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6.9" Emerald Green WetLook Gemmy ALUM Crystals to 2.3" on Matrix Poland for sale
Here is a gorgeous specimen of lab-grown alum, with sharp skeletal crystals that are colored a highl..
4.4" ClearSharpGemmy Sprays of HEMIMORPHITE Crystals on Limonite Mexico for sale
On this specimen beautiful clusters of translucent, lustrous, colorless hemimorphite crystals line a..
5.7" Large Re-Healed Jacare SMOKY QUARTZ Crystal The Knob Ossipee NH for sale
I collected this large smoky quartz crystal in 2002 with Jon Herndon. The crystal is a dark smoky co..
5.4" Glossy Black OBSIDIAN Volcanic Glass w/Fayalite & Christobalite CA for sale
This dramatic specimen features shiny black obsidian with air-bubble holes lined with the rare mienr..
4.7" Dark Green MALACHITE Botryoidal Bubbles w/Sparkly Crystals Congo for sale
Here is a fine specimen of malachite, featuring a botryoidal "bubble" formation in a rich jungle gre..
7.3" GRAPE AGATE Vivid Violet Chalcedony Balls On All Sides Indonesia for sale
Fresh from a prolific occurrence on the island of Sulawesi comes this large, fish-shaped specimen of..
24mm 70.6ct Cranberry Red 6-Ray STAR RUBY Round Gem Cabochon Sri Lanka for sale
This gemstone is a star ruby cabochon that features a rich raspberry red color and bright polished l..
2.4" DeeplySaturatedBlue Streaks Gem HALITE Crystal Section Carlsbad NM for sale
The royal blue and clear colors in this gem-clear section of a crystal are astonishing.  The ri..
3.3" Rainbow Iridescent OPAL AURA QUARTZ Sharp Terminated Crystals ARK for sale
The crystals on this opal aura quartz cluster are highly dramatic and brightly colorful. The iridesc..
6.4" 1060g PolishedDarkBlue Gem Grade LAPIS LAZULI Lazurite Afghanistan for sale
The royal blue color of this polished gem lapis lazuli is stunning, and is the likely reason it has ..
2.7" 1.3LB Polished ALMANDINE GARNET Shiny Dark RedBrown Crystal India-for sale
Here is an excellent large crystal of almandine garnet, polished to a mirror-bright luster. The colo..
5.7" Dark Blue Green Smooth Wet-Look SERPENTINE var. Antigorite Quebec for sale
This is a highly attractive specimen of serpentine from Quebec. The piece has amazing wet-look luste..
6.4" Very Sharp FOSSIL LEAF Salicaceae Plant 48 Million Years Old Utah for sale
This is a superb specimen of a leaf from a fossilized salicaceae, Pseudosalix handlleyi, from Utah's..
2.4" FineLustrous ANDRADITE GARNET Crystals Topazolite Stanley Butte AZ for sale
Here is an excellent cluster of yellow-green andradite garnet crystals to 11 mm covering one side of..
4.3" Blue Magenta Purple Gold Iridescent CHALCOPYRITE Crystals Missouri for sale
Here is a richly colorful specimen that features brilliant rainbow chalcopyrite crystals on all side..
3.7" Azure Blue BOLEITE 5 Sharp Crystals to 7mm on Matrix Baja Mexico for sale
It has been years since I have seen good matrix specimens of boleite like this with multiple crystal..
3.5" Very Shiny Brightly Polished NATIVE COPPER NUGGET from Michigan for sale
The brilliance of this polished copper nugget is remarkable, and makes a very eye-catching specimen ..
1.5" White & Red Polished DATOLITE NODULE Both Halves Caledonia Mine MI for sale
Here is a showy, polished nodule of slightly red with ivory colored, porcelain-like, very fine-grain..
3.7" Vivid Royal Purple PURPURITE Veins (Never Forms Crystals) Namibia for sale
Purpurite is prized for both its rarity and its intense purple color.  This specimen, which is ..
4.0" Glittery Twinkly Sparkly Emerald Green UVAROVITE Crystals Russia for sale
This fine uvarovite specimen features a mesmerizing formation of tiny bright green crystals which sp..