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1.7" Sharp Gemmy Single NATROLITE Terminated Crystal New Jersey 1980s for sale
Here is a sharp, glassy, gemmy, nearly clear orthorhombic prismatic crystal of natrolite from the Ch..
1.3" Rare Clear Gem PETALITE Sharp Terminated Lustrous Crystal Brazil for sale
Here is a crystal specimen of the very rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a fine crysta..
4.4" Sharp "Spinach Linguini" DIOPSIDE Lt.Green Bladed Crystals Quebec for sale
Diopside from the Orford Nickel Mine has a bladed crystal habit and is pale green in color, nd looks..
4.2" Sparkling Clear Gemmy DATOLITE Sharp Crystals Lane Q Massachusetts for sale
Here is a specimen featuring sharp datolite crystals from the Lane Quarry. The gemmy datolite crysta..
1.1" Indigo Blue AZURITE Crystals +Green SILKY MALACHITE Milpillas MEX for sale
The dark blue azurite crystals on this fine specimen sparkle brightly and have a brillinat, wet-look..
4.8" Bright & Shiny Orange-Red COPPER Dripping Stalactite Formation MI for sale
This formation was created by pouring molten copper at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit into a bale of hay wh..
6.2" Dark Green Fibrous ANTIGORITE Crystals Variety of Asbestos Vermont for sale
Antigorite is a hard, compact type of serpentine, which occurs as elongated fibrous crystals at the ..
6.2" Fossil Dinosaur Dung COPROLITE Ugly But Rare Poop Brown Madagascar for sale
Coprolites are trace fossils, and are fossilized dung. This coprolite probably came from a duck-bill..
3.5" Bright Shiny Royal Blue LINARITE Crystals on Matrix Grand Reef AZ for sale
This lovely specimen of linarite features brilliant, electric blue microcrystals lining vugs on a la..
1" 43ct Part Gemmy PHENAKITE Crystal Historic TypeLocality Urals Russia for sale
This is a phenakite crystal from the Russian Urals.  It is not sharply formed, but it weighs 43..
3.7" Shiny Iridescent AQUA AURA QUARTZ Turquoise Blue Crystals Arkansas for sale
This eye-catching cluster of bright blue aqua aura quartz features sharp crystals to 2.1" with iride..
1.6" Super Glassy Blue AZURITE Crystals with MALACHITE Milpillas Mexico for sale
The azurite crystals on this specimen are up to .9", and are sharp and shiny, with smooth planer fac..
21mm 23ct Clear Gemmy PHENAKITE Crystal from Type Locality Urals Russia for sale
This phenakite crystal from the Russian Urals comes from the type locality for phenakite. It has a f..
4.3" BLUE KYANITE Gemmy BlueberrySapphire Crystals w-MilkyQuartz Brazil for sale
On this specimen of Brazilian kyanite there are long blue bladed crystals combined with nearly clear..
2" Gemmy DIOPTASE CRYSTALS in Group Dark Jungle Green Color D.R.Congo for sale
Here is a great specimen of dioptase from the Congo, featuring sharp crystals and a mirror-bright fl..
13mm 2.5ct WaterClear AllGem PHENAKITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Myanmar for sale
Phenakite crystals are rare and always popular with collectors, and this one is an excellent example..
3.3" Candy Red Raspberry GROSSULAR GARNET Sharp Shiny Crystals Mexico for sale
Here is a very colorful specimen of sharply formed candy red raspberry garnet crystals from Las Cruc..
2.6" Vibrant Wet-Look Emerald Green DIOPTASE Crystals to 5mm Kazakhstan for sale
Here is a specimen of dioptase that is features many sharp, well-formed gemmy prismatic crystals to ..
2.7" Vibrant Royal Blue AZURITE SUN 1.7" Disc on White Matrix Australia for sale
Here is a superb specimen, one of the amazing new azurite suns from Australia. This piece features 1..
 1.6" Mirror-Faced AZURITE Sharp Terminated Blue Crystals Milpillas for sale
The dark blue color of this azurite specimen is typical of the world-class azurite specimens that ca..