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4.3" Group Jungle Green MALACHITE STALACTITES +Black Heterogenite Congo for sale
The long green stalactites in this specimen is a real show stopper!  The color of the malachite..
2" Sharp Golden Needle Crystals of RUTILE Epitactic on HEMATITE Brazil for sale
This is a beautiful sunburst of golden rutile, with crystals growing epitactic on the perimeter of a..
15mm 6.9ct Fat Green Terminated Gem EMERALD Sharp Crystal Muzo Colombia for sale
This .6" emerald crystal is very sharply formed in a hexagonal shape, with a flat, smooth basal pina..
4" Botryoidal Turquoise Blue CHRYSOCOLLA with MALACHITE Crystals Congo for sale
This is a very colorful specimen of this superb form of chrysocolla.  It features a sea of brig..
3.8" Gem Clear Cubic BLUE FLUORITE Sharp Glassy Crystals Asturias Spain for sale
This Spanish fluorite specimen features transparent cubic crystals in a luminous blue color. The cry..
2.8" Sparkling Vibrant Forest Green DIOPTASE Crystals to 3mm Kazakhstan for sale
This is a vibrantly colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan that is a rich emerald green. Almost ..
2.8" SILKY MALACHITE Bright Fibrous ElectricGreen Crystal Sprays Congo for sale
This exquisite specimen of fibrous malachite is entirely made up of acicular malachite crystals. The..
3.9" Metallic Brassy Gold PYRITE Crystals 4 Sharp Cubes in MATRIX Spain for sale
There is no damage to any of the 4 pyrite cubes on this superb matrix specimen from Spain. The large..
2.5" Mirror-Finish Jet Black DRAVITE TOURMALINE "Uvite" Powers Farm NY for sale
I collected this fine specimen of black tourmaline in 1990 at the historic Powers Farm locality. Bac..
2" Sharp Shiny Saturated Green TSAVORITE GARNET Crystal Group Tanzania for sale
Here is a lovely group of crystals of the rare gemstone, tsavorite garnet. The color is a luscious g..
2.4" Fairy Cross STAUROLITE SharpNatural Twin Crystals in Matrix Russia for sale
This specimen is a great example of one of the special properties of staurolite: it is found as twin..
4" Colorful Shamrock MintGreen PREHNITE Bubbly Botryoidal Crystals Mali for sale
On this fine prehnite specimen the large botryoidal bubbles are beautifully formed, grouped together..
3.6" EyeCandy Red Needle Crystals of CROCOITE +Matrix Adelaide Tasmania for sale
In September 2014, miners at Tasmania's Adelaide Mine finally reached the end of the fabled River Ru..
2.6" Lustrous Glassy Pale BlueGreen DATOLITE Gemmy Crystals Dal'negorsk for sale
This is a very fine, classic datolite cluster with sharp, well-terminated, gemmy crystals from Dal'n..
4.4" Beautiful Turquoise Blue Botryoidal CHRYSOCOLLA +MALACHITE Congo for sale
Here is a specimen that that is covered with a host of bright turquoise botryoidal bubbles of chryso..
5.2" 1.7LB RedOrange BrightShiny Polished Native COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
Copper nuggets from Michigan are rarely this large, and this one, which weighs 1.7 pounds, has so mu..
4.5" Deep Rich RED CAP AMETHYST Terminated Crystals Thunder Bay Ontario for sale
The top surface of this specimen of red cap amethyst is colored a vivid blood red color by inclusion..
3.5" Radiating GoldenBronze Sprays PYROPHYLLITE Crystals North Carolina for sale
Under the right conditions, pyrophyllite crystallizes in beautiful radiating rosettes of acicular cr..
3.2" Vivid Magenta PINK TOURMALINE Shiny Crystals inMilky Quartz Brazil for sale
The contrast between the bright pink gemmy tourmaline and the light blue cleavelandite on this speci..
2" Terminated Glistening Gemmy Yellow Golden APATITE Crystal Mexico for sale
This crystal is a delightful single crystal of lemon yellow apatite. The color is bright, and the cr..