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5.2mm .7ct Red-Violet Shiny Terminated RED BERYL Bixbite Gem Crystal UT for sale
Here is a very fine terminated crystal of gem red beryl (bixbite).  The color is a lovely satur..
14mm 9ct Rich Green Gemmy Transparent CHROME TREMOLITE Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a great example of the gem green terminated tremolite crystal from the Tanzanite mines, from..
1.1" 68ct Champagne Gem Clear TOPAZ Terminated Crystal Gilgit Pakistan for sale
This lovely topaz crystal from Pakistan has an amazing termination and very well-defined crystal fac..
2.4" 14oz ALMANDINE GARNET Brilliant Dark Red Polished Crystal India for sale
This Indian garnet is bright and flashy, and is colored a deep blood red color that is very robust. ..
2" UVAROVITE Vivid EmeraldGreen 1mm Twinkling Crystals on Matrix Russia for sale
Uvarovite is the name given to the green calcium chromium garnet end member. This locality in Russia..
3.6" Water Clear SELENITE Sharp Terminated Striated Crystal Mexico for sale
This is a sharp single crystal of gem clear selenite from the Pezuna Mine in Mexico. The selenite is..
2.5" Sparkling Blue AQUA AURA SPIRIT QUARTZ Terminated Crystal S.Africa for sale
This bright, sparkly aqua aura quartz specimen was created by placing a clear spirit quartz crystals..
2.6" Sparkling Clear Sharp Gemmy TARBUTTITE Crystals on Gossan Zambia for sale
The triclinic tabular tarbuttite crystals on this specimen are lustrous and transparent, with no col..
2.2" Bright Colorful LemonYellow ADAMITE Sharp Gleaming Crystals Mexico for sale
There is a nice layer of bright yellow lustrous adamite crystals on this specimen.  They sit in..
2.8" Turkey Fat Yellow SMITHSONITE Fine Sparkly Crystals Rush Arkansas for sale
Here is an excellent example of what is called turkey fat smithsonite, from the famous Rush Creek di..
7.2" Lustrous Coral Shaped DRIP COPPER Crystals Caledonia Mine Michigan for sale
Here is a dramatic and beautiful specimen of bright, shiny native copper, weighing 3.5 pounds, with ..
4.9" Blue-Green Glassy Gem Cubic FLUORITE Crystals to .9" Rogerley M UK for sale
The largest crystal is .9” tip-o-tip. The piece has some daylight fluorescence (it also fluoresces m..
3.7" 6.4oz Brilliant Gleaming RedOrange Polished COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
In the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pure copper is found in nuggets, like this f..
2.2" Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Actinolite Inclusions Serifos Greece for sale
Here is an aesthetic specimen of green quartz (called prase) from the old classic locality on Serifo..
4" Deep Blue AZURITE Sparkling Crystals on Matrix with Malachite Congo for sale
On this specimen, the azurite has crystallized in bladed rosettes that have a lovely luster. The col..
15" Big Book of Jet Black BIOTITE MICA Thin Crystals Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is a big crystal "book" of biotite mica, the variety of mica that is black due to iron in its c..
2.6" Brassy Gold PYRITE Crystal Cluster 3 Very Sharp Cubes to1.9" Spain for sale
Here is a gorgeous cluster of 3 very sharp and near-perfect interlocking cubic crystals of pyrite. T..
2.6" Hollow Melted Glass Tube FULGURITE due to Lightning Strike Egypt for sale
Here is an outstanding specimen of fulgurite-a glass tube that was formed by a lightning strike in s..
3.8" 9 oz Lustrous Gleaming Polished Red Orange COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
The color of this copper nugget is the characteristic bright-as-a-shiny-new-penny reddish orange tha..
3.5" Wine Red ALMANDINE GARNETS to .5" in Schist Wrangell Island Alaska for sale
There are 6 almandine garnets to .5" on this excellent old time specimen from Wrangell Island, Alask..