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3.6" Fluorescent Blue Green Gemmy ROGERLEY FLUORITE Cubic Crystals UK for sale
This is a colorful, small cabinet size specimen of blue-green fluorite from the famous Rogerley Mine..
2.7" Metallic Silver Botryoidal Ball Kidney Ore HEMATITE Irhoud Morocco for sale
Botryoidal bubbles cover nearly the entire display face of this hematite specimen from Morocco, and ..
19mm 31.8ct Sri Lanka 6-Ray STAR RUBY Cranberry Red Cabochon Gemstone for sale
There is a sharp 6-ray star in this lovely star ruby gemstone. The star is readily visible when the ..
2.2" 9oz Shiny Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget +Copper+Algodoite+Domeykite MI for sale
This specimen is a polished nugget of mohawkite, a very flashy, rare mineral composed of arsenian co..
2.3" Sharp Octahedral Black MAGNETITE .9" Crystal in Matrix Australia for sale
Here is a specimen of magnetite in matrix from Australia. The crystal is very well formed with no si..
3.5" Radiating Crystal Rosette Flowers of PYROPHYLLITE North Carolina for sale
Here is a specimen with several well-formed, sharply crystallized clusters of radiating pyrophyllite..
2.4" Metallic Bright Silver ARSENOPYRITE Sharp Crystals to .8" China for sale
Here is a shiny, well-crystallized specimen of arsenopyrite from the Yaoguangxiang Mine in China. Th..
4.3" SELENITE Pick-Up-Stix Layer of Transparent Crystals to 1.2" Poland for sale
On this specimen the thick layer of selenite crystals resembles a maze of jumbled, criss-crossing cr..
Mohawkite is only found in in Keweenaw County, Michigan, and this nugget comes from the Mohawk Mine,..
1.8" Sharp Gemmy AQUAMARINE Crystals to .9" +Microcline+Schorl Namibia for sale
Here are a pair of gorgeous, gemmy turquoise blue crystals of aquamarine with some nice see-though a..
5.7" Crystal Pocket of Dark SMOKY QUARTZ and Tan MICROCLINE Ossipee NH for sale
Here is a large, well crystallized plate of smoky quartz crystals on cream-colored microcline feldsp..
8.3" See-Thru Polished PHANTOM FLUORITE SLICE Blue Green Violet China for sale
There are multiple phantom layers in this polished slice of fluorite from China that are sharply def..
2.2" MALACHITE SLICE Polished Bulls Eyes Dark+Light Green Banding Congo for sale
Here is a slice that was cut from a malachite stalactite, then polished to a brilliant luster on bot..
2.5" Flashy Mirror Bright Group 4 PYRITE Crystals to 1.5" Navajun Spain for sale
This is an intriguing pyrite specimen. It is a complex, tight cluster of 4 interlocking twinned pyri..
2.2" 10.4oz Bright Metallic Polished Silvery MOHAWKITE NUGGET Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian copper, alg..
2.7" Saturated Cherry Red PRUSKITE ShinySharp Clear Gem Crystals Poland for sale
The color red in the mineral world is one of the most desirable colors for collectors. And this spec..
6.3" ANTHOPHYLLITE Long Gray-Blue Fibers Rare Amphibole Massachusetts for sale
Anthophyllite is a rare member of the asbestos family, an amphibole mineral. In this specimen, it oc..
3.2" Light Gray SMOKY QUARTZ Sharp Gem Clear Terminated Crystals France for sale
Here is a matrix specimen featuring terminated crystals of gem clear smoky quartz from Mt. Blanc in ..
23mm 9.4ct Gem PERIDOT CRYSTALS Sharp Terminations Vivid Green Pakistan for sale
Here is a beautiful peridot crystal specimen with 2 crystals side-by-side, in a very gemmy grass gre..
2.3" 12oz Shiny SilverCopper Polished Rare MOHAWKITE Nugget UP Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian copper, alg..