7.6" MOUNTAIN LEATHER Palygorskite Flexible Cloth-Like Rock Washington for sale

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Location Metaline Falls, Pend Oreille Co., Washington, USA
Size 7.6" x 6.1" x 0.1"

Here is one of the weirdest mineral specimens in the world: a thin, soft and supple specimen that you can roll up that looks just like a piece of skin-like cloth and has an earthy feel.  But it is not cloth;  it is a piece of what some call mountain leather, a mineral officially called palygorskite (or attapulgite).  Another weird feature is that there are patches of tiny golden-brown pyrite crystals here and there on the fibrous "cloth".  Palygorskite is magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate.  This is a very good specimen of this uncommon mineral, collected by the late Reo Pickens.