2.4" Sharp Shiny Silver Cogs-Wheel BOURNONITE Crystals Bolivia 2015 for sale

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Location Machacamarca Mine, Machacamarca, Machacamarca District (Colavi District), Cornelio Saavedra Province, Potosí Department, Bolivia
Size 2.4" x 1.6" x 0.9"
Suggested Stand A display square comes free with this specimen.

On this superb bournonite specimen, the crystals are sharply formed cogs-wheels, in the classic formation made famous in Cornwall. The piece comes from the spring, 2015 find in Bolivia, and features 5 interlocking crystals, the largest being 1.3" across. There is no damage. The tabular crystals are very sharply formed, with nicely grooved striations on the sides and smooth, flat terminations.