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3.6" Big Single Elestial Jacare Purple AMETHYST CRYSTAL VeraCruz Mexico for sale
Here is an unusually large single crystal of amethyst from the classic VeraCruz locality in Mexico. ..
4.3" CHALCANTHITE Crystals to 1.9" Incredible ElectricBlue Color Poland for sale
The crystals on this lab grown specimen of chalcanthite are sharp and well-formed and are colored an..
2.3" 15oz BrightShiny MetallicSilver Polished MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
Mohawkite is a blend of copper and two other rare minerals: algodoite and domeykite.  This is a..
3.9" FLUORAPATITE GreenBrown Terminated Crystal BearLake Ontario Canada for sale
This self-collected specimen is an oversized fluorapatite crystal colored a rich green-brown. The cr..
6.3" ShinyRed Octahedral SPINEL Crystals in Carved White Marble Vietnam for sale
This specimen features dozens of sharp, lustrous, glassy-faced spinel crystals that stick out like g..
16mm 2.6ct Sky Blue Gem JEREMEJEVITE Sharp Terminated Crystal Namibia for sale
This is a fine specimen-a lustrous, classic blue crystal of jeremejevite from Namibia. Jeremejevite ..
2.1" SKUTTERUDITE Crystals Brilliant Metallic Silver Cobalt Ore Morocco for sale
Here is fine specimen of skutterudite, a rare nickel cobalt arsenide, that comes from Bou Azzer, Mor..
5.1" Polished Green MALACHITE and CHRYSOCOLLA Botryoidal Crystals Congo for sale
This is a lovely specimen of bulls' eye malachite with turquoise blue chrysocolla, from the Congo. I..
5.1" Sprays of Dark Red HUEBNERITE Fine Crystals with Clear QUARTZ Peru for sale
The lustrous huebnerite crystals on this specimen are a rich, dark, cherry red color, not the usual ..
3.8" Brilliant Red Needle Crystals of CROCOITE on Matrix Adelaide Mine for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of crocoite from the Adelaide Mine. It features needle-like crystals a..
4.6" PYROMORPHITE Crayon Green Botryoidal Crystals onTan Matrix Germany for sale
Here is a superb specimen of pyromorphite from the 2012 find during new work at the ancient Gute Hof..
3.3" MeltedSand Glass FULGURITE +Hole Caused byLightning Strike Morocco for sale
The end of this fulgurite is hollow, which shows how this fulgurite was formed. It is a skinny tube ..
5.7" Colorful Red-Violet FLUORITE Sharp Stepped Cubic Crystals Illinois for sale
Here is a great cubic fluorite specimen from a classic locality: the world-famous Minerva #1 Mine. T..
7.1" Reddish Brown Manganese DENDRITES onSandstone Picture Rock Germany for sale
On this specimen, manganese dendrites branch out in intricate patterns  on cream-colored limest..
4.3" Baby Blue Bubbly Botryoidal CHRYSOCOLLA with Green Malachite Congo for sale
Here is a beautifully-formed specimen of botryoidal bubble chrysocolla, which covers both sides of t..
2.4" 1LB Dark Red ALMANDINE GARNET Polished Dodecahedral Crystal India for sale
The surfaces of this almandine garnet from India have been polished to a high luster, showing off th..
2.9" Glassy See Thru Gem Golden CALCITE Stellar Beam Crystal Elmwood TN for sale
Here is a cluster of double terminated calcite crystals that comes from recently mined material from..
1.3" Sharp Shiny Brilliant Red VANADANITE Gemmy Crystals to .7" Morocco for sale
The vanadanite crystals on this specimen very sharp hexagons with flat terminations on both sides, a..
5.1" 2.5LB Sharp Brownish Red 12-Sided ALMANDINE GARNET Crystal Vietnam for sale
This is a well-formed, large, 12-sided dodecahedral almandine garnet, that was found in Vietnam. The..
3" 196g METEORITE Shiny Nickel-Iron Witnessed Fall 1516 Nan Dan China for sale
Ancient Chinese records describe the fiery fall of a meteorite in NanDan in 1516. This is a piece du..