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5.4" 2LB Polished Highly Glossy Extra Large Red Orange COPPER NUGGET MI for sale
This copper nugget has been polished on both sides to a brilliant metallic luster, showing off the b..
4.1" Tan & Brown AMMONITE FOSSIL in a Tightly Coiled Spiral Madagascar for sale
Here is a fossil ammonite in a lovely antique tan color with fine details.  It is the coiled sh..
2.3" SHATTUCKITE Fuzzy Turquoise Baby Blue Botryoidal Crystals Namibia for sale
Powder blue best describes the bright, colorful shattuckite on this fine quality specimen from Namib..
2.1" Rare See Through Gemmy Very Clear PETALITE Crystal Section Brazil for sale
This is a fine specimen of the very rare lithium pegmatite mineral, petalite. It is a large crystal ..
6.7" Stalactites of AGATIZED CORAL Fossil Tan with Blue Ribbons Georgia for sale
Inside this specimen of agatized coral are a series of finger-like stalactite ridges. They are trans..
12mm 2.6ct Sharply Terminated PHENAKITE Gem Crystal Pristine Myanmar for sale
Here is a 2.6 carat transparent phenakite crystal with a very sharp six-sided termination on a hexag..
1" 35ct Very Gemmy PHENAKITE Crystal Section Ural Russia Type Locality for sale
Here is a clear, 34.6 carat section of a phenakite crystal from Russia, with great gemmy clarity. It..
2.1" Rich GumDrop GREEN FLUORITE Cleaved Octahedron Crystal Hunan China for sale
The gum drop green color of this fluorite octahedron is exceptionally rich, and the smooth surfaces ..
14mm Lustrous Metallic Silver CUPRITE Sharp Crystals Poteryaevskoe Mine Russia
This is a fine cluster of cuprite crystals, joined together to form a single octahedral crystal. Thi..
3.5" 6oz ShinyRedOrange NATIVE COPPER NUGGET Brightly Polished Michigan for sale
In the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pure copper is found in nuggets, like this f..
4.8" ANTHOPHYLLITE Long Fibers Rare Variety of Asbestos Massachusetts for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of anthophyllite, featuring long blue-gray fibers that are locked soli..
3.3" Lovely Heart of The Universe "Pink Ice" ROSE QUARTZ Crystal India for sale
Here is a nice specimen of strangely crystallized light rose quartz from India. In addition to its p..
4.8" 1.4LB Polished COPPER NUGGET Gleaming Shiny Red Orange Michigan for sale
This colorful 1.4 pound copper nugget from Michigan has been polished to bring out the rich copper c..
3" Black DRAVITE TOURMALINE Crystals with Clear Quartz Powers Farm NY for sale
For over a hundred years, the black tourmaline crystals found at Power's Farm in Pierrepont were bel..
1.8" 120ct Brilliant Gemmy Read-Through PETALITE Crystal Section Brazil for sale
This is a lovely specimen of petalite, a rare lithium-rich pegmatite mineral. This section of a crys..
4.3" FULGURITE Glass Tube Due to Lightning Strike in SaharaSand Morocco for sale
Specimens of fulgurite are always fascinating, because they are caused by a lightning strike in sand..
2.6" Purple-Violet-Magenta PURPURITE Lovely Iridescent Sheen Namibia for sale
This is a specimen of solid purpurite, a manganese phosphate mineral, from Namibia.  It is colo..
2.6" Superb DRAVITE TOURMALINE Crystals withGemmy Quartz Powers Farm NY for sale
This is a superb specimen of dravite tourmaline, the manganese-rich member of the tourmaline group (..
4.1" Sharp Lt. Blue SILLIMANITE Crystals to .6" on Schist New Hampshire for sale
Here is a fine specimen of sillimanite from New Hampshire, where a friend of mine collects these cry..
5.7" Brown SIDERITE Crystals with Smoky Quartz +Magnetite New Hampshire for sale
This siderite specimen is an old-time and superb piece from the historic Connor Pond locality in Oss..