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4.7" Sharp Edged Cubic FLUORITE Gemmy Purple-Violet Crystals Illinois for sale
This specimen of purple-violet fluorite comes from the Minerva Mine #1 in Southern Illinois, which h..
3.4" Sparkling Brilliant EmeraldGreen UVAROVITE Twinkly Crystals Russia for sale
The tiny little crystals on this glittering specimen of uvarovite garnet are so brightly reflective ..
2.8" DUNDASITE White Botryoidal Spherical Crystals +Crocoite Adelaide M for sale
Dundasite is a rare lead carbonate, and this fine example was collected from the type locality at th..
3.4" Flamboyant Vibrant Neon Turquoise Blue AQUA AURA KYANITE Brazil for sale
Here is an excellent specimen of black kyanite, featuring merged and stacked fans of aqua aura coate..
3.7" VANADANITE on Barite Bright Red WetLook Hexagonal Crystals Morocco for sale
Bright red vanadanite covers most all of this specimen, which features cardinal red crystals to 5 mm..
7.4" TABULAR QUARTZ Complete Crystal Glassy Faces on All Sides Brazil for sale
This is a beautiful tabular quartz crystal, doubly terminated and complete all around. It has 2 larg..
4.1" Lustrous AMAZONITE Crystal Cluster Rich Turquoise Color Colorado for sale
Here is a colorful specimen of turquoise blue amazonite from Colorado. There are half a dozen crysta..
4.7" Purple-Violet FLUORITE Sharp Shiny Cubic Crystals to 1.9" Illinois for sale
This specimen of fluorite comes from the Denton Mine in Southern Illinois, which has been closed sin..
2.4" 13oz Shiny SilverCopper Polished Rare MOHAWKITE Nugget UP Michigan for sale
This is a very flashy, polished nugget of mohawkite, a rare mineral composed of arsenian copper, alg..
4.1" Orange-Red-Clear CREEDITE Cluster of Glittery Crystal Balls Mexico for sale
On this specimen, hundreds of sharp, gemmy, sparkling creedite crystals are formed as spiky, radiati..
1.4" SeeThrough Gem Clear Sherry TOPAZ Sharp .8" Crystal on Matrix Utah for Sale
This is a very fine, large for the locality, single crystal of gem topaz from the famed Topaz Mounta..
4.1" Sparkling Purple GRAPE AGATE Chalcedony Balls Crystals Indonesia for sale
The purple spheres of chalcedony on this fine, 2-sided floater specimen resemble bunches of grapes, ..
3.1" Sharp Cubic PURPLE FLUORITE Crystals to1.5" Greenlaws Mine England for sale
A few years ago, a group of collector-dealers rehabilitated a shaft at the Greenlaws Mine and have r..
4.1" Water Clear FADEN QUARTZ Crystal X-Sharp Thin White Line Pakistan for sale
The prominent white line running down the middle of this elongated, thin, double terminated crystal ..
3.4" CHALCANTHITE Crystals Not Lab Grown Electric Neon Blue Planet M AZ for sale
This chalcanthite specimen was collected at the Planet Mine in late 2015 by Mike Shannon and is not ..
3.4" Sharp Green Phantom LEMURIAN QUARTZ w-Fuchsite Crystals Madagascar for sale
Green phantoms inhabit the insides of the clear gem quartz crystals to 2.1" on this fine specimen fr..
3.6" PYROLUSITE Radiating Steel-Gray Metallic Crystal Fans Australia for sale
This is a very richly crystallized specimen of pyrolusite from Western Australia's Woodie Woodie Man..
4.6" Green FLUORITE Cubic Crystals on Matrix Seata Mine Yorkshire UK for sale
Here is a well crystallized specimen of light green fluorite from the Seata mine in Yorkshire, Engla..
3.4" Sharp Clear CALCITE Crystals on CHALCOPYRITE Brushy Creek Missouri for sale
This is a specimen featuring sharp, terminated clear calcite crystals on chalcopyrite from the Brush..
1.9" Shiny as a Penny FLOAT COPPER Natural Metallic Red Orange Michigan for sale
In Michigan's copper mines, copper is often found loose in the veins, when the calcite has naturally..