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15mm 4.2ct Gem EMERALD CRYSTAL Double Terminated Wet-Look Muzo Colombia for sale
This is a sharp, gemmy vivid green .6" emerald crystal from Colombia.  The six-sided crystal is..
.9" 39ct See-Through Gem-Top Turquoise-Blue AQUAMARINE Crystal Namibia for sale
This lovely specimen of aquamarine features excellent aesthetics and sharp crystallization. The sky ..
2.4" Sparkly Dark Red SPESSARTINE GARNETS Dodecahedral Crystals China for sale
This sparkling specimen features dark red translucent spessartine garnets that almost completely cov..
2" Rare Gemmy Colorless PETALITE Crystal Section Lapa da Onca Brazil for sale
Here is a specimen of petalite, a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral. This section of a crystal has..
3.1" Brilliant Brassy Golden Geometric PYRITE CUBE Shiny Crystal Spain for sale
Here is a superb pyrite specimen from the 2018 season at Navajun, which produced some of the finest ..
1" 19ct Heart Shaped GEM MOLDAVITE Tektite Meteorite Impact Glass Czech for sale
You are going to love the color on this 19.2 carat, heart shaped piece of moldavite, which is the fi..
1.3" Sharp Lemon Yellow Gemmy APATITE Shiny Terminated Crystal Morocco for sale
In 2012-13 this locality in Morocco produced high quality, bright yellow (with a touch of green) flu..
4.3" XLong Lustrous Flashy AEGERINE Crystal Jet Black Terminated Malawi for sale
At Mount Malosa in Malawi, aegerine often forms in elongated slender crystals like this. The crystal..
5.3" Sharp Lt.Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals to 1.1" on Schist New Hampshire for sale
This specimen of sillimanite comes from southern New Hampshire, where a friend of mine collects thes..
2.7" Matrix Specimen w-Fine Gemmy GOLDEN APATITE Crystals to .6" Mexico for sale
There are a dozen apatite crystals on this fine matrix specimen. All are a bright lemon yellow and a..
2.5" Shiny Yellow-Green ADAMITE Sharp Crystal Mounds on Limonite Mexico for sale
Here is a specimen featuring mounds of adamite crystals on a limonite gossan matrix from the classic..
1.6" STAR QUARTZ Crystal with Black Hollandite Stars Inside Madagascar for sale
Here is a single quartz crystal that features inclusions of hollandite stars inside the faces. ..
4.3" Interlocked Cluster of12 Sharp Cubic PYRITE Crystals to 2.1" Spain for sale
Here is a group of 12 amazingly bright, extraordinarily sharp interlocking pyrite cubes that create ..
1.9" Rare Double Terminated Chocolate Brown VESUVIANITE Crystal Morocco for sale
Here is a sharp, doubly terminated vesuvianite crystal from Morocco.  The color is a lovely cho..
3.6" ALUM Sharp Gemmy Emerald Green Octahedral Crystals to 1.6" Poland for sale
Perched atop a dark greenish black matrix there are 4 large, sharp crystals to 1.6" along with some ..
2.5" Sharp Brown Black Terminated SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal White Mtns NH for sale
This is a very nice crystal of smoky quartz, from a 1959 find at Government Pits. The crystal appear..
3.2" MirrorSurface Cubic PYRITE CRYSTAL BrassyGold Color Navajun Spain for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of pyrite, crystallized in very sharp cubic shape, measuring 2" on the..
3.1" PYROPHYLLITE Radiating Rosettes Lt. Orange Crystals North Carolina for sale
This pyrophyllite specimen is made up of groups of radiating crystals which have grown outward form ..
5.7" Dino Poop Fossil COPROLITE Dark Brown Color Good Detail Madagascar for sale
Coprolite (fossil dinosaur poop) is a favorite with young people because of what it is... EEUUWW! Fo..
1" Double Terminated Royal Purple HOURGLASS AMETHYST Crystal Morocco for sale
The inside of this gem-clear, double terminated quartz crystal features two phantoms, one at each en..