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4.9" Sharp Twinkling Canary Yellow SULFUR Crystals on Matrix Bolivia for sale
Bolivian sulfur specimens like this one come in a bright yellow color that is really attention-getti..
6" Snow White STARBURST ARAGONITE Fine Spiky Branching Crystals Mexico for sale
These snow-white growths of starburst aragonite look like exotic flowers, as they grow upward and ou..
2" Silvery Metallic MOLYBDENITE CRYSTAL Mirror Bright Luster Australia for sale
Here is a rare crystal of shiny metallic molybdenite, in a great large size. The flashy surfaces of ..
70 FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS 1/2" Crystals Purple Blue Yellow Clear Illinois for sale
Here are 70 fluorite octahedrons from the Denton Mine. Each piece of fluorite has been cleaved along..
4.9" Dark Robust Green ACTINOLITE Crystals in Talc MA Talc Mine Rowe MA for sale
This is a specimen of the silicate mineral actinolite from Rowe, Massachusetts. Its earthy gray-gree..
16.2" Huge Book Jet Black BIOTITE MICA Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
This is an extra large crystal "book" of biotite mica, the variety of mica that is black due to iron..
2" Jade Green PRASE QUARTZ Cluster Terminated Crystals Serifos Greece for sale
This is a highly sculptural, fine quality specimen of sage green quartz (prase) from Serifos Island...
2.3" 12oz Shiny Silver Polished Nugget of MOHAWKITE Upper Peninsula MI for sale
This specimen is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of copper, alg..
2" 73g Metallic NICKEL-IRON METEORITE Shrapnel Sikhote Alin Russia 1947 for sale
Here is a great specimen, a 2.6 ounce piece of the Sikhote Alin meteorite with the characteristic or..
2.2" FLUORITE OCTAHEDRON Crystal Cleavage Gemmy VividVibrant Emerald Green China
Here is a fluorite specimen that has been cleaved into an 8-sided octohedron along the natural cleav..
4.7" Green CONICHALCITE Crystals w-Shiny Clear SELENITE Jewels Mexico for sale
The surface of this specimen of conichalcite is a rich grass green, and white selenite crystals are ..
3.8" CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE WhiteAndalusite Flower inBlack Limestone China for sale
On this amazing specimen there are several flower-shaped clusters of white andalusite crystals, whic..
2.6" Gemmy Dark Green Sparkling DIOPTASE Crystals AltynTyube Kazakhstan for sale
On this specimen from Kazakhstan, the dioptase is a vivid emerald green which is complimented by the..
1.8" Silver SKUTTERUDITE SharpMetallic Crystals to 1" Bou Azzer Morocco for sale
Here Is a brilliant, flashy, showy specimen of the rare nickel-cobalt arsenide mineral skutterudite,..
2.4" 1LB Polished ALMANDINE GARNET Shiny Dark Red Brown Crystal India for sale
Here is an excellent large crystal of almandine garnet, polished to a mirror-bright luster. The colo..
5.3" 2.6LB Red-Orange Lustrous Polished Native COPPER NUGGET Michigan for sale
In the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pure copper is sometimes found in nuggets, l..
1.5" Dark Olive Green PRASE QUARTZ Crystals w-Actinolite Serifos Greece for sale
This is a diverging spray of prase quartz, with crystals up to 1.5" long. The quartz crystals have p..
7.5" Saturated Canary Yellow Native SULFUR Sharp Gemmy Crystals Bolivia for sale
This is a colorful specimen of sharply crystallized native sulfur crystals. The crystals are sharp a..
3" Colorful Red-Orange Gemmy SPESSARTINE GARNETS on Smoky Quartz China for sale
The dark smoky quartz crystals on this specimen are overgrown by brilliantly lustrous, flashy spessa..
2.3" High Contrast MintGreen Botryoidal PREHNITE on V.Dark EPIDOTE Mali for sale
This is a colorful specimen of prehnite on epidote from the Kayes Region of Mali. The prehnite has g..