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2.9" Double Terminated Turquoise Crystal of AQUA AURA QUARTZ Arkansas for sale
There is a large, double-terminated quartz crystal on this specimen of aqua aura quartz that really ..
1.2" Neon Blue CYANOTRICHITE Hairy Crystals Mined in Grand Canyon 1970s for sale
Here is an old, unusually rich specimen of cyanotrichite from the long-closed classic Grandview Mine..
3.9" STAR MICA Shiny Golden Muscovite 5Point Star Shape Crystals Brazil for sale
Radiating clusters of golden stars twinkle in all directions on this eye-catching specimen of star m..
1.9" 45g Vivid Turquoise Green Polished CHRYSOPRASE Gem Rough Australia for sale
The color of this polished chrysoprase nugget is a vibrant apple green and turquoise mixture that is..
4" Sharp Black Octahedral MAGNETITE Crystals to1.2" in Matrix Australia for sale
This specimen of magnetite crystals in matrix is very striking, due to the size and sharpness of the..
4.9" Grass Green ALUM Octahedral Crystals to2.3" on Black Matrix Poland for sale
The color on this alum specimen is really dramatic: it is a luminous grass green that seems to glow ..
2.8" Vivid Carmine Red BALL FLUORITE .7"Sphere on Quartz Crystals India for sale
The hemisphere on this specimen of ball fluorite is .7" in diameter, and is colored a rich, saturate..
5.5" Purple GRAPE AGATE Chalcedony Ball Crystals +Green Areas Indonesia for sale
Here is a superb example of the exciting new material from 2016 mining at Manakarra Beach, on Sulawe..
3.3" Black SCHORL TOURMALINE Crystal Trigonal Termination Australia for sale
In Yinnietharra there are two mines that produce mineral specimens: from one come brown dravite tour..
3.2" Shiny Jacare SMOKY SKELETAL QUARTZ Crystals Orange Phantoms Brazil for sale
This quartz crystal has it all: it is a skeletal (also called fenster) crystal; it is a phantom crys..
5.8" 4.5LB Superb Azure Blue Color Polished LAPIS LAZULI Afghanistan for sale
Here is a choice specimen of lapis lazuli, a gem form of lazurite mixed with pyrite, calcite, etc., ..
3.4" 1.9LB Metallic MOHAWKITE Nugget w/Copper&Algodoite&Domeykite MI for sale
Here's a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of copper, algodoite, an..
3.9" Bright Metallic Silver STIBNITE Terminated Crystal in Sprays China for sale
This attention-grabbing specimen of stibnite features long, slender crystals in a mirror-bright silv..
3.3" Sharp Jello Green Octahedral FLUORITE Crystals on Quartz So.Africa for sale
Here is a specimen with quartz crystals on which are mounted a cluster of rich, gumdrop green fluori..
1.1" Rare Micro PAPAGOITE Crystals New Cornelia Mine AZ Type Locality for sale
This is a very rich thumbnail size specimen of deep, cerulean blue papagoite from the type locality ..
3.3" FineLustrous ANDRADITE GARNET Crystals Topazolite Stanley Butte AZ for sale
This is a classic cluster of olive green andradite garnet crystals to 8 mm covering the entire andra..
3.1" Brilliant Glassy Blue Green DATOLITE Gemmy Crystals Dal'negorsk for sale
Here is a very fine, classic datolite cluster with sharp, well-terminated, partially gemmy crystals ..
2.9" MOHAWKITE NUGGET Metallic Bright w-Copper Algodoite & Domeykite MI for sale
Mohawkite is a blend of copper and two other rare minerals:  algodoite and domeykite.  Thi..
1.6" Terminated Glistening Gemmy Yellow/Green APATITE Crystal Mexico for sale
This is a superb single crystal of golden yellow apatite. The color is an attractive, sun-drenched s..
1.8" Sharp Silvery Gray GALENA Cube-Octahedral Crystals Buick Mine MO for sale
Here is a choice galena specimen that has sharp crystals in a silvery-gray color. The crystals are f..