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3.5" 241CT Polished Slice LIDDICOATITE TOURMALINE w-Bright Pink Edges for sale
Here is a nice gemmy slice of the rare liddicoatite variety of tourmaline. It has been polished on b..
3.9" 60-120 Degree STAUROLITE FAIRY CROSS DarkChocolate Crystals Russia for sale
Staurolite crystals form twins at both 90 degree angles and 60-120 degrees, and this is a superb spe..
2.2" Sharp Butterscotch Yellow WULFENITE Crystals Los Lamentos Mexico for sale
This wulfenite specimen features thick, tabular crystals to .5" in a rich, butterscotch yellow colro..
1" 13.7ct Sharply Terminated Gemmy GREEN TORUMALINE Crystal Afghanistan for sale
Here is a beautiful, gemmy elbaite tourmaline crystal which starts out pale blue at the bottom, and ..
1.2" MILLERITE GEODE Filled w-Brassy Hairy Golden Crystals Halls Gap KY for sale
From the now-closed Halls Gap locality in Kentucky, here is a limestone geode that is stuffed with m..
4.1" 296g Super Saturated Grape Purple SUGILITE in Veins South Africa for sale
Sugilite is highly prized for its saturated purple color, and has been used for decades for healing&..
2.4" Sharp Shiny Silver Cogs-Wheel BOURNONITE Crystals Bolivia 2015 for sale
On this superb bournonite specimen, the crystals are sharply formed cogs-wheels, in the classic form..
18mm 31ct Gemmy Jelly Bean Green PERIDOT Terminated Crystal Pakistan for sale
This is a wonderful .7" crystal of peridot, in an exciting jelly bean green color, with a classic te..
4.1" Polished Double Terminated Multi-Color Phantom RAINBOW FLUORITE for sale
You will be amazed by the intensity of the rainbow colors on this polished fluorite crystal. Startin..
3.7" Shiny Green DISCO BALL APOPHYLLITE Crystals on Stilbite R India for sale
Here is a specimen of green apophyllite on white stilbite which features 2 hemisphere of square, fla..
19mm 15.6ct Raspberry Red PEZZOTTAITE Sharp Lustrous Crystal Madagascar for sale
Here is a super specimen of pezzottaite, the very rare newest member of the beryl family. It feature..
3.7" Mint Green Terminated Gemmy EMERALD CRYSTALS on Calcite Colombia for sale
The untreated emerald crystals on this specimen are colored a gorgeous saturated shade of green that..
4.1" PricklySharp CHOCOLATE CALCITE Dogtooth Crystals DamageFree Mexico for sale
This is a fine specimen of chocolate brown calcite from Mexico, featuring sharply terminated rhomboh..
3.9" Hollow Hoppered SKELETAL QUARTZ Fenster Crystal w/Rainbows Mexico for sale
The quartz in this specimen grew in a formation the Germans call fenster quartz, which means window ..
2.9" Dark Green APATITE Cluster 12 Crystals on Matrix Sapo Mine Brazil for sale
 Apatite from the Sapo Mine is some of the finest ever found, comparable in sharpness, luster a..
11.5" BrightOrange Flattened COPPER Dendritic Crystals Ray Mine Arizona for sale
Here is a large and beautifully formed specimen of crystallized copper from the historic Ray Mine in..
1.5" 78.7ct GEM MOONSTONE Electric Blue Iridescent Fan Cabachon India for sale
This is an outstanding polished moonstone, with shimmering flashes of electric blue that play inside..
3.1" TerminatedGrape AMETHYST CRYSTAL +GOETHITE Spray Inclusions Brazil for sale
Here is a sharp crystal of amethyst from Brazil, in a fantastic vivid, grape purple color that darke..
1.8" SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal +Turquoise AMAZONITE Smoky HawkClaim Colorado for sale
Here is a lovely cluster of well-crystallized smoky quartz crystals with bright robin's egg blue ama..
4.6" Orange-Tip Gemmy CALCITE Terminated Crystal Elmwood TN Mine Closed for sale
Here is an attractive, gemmy specimen from the Elmwood Mine, which is now closed. This specimen a sh..