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4.9" 245g Rich Deep Dark Purple Violet SUGILITE Sawn Rough South Africa for sale
This is a 245-gram, fine specimen of solid gem rough sugilite in a gorgeous shade of dark, extra-ric..
2.4" CROCIDOLITE Rare BlueGray var. Riebeckite Black Cap Mtn Rumford NH for sale
This specimen of crocidolite, which is a variety of riebeckite, consists mainly of highly compacted ..
1.9" STAR QUARTZ Crystal with Hollandite Stars Phantom Layer Madagascar for sale
Inside of these sharp, clear quartz crystals are radiating stars of black hollandite, which were tra..
5.8" Dark Green Botryoidal MOTTRAMITE Crystals No Damage Ojuela Mexico for sale
This specimen features very dark green micro-crystals of mottramite arrayed which have bubbled up in..
3.2" Rose Quartz PINK ICE Heart of the Universe Lustrous Crystal India for sale
"Heart of the Universe" is the unusual name given the rose quartz crystals from this locality in Ind..
3.1" Gem Copal AMBER Nugget with Winged Mosquito &Gnats 26g Madagascar for sale
There is a winged mosquito and some gnats that were trapped inside this piece of amber when it petri..
7.6" Vivid Purple Clear Violet Polished RAINBOW FLUORITE Slice China for sale
There are over a dozen phantom layers in this polished slice of fluorite from China. They are mainly..
2.2" Saturated Green Sparkling DIOPTASE Crystals Altyn Tyube Kazakhstan for sale
This colorful dioptase specimen from Kazakhstan is a rich emerald green. Many of the crystals, which..
1.3" Sky Blue AQUAMARINE Sharp Crystals +Shiny Black Tourmaline Namibia for sale
Here is an eye-catching specimen features multiple sky-blue aquamarine crystals with many black scho..
6.4" Black BABINGTONITE Crystals on White Barite+Calcite Massachusetts for sale
Here is a specimen of the rare mineral babingtonite, from the Lane Quarry in Westfield, Massachusett..
2.9" Skeletal Fenster HERKIMER DIAMOND w-Voids Inside Treasure Mtn NY for sale
Here is a superb specimen of skeletal Herkimer Diamond quartz from Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine in..
2.5" ENHYDRO QUARTZ CRYSTAL Moving 3 Phase Bubble Gas-Solid-Water China for sale
This enhydro quartz crystal has a liquid-filled pocket with an air bubble trapped inside. The crysta..
1.3" Extra Sharp Double Terminated 221ct Wine Red RUBY CRYSTAL India for sale
Here is a ruby crystal that was found at the well-known diggings in Mysore, India. The hexagonal cry..
1.2" SCEPTERED HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal on Black Stem Little Falls NY for sale
Here is a razor-sharp sceptered Herkimer Diamond from Treasure Mountain in Little Falls, NY. The ste..
19mm 15.9ct SpringGrass Green PERIDOT Gemmy Terminated Crystal Pakistan for sale
Here is a beautiful peridot crystal in a gemmy grass green color. The crystal is well-shaped for the..
3.1" Gleaming Rainbow Colored BISMUTH Sharp Hoppered Crystals Germany for sale
The colorful blues, magentas, greens, and yellows on this specimen of bismuth are really eye-catchin..
2.8" Bright Golden Yellow Gem APATITE Crystals in Matrix Durango Mexico for sale
This highly aesthetic specimen features a 1.1", double terminated, glowing yellow apatite crystal an..
4.7" PYRITE IN MATRIX Penetrating Twin Cluster in Marl Navajun Spain for sale
I collected this matrix specimen of pyrite during my visit to Navajun a few years ago. There are 6 p..
4" Violet Purple FLUORITE with Clear CALCITE Crystals Jaimina M Spain for sale
Here is a Spanish fluorite specimen that features sharp cubic crystals to 1.5" of a rich bluish viol..
1" Water Clear Double Terminated GEM HERKIMER DIAMOND Crystal Fonda NY for sale
The diggings at Hickory Hill produce some of the clearest, most gem-perfect Herkimer diamonds around..