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8.4" Polished SPLASH COPPER Brilliant Red-Orange w-Blue+Green Michigan for sale
Over time copper will naturally change colors, transforming from a shinybright red-orange color to d..
5.4" Emerald Green Lustrous Gemmy ALUM Crystals to 2.1" onMatrix Poland for sale
Lab-grown specimens like this one are typically damage-free and feature sharp, lustrous crystals tha..
5.8" Lavender Cubic FLUORITE Sharp Gemmy Shiny Crystals El Tule Mexico for sale
This specimen features cubic fluorite crystals in a clear lilac color with the very distinctive viol..
4.2" Rainbow Filled ICELAND SPAR Polished Rhombohedron Gem Clear Brazil for sale
This brightly polished gem calcite rhombohedron is water-clear, making it easy to see it perform the..
3.2" TRIGONIC CITRINE QUARTZ Crystal Dozens of Sunken Triangles Brazil for sale
Trigonic quartz crystals are very rare.  They are characterized by triangles which are indented..
4.4" GlassyWetLook Gem Clear Cubic Golden YELLOW FLUORITE to.5" Morocco for sale
This is a superb specimen with bright yellow cubic fluorite crystals to .5" on matrix. The crystals ..
4.5" Ojuela Mine CALCITE Sharp Water-Clear Crystals on Matrix Mexico for sale
This calcite specimen features crystals with sparkling vitreous luster and excellent clarity, and is..
1.7" Sharp Brown Terminated ANDALUSITE Rarely Found as Crystals Brazil for sale
Andalusite, which typically grows in metamorphic environments, rarely forms crystals, so the ones fr..
3.2" PYROMORPHITE Crystals Pseudo to Powder Blue PLUMBOGUMMITE China for sale
In my opinion, the powder blue plumbogummite pseudomorphs of pyromorphite from the November, 2014 po..
4.3" SMOKY SKELETAL QUARTZ w-Red Phantoms Shiny Fenster Crystal Brazil for sale
The inside of this skeletal quartz crystal is highly skeletalized, and some of the inner surfaces ar..
3.5" Sharp Wet-Look Brown-Black ANDRADITE var. MELANITE Crystals Mali for sale
Melanite, which is a variety of andradite garnet, forms sharply crystallized groups of dodecahedral ..
4.6" Dramatic Bouquet of ShinySilver STIBNITE Terminated Crystals China for sale
Here is an outstanding stibnite specimen with crystals radiating upward & outward in a highly sc..
5" Dark Chocolate Brown MELANITE Crystals v. Andradite Sharp&Shiny Mali for sale
This specimen of melanite, a variety of andradite garnet, is a sharply crystallized group of crystal..
4" Green-Over-Violet GRAPE AGATE CHALCEDONY Crystal Balls Indonesia for sale
Specimens of this material, which goes by the name grape agate, first appeared on the market in 2016..
3.9" Colorful Red-Violet FLUORITE Sharp Stepped Cubic Crystals Illinois for sale
This is a great cubic fluorite specimen from a classic locality: the world-famous Annabel Lee Mine. ..
4" Golden CALCITE Crystals TuckedInside Pleistocene FOSSIL CLAM Florida for sale
Here is a fine example of this unusual and fascinating Florida phenomenon: an intriguing specimen fo..
3.5" Utterly Clear ICELAND SPAR Polished Crystal Rhomb +Rainbows Brazil for sale
Water clear Iceland spar like this one is only found in a few localities in the world, and this piec..
4.5" ButterYellow Cubic Gem FLUORITE Crystals Penetrating Twins Morocco for sale
From a new find in 2017 comes this superb fluorite specimen with cubic fluorite crystals in a  ..
4.3" WaterClear Sharp Flattened CALCITE Crystals onMatrix Ojuela Mexico for sale
Here is a beautiful calcite specimen from the historic Ojuela Mine in Mexico, featuring hundreds of ..
1.8" Bush Farm Wet-Look Luster Brown FLUOR-UVITE Crystals Gouverneur NY for sale
This single fluor-uvite crystal has a highly complex habit with sharp, glassy faces and a complex te..