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5.2" Large Chisel-Tip Gemmy PURPLE AMETHYST Terminated Crystal Bolivia for sale
This large single crystal of amethyst from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia features a rich, deep, dark roy..
3.2" Rare Vibrant TurquoiseBlue PLANCHEITE Crystals Shinkolobwe M Congo for sale
On this fine specimen of plancheite, the matrix on the display face is is completely covered with ra..
4.8" Water Clear Gem QUARTZ CRYSTALS Pristine Termination No Damage ARK for sale
Here is a large, flashy, clear quartz crystal from Mt. Ida, Arkansas. This big crystal is clear with..
4.3" Iceberg Blue Gem BARITE Dramatic Sharp Terminated Crystals Morocco for sale
This specimen of blue barite from Morocco is a highly aesthetic example of the material that used to..
3.9" Sweet Lavender SMITHSONITE Botryoidal Bubble Crystals Choix Mexico for sale
The color on this specimen of smithsonite is a pale lilac purple, and the bubbly botryoidal form is ..
3.4" Flaming RedOrange CROCOITE Sharp Square Crystals All Over Tasmania for sale
This specimen of bright red-orange crocoite features sharp crystals with the typical square cross-se..
5.3" Double Refracting Water Clear ICELAND SPAR Rhombohedron Mexico for sale
This cleaved rhombohedral Iceland spar crystal is an exceptionally clear and highly aesthetic specim..
4.7" SharpWhite TINCALCONITE CRYSTALS Stable Pseudos ofBorax California for sale
This is a great specimen of tincalconite, a dehydration pseudomorph after borax that forms after los..
4.1" Screamin'Crimson Needle Crystals of CROCOITE +Matrix Adelaide Mine for sale
Here is a brilliant, neon red-orange crystal of crocoite from the world famous Red River Pocket at t..
4.8" Long Colorless Clear Radiating Sprays of HYDROBORACITE Germany for sale
Here is a specimen of this hydrated borate mineral featuring transparent, colorless sprays of radiat..
4.1" Rounded White CALCITE CRYSTALS w/Sparkling Pyrite Patches China for sale
Here is a fine specimen of calcite from China, with tall stacks of sharp wedge-shaped crystal prisms..
2.9" White Botryoidal Spherical DUNDASITE Crystals Adelaide Mine 2016 for sale
Here is a rare specimen of rounded spherical aggregates of whitish botryoidal dundasite, a lead carb..
4.3" Light Golden Gemmy Terminated BARITE Crystals Linwood Mine Iowa for sale
Here is a beautifully formed specimen of barite that is highly representative of the material found ..
2.4" Tan MICROCLINE w-Black HORNBLENDE Crystals Titanite Hill Ontario for sale
Here is a floater cluster of orthoclase (microcline) with hornblende that I collected from a calcite..
2.5" Rich Royal Blue AZURITE Sparkling Crystals in Vugs on Matrix China for sale
This is a flashy, showy specimen featuring the classic combination of deep blue azurite and rich gre..
3.3" Rogerley Mine Blue-Green Gemmy FLUORITE CRYSTALS on Matrix England for sale
Here is a colorful, cabinet-size specimen of blue-green fluorite from the famous Rogerley Mine in En..
2.1" See-Thru Golden CITRINE QUARTZ Crystal ChiselTip Termination Zaire for sale
This fine specimen of citrine quartz is 100% natural and has not been treated in any way - just clea..
3.2" Bright and Lustrous AQUA AURA QUARZ Crystals SharplyTerminated ARK for sale
Here is a cluster of aqua aura quartz crystals that are transparent, with brilliant luster, exceptio..
2.6" Gemmy Blue-Green DATOLITE CRYSTALS to 1.4" Brilliant Luster Russia for sale
The gemmy blue-green color on this specimen of datolite from Dal'negorsk is as rich and vibrant as i..
1.5" Yellow-Green BALL FLUORITE Crystal on Light AMETHYST Matrix India for sale
On this specimen of ball fluorite, the round, shiny ball is 1.5" in diameter, and it sits on a 2.7: ..