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.8" Type Locality Clear JAPAN-LAW QUARTZ Terminated Twin Crystal Japan for sale
Here is a japan-law twin quartz crystal from the type locality on Naru Island in Japan. The crystal ..
3.9" PYRITE EGG Dazzling Flashy Polished Egg w-Crystal-Lined Vugs Peru for sale
This is a really amazing piece: a polished pyrite egg with openings (called vugs) that are completel..
1.4" Royal Blue DUMORTIERITE in Terminated Clear QUARTZ CRYSTAL Brazil for sale
Here is a crystal of dumortierite quartz, consisting of a terminated quartz crystal with acicular ra..
3.3" Glassy Gem Green FLUORITE Crystals w-Purple Diamond Zoning Namibia for sale
This specimen of Okaruso fluorite has sharp, gem-quality, transparent crystals in a rich green color..
3.5" Rare Strange GROWTH INTERFERENCE QUARTZ Crystal w-"SawCuts" Russia for sale
This is an exceptional example of a very rare form of quartz: a growth interference crystal. The cry..
4.3" Bright Colorful Sparkly Green FUCHSITE Chromium Mica+Quartz Brazil for sale
This is a richly colored specimen of chromium-bearing fuchsite, the green variety of muscovite. The ..
2" Sharp Shiny Sprays CHILDRENITE Terminated Deep Brown Crystals Brazil for sale
Here is a fine specimen of childrenite from Brazil, featuring razor-sharp crystals in slightly radia..
2.3" Cubic WATER-CLEAR FLUORITE Sharp Gem Crystals Dal'negorsk Russia for sale
Dal'negorsk is famous for producing sharp cubic crystals of water-clear gem fluorite.  This one..
Here is a fine specimen of sandstone from the Navajo formation. The piece has been carved into a hig..
17.5" Matrix w-12 Sharp Detailed Black&White ORTHOCERAS Fossils Morocco for sale
This is a large plate of fossil orthoceras from Morocco that's over 500 million years old. Orthocera..
3" 126ct HIDDENITE MintGreen Color DoubleTerminated Crystal Afghanistan for sale
This is a lovely and very eye-catching terminated, pale minty green crystal of hiddenite, the green ..
5.1" Dripping Formation of Coral-Like Flashy Reddish Orange COPPER MI for sale
This is a beautiful specimen of native copper which has been shaped by melting it, then pouring the ..
3.1" Water Clear Gem Lemurian Seed QUARTZ CRYSTAL Not Polished Colombia for sale
The pristine clarity of this quartz crystal is truly astonishing, as there are no inclusions, veils ..
1.7" 385ct BurgundyRed RECORD KEEPER RUBY Crystal RaisedTriangles India for sale
This fine ruby crystal comes from the famed diggings in Mysore, India. The hexagonal crystal is term..
5.2" FLUORITE Purple & Green Octahedral Crystals on White Quartz China for sale
This is a fine specimen of octahedral fluorite from the famous DeAn mine in China. The crystals are ..
1.7" Sharp Lustrous Lavender Sixling Twinned ARAGONITE Crystals Spain for sale
This is a group of 3 sixling twin crystals of aragonite from Spain. All the crystals are double-term..
4.9" EyeCatching Magenta Pink COBALTOAN CALCITE Crystals to .5" Morocco for sale
The color of this cobaltoan calcite specimen is a riveting magenta pink that is really eye catching...
1.2" Electric Crimson CROCOITE Gemmy Terminated Crystal Red Lead Mine for sale
The brilliant red color of this single crocoite crystal from the Red Lead Mine is truly stunning, an..
1.3" BlueGreen Gem Clear FLUORITE SharpGlassy Crystals Rogerley Mine UK for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of blue-green fluorite from the famous Rogerley Mine in England. It feat..
2.8" LINARITE Royal Blue Crystals in Vugs in Quartz Bingham New Mexico for sale
The royal blue color of the linarite on this specimen is very eye catching, and the blue really "pop..