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4.6" White Radiating Snowballs of MESOLITE Crystals on Stilbite India for sale
Here is lovely mesolite specimen featuring nicely formed rounded balls of closely-packed ivory white..
1.9" Metallic CUBIC MAGNETITE Crystals +Talc ZCA #4 Mine Balmat NY 1992 for sale
In 1994 a pocket was found at the ZCA #4 Mine that produced sharp cubic crystals of magnetite. This ..
5.7" 780g Rich Colorful Purple Violet SUGILITE Gem Rough South Africa for sale
This sugilite gem rough has a lovely dark purple color, and is a good example of this rare gemstone...
6.1" STARBURST ARAGONITE SnowWhite Fine Spiky Branching Crystals Mexico for sale
Here is a highly aesthetic sparkling white crystallized aragonite specimen with starburst growths of..
6.8" Book of Black BIOTITE MICA Shiny Crystal Sheets Bear Lake Ontario for sale
Here is a large, lustrous book of iron-rich midnight black biotite mica. The biotite is formed in th..
2.2" DblTerminated ELESTIAL AMETHYST Crystal Rich Royal Purple Zimbabwe for sale
In 2015 in Zimbabwe, there was a new find of amethyst at the St. Ann's Mine. Here is an elestial ame..
4.1" Split GEODE Both Halves Lined w-Sparkling Quartz Crystals Morocco for sale
Here Is a large, hollow geode from Morocco, lined with sharp, sparkling quartz crystals. The crystal..
4.8" 410g Bright Purple SUGILITE Multiple Veins "Sandwich" South Africa for sale
This is a superb specimen of sugilite gem rough in a stunning saturated royal purple color. The sugi..
.9" 34.4ct GREEN TSAVORITE GARNET Sharp Shiny Gemmy Crystal Tanzania for sale
Here is a very good crystal of the rare gemstone, tsavorite garnet. The color is an attractive mediu..
1.5" Sharp Brassy Golden PYRITE CUBE on 2.8" Marl Matrix Navajun Spain for sale
Here is a knockout specimen featuring a perfect cubic pyrite crystal sitting up on the creamy grayis..
2.7" Golden Orange SUNSHINE SPIRIT Cactus Quartz Crystals South Africa for sale
Here is an aesthetic cluster of lustrous quartz crystals, colored a sunshine yellow-orange by iron o..
7.7" Rare Amphibole Variety ANTHOPHYLLITE BlueGray Fibers Massachusetts for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anthophyllite, a rare asbestos variety, featuring long blue-gray fi..
.8" 20.2ct Sherry Orange Gem IMPERIAL TOPAZ CRYSTAL Pristine Tip Brazil for sale
Imperial topaz is usually found loose in dirt at the mines outside Ouro Preto, and this one was dug ..
2.5" Turquoise Botryoidal CHRYSOCOLLA w-Green MALACHITE Crystals Congo for sale
Here is a colorful specimen that features a sea of bright turquoise botryoidal bubbles of chrysocoll..
5.2" Glassy Gemmy FLUORITE Twinned Blue-Green Crystals Rogerley Mine UK for sale
Here is a gorgeous large specimen of green fluorite from the famous Rogerley Mine in England,  ..
2.6" Dark NavyBlue AZURITE Nodule Made of Massed Crystal Rosettes Congo for sale
The blue color of this azurite is really eye-catching. It is a bright, vibrant royal blue that is ri..
5.9" 1.5LB Iridescent Polished Turquoise & Gold LABRADORITE Madagascar for sale
This large polished piece of labradorite shimmers with iridescent, flashy neon colors. Turquoise blu..
3.1" RAINBOW SPIRIT QUARTZ Terminated Twinkly Sparkly Crystal So.Africa for sale
This is a terminated spirit quartz crystal that has been infused with opalescent, rainbow-colored aq..
3" 197g Iridescent LABRADORITE AmazingBlueYellowOrange Flash Madagascar for sale
Here is a specimen of labradoritethat was mined at the Norcross quarry in Madagascar. This material ..
6.5" BLUE KYANITE Vivid Indigo Blueberry Lustrous Crystal Group Brazil for sale
Here is a lovely specimen of blue kyanite that has many fine blades, with the largest  measurin..