTILE ASBESTOS Crystals Eden Mills VT for sale
On this chrysotile asbestos specimen the hair-like crystals look like fibers that are thin and fuzzy..
5.2" Colorful Turquoise Blue Iridescent CHALCOPYRITE PEACOCK ORE Mexico for sale
The neon bright turquoise blue color is the main feature on this specimen of peacock ore, a form of ..
5.8" Sharp Spinach Linguini DIOPSIDE GreenBladed Crystals inVugs Quebec for sale
I collected this striking specimen of diopside in 1997 in southern Quebec, at the old Orford Nickel ..
Wholesale Flat 11 pieces AMETRINE SLICES Amethyst&Citrine Bolivia @$18 for sale
Here are 11 sawn slices of ametrine, showing the characteristic internal shapes that are characteris..
Wholesale Flat 4 pieces Orange ORPIMENT Sharp Spiky Crystals China @$15 for sale
These 4 specimens of orpiment feature colorful crystals to over 1" long, which is pretty good sized ..
5.8" Pale Green Foliated TALC World's Softest Mineral at Mohs 1 Vermont for sale
Talc is a 1 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it the world's softest mineral, and it can be scratch..
2.3" BOULDER OPAL Hot Flashes of Electric Green +Blue+Violet Australia for sale
This is a lovely esample of boulder opal, a beautiful specimen from probably the world's best known ..
17mm 1.9ct Clear Gemmy JEREMEJEVITE Sharply Terminated Crystal Namibia for sale
Here is a lustrous, large-for-the-species crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jeremejevite is a ra..