6.1" Carrot Orange Botryoidal ORPIMENT Crystals w/Clear BARITE Peru for sale

6.1" Carrot Orange Botryoidal ORPIMENT Crystals w/Clear BARITE Peru for sale

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Location Huancavelica, Peru
Size 6.1" x 5.5" x 3.8"
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Bright orange, bubbly balls of orpiment completely cover the face of this superb specimen, the finest I saw from the new find at the Paloma Mine in Peru. Jutting out from the orpiment, and partially covered by it, are sharp, tabular crystals of clear to white barite. The contrast between the barite and orpiment is splendid, and the overall effect is highly aesthetic and visually appealing. The barite crystals are very sharp and highly lustrous, while the orpiment has an intriguing silky luster. The color of the orpiment shades from hues of deep, reddish orange to bright carrot orange, to golden yellow.

A few specimens of bright orange botryoidal orpiment topped with a scattering of clear to milky barites first appeared in Denver in 2009, but little of this brightly colored material followed until this year in Tucson. Suddenly, half a dozen dealers had it, and the prices were very reasonable for such highly aesthetic specimens. The specimens come from the Paloma Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru (although they have been attributed to "Paloma" mines in several other regions in Peru, this is the correct locality). The orpiment forms as radiating spherical crystal aggregates, with well-formed and sharp clear to white baryte crystals perched on and amongst the orpiment. The color and contrast on this material is spectacular, with the sharp baryte crystals sticking out of the red- to yellow-orange botryoidal orpiment as if glued on (they're not!). The Paloma Mine is an old mine located between Julcani and San Genaro that has been closed for years, but is currently being worked by freelance miners looking for specimen material (obviously with great success!).