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2.9" Blue Violet FLUORITE Sharp Penetrating Twin Crystals Denton Min IL for sale
This is a superb deep blue-violet fluorite specimen with sharp penetrating twin crystals which came ..
13mm 6.8ct Shiny Rich Green EMERALD Crystal Sharp Termination Colombia for sale
This is a gem emerald crystal that has a flat, smooth basal pinacoid termination and is very sharply..
5.2" 477g Deep Dark Plum Purple SUGILITE Solid Gem Rough South Africa for sale
Top quality sugilite gem rough is very rare now, since no new material has been found in decades. Th..
Wholesale Flat 12 pieces Twisting Native WIRE SILVER China+TN Boxes @$9 for sale
Here is a flat of 12 specimens of native silver wire, from a find at the Huangtongxiang Mine. The si..
Wholesale Flat 6 pieces Hairy White NATROLITE Crystals Washington @$14 for sale
Here are 6 choice specimens of natrolite from Robertson's Pit in Washington. Typical for the locatio..
Wholesale Flat 9pieces Gold PYRITE Crystals Spruce Claim Washington @$9 for sale
Here are 9 specimens of pyrite from the classic Spruce Claim #2 locality in Washington. The pieces a..
Wholesale Flat 7 pieces Clear Gemmy SELENITE Crystal Wands Mexico @$7 for sale
These selenite wands are beautiful. They are icy transparent, flat or square-ish, terminated, and th..
Wholesale Flat 4 pcs Raspberry FLUORITE Octahedral Crystals Mexico @$15 for sale
Here are 4 specimens of colorful Mexican fluorite specimen from Mina Navidad. They are covered with ..
5.2" Gem Clear HEMIMORPHITE Sharp Glittery Crystals Mina Ojuela Mexico for sale
Spiky sprays of hemimorphite crystals stick out all over on this dramatic specimen from Mexico. The ..
2.1" Twinned Mirror Bright Golden PYRITE 2 Pristine Crystals to2" Spain for sale
Navajun pyrite crystals are known world-over for their sharp, nearly perfect cubic crystal habit. Th..
3.9" Sparkling DarkGreen FUCHSITE Crystals Chrome Mica on Quartz Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen of sparkling, pearlescent foliated fuchsite crystals in a vivid, slightly bluish ..
2.4" Gemmy Light BLUE BARITE Sculptural 5 Crystal Cluster Stoneham CO for sale
Here is a very sculptural specimen of barite from the highly regarded Stoneham, Colorado locality. T..
4.6" FOSSIL WILLOW LEAF Pristine Sharp Detailed 2.7"Leaf on Matrix Utah for sale
This is a sharp fossil leaf of Salix cockerelli, which is a member of the willow family.  It is..
2.7" Black BABINGTONITE Crystals with Calcite+Sphalerite Massachusetts for sale
Here is a fine matrix specimen of the rare mineral babingtonite, the Massachusetts state mineral. Th..
2.5" Violet Purple AMETHYST SCEPTER Double Terminated Crystal Zimbabwe for sale
This is a doubly terminated amethyst scepter crystal from the 2015 find in Zimbabwe. The crystal als..
10mm 5.6ct Sharply Terminated Gem EMERALD CRYSTAL Wet-Look Luster Muzo for sale
Here is a lovely 5.6 carat gem clear emerald crystal from the Muzo Mine in Colombia, with an eye-cat..
4.7" Sky Blue Bubbly Botryoidal HEMIMORPHITE on Matrix 79 Mine Arizona for sale
Here is a fine specimen featuring sky-blue hemimorphite crystals lining cavities in a dark limonitic..
1.2" Sharp Twinned SPESSARTINE GARNET CRYSTALS Fruity Orange Tanzania for sale
Here is a gemmy specimen of spessartine garnet, from the celebrated find in Tanzania. It is a sharp ..
2.2" Bright Brassy Gold PYRITE CUBE Sharp Natural Crystal Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a sharp single pyrite crystal that is 2.2" from tip-to-tip at the outside corners, and 1.3" ..
3.9" Arizona Octahedral FLUORITE CRYSTALS Sea Foam Green Homestake Mine for sale
This is an excellent fluorite specimen with minty green translucent octahedral crystals of fluorite ..